Happy Independence Day!

U.S. FlagHappy Independence Day (observed)!

We’re taking the day off to hang out with family and friends, listen to Apple Music, watch fireworks, and celebrate Independence Day of the United States of America.

If you’re celebrating today, too, we wish you a happy and safe Fourth!

To everyone else, thank you for visiting MacDailyNews!


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  1. Despite love, pride and patriotism, in retrospect, Independence didn’t give Americans the nation they originally hoped for after all. Such a great, terrible shame really. Oh, well…

    (Sorry, not intending to be controversial, merely reflective)

    1. It gave us a chance of a better life, one directed by ourselves according to our own interests. That’s the most one can reasonably expect, and the founders gave it their best shot. It’s been touch and go ever since, trying to find decent leadership, and keep it. We won’t do that by turning the vote into a temper tantrum.

      1. It didn’t give the First Peoples a better life and I do not remember reading that they demanded legal immigration of the Europeans that flooded in, took their land, took away their culture and language, jammed a foreign religion upon them and killed them.

        It wasn’t that great for the Africans bright here in chains to be abused and worked to death.

        It wasn’t that great for people lynched for being the “wrong” faith, wrong color or demanding equality.

        America has a shameful past and is becoming great. Lots of potential, but we the people have issues.

        1. Every country with any meaningful history has a shameful past. When applying 21st century values to past centuries, they are always going to fare badly.
          Has any other country contributed more to the world in the past century than the U.S.? Is any other country now more charitable, or more diverse for that matter?
          You can roll around in retrospective self-loathing but that accomplishes nothing. The North America continent wasn’t going to stay largely empty forever. No 18th Century pioneers from anywhere else would have done better.

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