Why does Apple expect a much better June quarter for iPad sales?

“iPad unit sales have consistently declined between 18% and 25% on a YoY (year-over-year) basis,” Puneet Sikka reports for Market Realist. “However, Apple expects much better iPad unit sales in the June quarter. According to Apple, ‘in the June quarter, we expect to see our best iPad revenue compare in over two years.'”

“Apple credited the newly launched iPad Pro for the iPad’s optimistic fortunes,” Sikka reports. “Apple said that there are great customer reviews of the iPad Pro and it claims that customers are looking to upgrade their existing iPads with iPad Pro. iPad sales could also benefit from partnerships with IBM and Cisco to penetrate enterprises.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We’ll find out about iPad sales and much more on July 26th when Apple reports results after market close.

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  1. I would have upgraded my iPad 3 by now if I hadn’t bought $$$ 4K camera gear and accessories for it. Need a new iPad and frankly a new Mac Pro (in a different form factor than “trash can” – I wonder if Jonny Ives detests the latest Mac Pro being called a trash can?, which isn’t far from the truth design-wise for the pro market.)

    1. One can only hope that Ives will eventually get the message … although he’s too busy right now on the day-to-day details of the GIANT trash can (the new headquarters complex), which is dangerously reminiscent of what the Big Three used to build in Detroit.

  2. They COULD be bragging about their Mac numbers if they’d release some new ones….

    Still on 2010 27″ iMac and 2011 Macbook Air come on…let go of the USB-C and TB3 Macs in the name of Jobs!!!

    1. First, it is click-bait, not bate.

      Second, the headline is “Why does Apple expect a much better June quarter for iPad sales?” and the second sentence states that “…Apple expects much better iPad unit sales in the June quarter.” The article then explains the anticipated impact of the iPad Pro. What is misleading?

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