Yes, iTunes credit can be applied to Apple Music membership

“There has been a lot of confusion over Apple Music subscription billing, in particular whether Apple will deduct the monthly fee from an iTunes account balance, or always bill your credit card instead,” Brad Moon writes for Forbes. “The definitive answer is yes, if you have iTunes credit, Apple will use that to cover your Apple Music Fee.”

“Once you get beyond your three month free trial, on the anniversary of your start date (which now becomes your Apple Music billing date), Apple will check your iTunes account balance,” Moon writes. “If there are funds available to cover the monthly fee, it gets deducted from your iTunes account.”

Moon explains, “If not, Apple will bill the credit card you have on file instead.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Good to know – especially if you’re an Apple Music member who’s no longer buying music from iTunes, but still receives iTunes Gift cards on your birthday, Christmas, etc.


    1. I’ve been doing this since the beginning. I hold out for the 20% off deals that I see from time to time and load up. All my iTunes purchases are then 20% off!

    2. Exactly. I bought £200 at 20% off and use it for iCloud storage and all my purchases. I also bought it on a 0% credit card and put the money in an account earning 4%.

  1. does anyone know how to keep family members on the Apple Music plan’s iOS app purchases from also being applied onto the same credit card used to pay for the family Apple Music plan? In other words, let them buy their own damn apps?

    1. Have the family members add gift cards to their account, that way their purchases are taken from the gift card and never touch your credit card. If they can’t be trusted, you can add a restriction where you have to approve any purchases.

  2. What’s the confusion…? I always keep an iTunes Store credit balance. Furthermore, I can usually find a deal on eBay for an $100 e-gift card for $80 (a few times $75), during the two to three months when my balance starts to get low. That means my $10 monthly fee for Apple Music is actually only $8 (or less). I use the Deal News service to get alerts when a iTunes gift card deal pops up; the good ones only last a few hours.

    This also applies to other subscriptions. For example, on Apple TV, I subscribe to Netflix, and that also uses iTunes Store credit first.

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