Apple’s forthcoming GPU-powered 5K monitor could be amazing for gamers

“Right on the heels of Apple discontinuing its Thunderbolt display, the rumor mill is picking up: Apple’s next monitor might integrate its own GPU,” Napier Lopez reports for TNW. “John Paczkowski, Managing Editor at BuzzFeed, made the claim based of off unnamed sources: ‘Thunderbolt Display takes dirt nap as expected. Sources telling me next-gen display will indeed have integrated GPU.'”

“There are two reasons why having an integrated GPU could be amazing. First off, the panel is rumored to be 5K, like the 5K iMac,” Lopez reports. “Problem is, that resolution is too much Macs to handle over a single cable. An integrated GPU could offload the processing to the display itself.”

“Secondly – and this one’s much more of a stretch – Apple could actually put in a powerful GPU in there,” Lopez reports. “One that could support high resolution gaming and video editing normally reserved for more powerful desktop rigs.”

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  1. Considering how thick, clumsy, and hot-running the now dicontinued display is, you’d think they already had GPUs in there, lol. That said, they do it with the wouldn’t take a lot of engineering to make this happen. Sadly though, I don’t see it happening as Apple has had a taste of selling at high volume, and these would never dominate, or even dent, the display market. There are too many choices out there that are already good enough.

  2. Hey One Note Joe from Doofus, Mo, your Mom is coming down the steps to the basement to pick you up for your weekly psychiatric disorder session. Funny how your psychiatrist is the spittin’ image of Tim Cook. Suggest that’s where your problem lies.

  3. Think Different! Think big!

    For those of you who continue to belabor Tim Cook, I suggest you open your mind and look outside the box [or pill bottle] that you live inside of. I would also suggest that you take a hard look at your self, in a figurative mirror in order to see the irrationality of your rants, except it is doubtful that you can see your self objectively. It is unequivocally clear that you have absolutely no knowledge of what you are talking about. Furthermore, I believe that you are either latently gay or are homophobic, neither one of which is good. Honestly, I feel sorry for you.

  4. I am glad they are out of the Display Business. They were horrible displays. Large, bulky, heavy and generated way to much heat. Had massive bezels (why???).. and the 2 foot long cable was next to useless for plugging into anything serious without bunch of adaptors… Basically they were $1000 MacBook chargers for people with too much money.

    1. I just recently got an HP 22xw to almost complement my 21.5″ iMac, and, while it is mostly white plastic, it’s got a not unattractive silver and black front/bezel and a very clean base. At any rate, I spent awhile looking for a second monitor, something I’ve been wanting for many a moon, and the Apple monitor, while very nice, was simply too expensive. Got this on sale for $95, and took only a few minutes to dial in the color to match the iMac. Now if only Apple would update their OS to span a picture across multiple monitors (something that Windows has done like forever), I’d be very happy.

  5. This has to be the dumbest idea ever. There is a very good reason GPUs have 16-bit PCIe busses, they require tremendous bandwidth to the CPU.

    DisplayPort 1.3 will drive a 5K display just fine.

    It’s Apple’s fault their computers don’t integrate GPUs with DP 1.3

  6. Now that’s well above what the term delusion can deal with, we need a whole new volcabulary. I mean when someone states they know the personal thoughts of the majority of Apple users we have someone with a God complex at work. Turning water into wine next?

  7. This idea even today presents great technological challenges to create an attractive Apple product. From real high performance for a 5K resolution, weight, size or heat going to price, warranty, longevity and maintenance. And finally a very high price to pay for a very complex and heavy device that will affect the value of such a product.

    It will be smarter to create an external, separate graphic module with additional functionality.

    Consider 4K requires today an Nvidia 1080 class of hardware but here Apple needs 5K.

    1. It will be smarter to create an external, separate graphic module with additional functionality.

      YES. That would theoretically also solve the problem of sharing recordings of one’s gaming with others. You can’t record out of a 5K display with its own GPU.

  8. Apple’s forthcoming GPU-powered 5K monitor will be OVERKILL for gamers. They’re not going to be able to visually resolve all the pixels unless they shove their face up against the display. But that’s not going to stop them wanting and buying it! They’re already well known for demanding fps (frames per second) well beyond human resolution.

  9. This is interesting. Usually, Apple keeps one GPU dedicated to sending information to the display. A display with its own GPU would allow a Mac Pro to use both. Maybe even (gasp!) CrossFire or SLI. No excuse for not updating the Mac Pro yet, but at least it would give a solid shot in the arm to current owners.

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