Man marries his Apple iPhone in Las Vegas

“Aaron Chervenak is one of the many grooms who has experienced a quickie wedding in Las Vegas,” PhoneArena reports. “On May 20th, at the Little Las Vegas Chapel, Chervenak was married to the love of his life, his Apple iPhone.”

“Chapel owner Michael Kelly said, ‘At first it was like what? And then I was like… Alright let’s do it. We don’t really have many people that marry inanimate objects,'” PhoneArena reports. “The wedding is obviously not recognized by the State of Nevada.”

PhoneArena reports, “We wonder if the bride is the jealous type. Her husband might develop a roving eye come September when a younger, sexier model will be available.”

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  1. Let’s think of the ways an iPhone can be better than a woman.

    – Siri only speaks when spoken to.
    – The iPhone is always available to give you pleasure, i.e., no headaches.
    – The iPhone will not leave you for another guy.
    – It only wakes you up when you ask it to wake you up.
    – Has no problem if you sit on your ass all day Sunday watching football.
    – Provides useful information such as how to tie a complex knot or how to change the cabin filter in your car.

    I could go on and on, but I’m starting to look at my iPhone in a new way.

  2. I read a news report about college students marrying the ocean and choosing to identify as ecosexuals.

    So, why can’t a guy marry is iPhone?

    Oh, and those students consummated their marriage to the ocean (while in the ocean) but I have not idea what that involves.

    1. In California under common law, I think more people have happier marriages to their phones that people.
      Siri is far easier to get along with than a lot of people I know.

    1. This was obviously just a stunt, but now that homosexuals are having fake weddings it won’t be long before people will want to marry their family members or their pets too.
      Don’t agree? You’ve not heard of solo weddings then.

      Yep. The inmates are running the asylum.

  3. The state does not recognize the marriage. Here we go the animists are going to protest, group and organize. Better add that to the list for the LBGTSAB pride parades.

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