Apple polls users for feedback on Apple TV and streaming video

“Apple is hunting for feedback on streaming video, presumably to help decide on a future direction for the Apple TV and/or video in general,” Roger Fingas reports for AppleInsider.

“A email survey sent to AppleInsider first asked about a recent iPad purchase, but then launched into a series of questions about streaming video,” Fingas reports. “These included which devices were being used for streaming, and several about the Apple TV, among them satisfaction and when a fourth-generation unit was bought.”

Fingas reports, “Hardware appears to be the focus of Apple’s interest, since a later question asked about the likelihood of buying another streaming media player.”

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MacDailyNews Take: 4K support, please. (Should have been there last year.)

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  1. Apple TV is still missing very crucial orginizational and personalization tools..
    Consolidated favorits foldars .. .. My scifi.. My comedy .. Etc.
    Centralized and folder based notification for availability of new content of intetest and upcoming new shows.
    Centralized ‘For you’ suggestions..

    As it is i find Apple TV to be a fragmanted experiance of Apps… With no centralization. Except siri.
    Siri is good.. But it does not address the above points i brought up..

    1. Tvos to me the pinnacle of shallow thought and implementation… So much hype and buzz for years( not months but years).. So much potential and yet some obviouse and basic navigational and content orginazitional tools are ommited and missing….. Rendering content orginazation and followup a fragmented experiance between individual apps with no centralization…
      No way to organize and consolidate favorites from different apps in central interap folders ….no centralized reminders for new content of interest ..
      I have to memorize and remember what content i have liked in each app and then individually scan each app to get to them.. That is if i remember!?
      My Jurassic dvr/cable box does a better job of letting me organize and centralize my favorite stuff and does a better job of reminding me of new content .

      The database is there.. Tags are there.. Why not allow centralization… Whats the benifit of the fragmanted experience? None imo .

    2. Apple used to be a tastemaker. Producing what you want before you know you want it.

      Building products based on user surveys/polls is in line with their current leadership, though. Coopting other products’ features and functionality a year late and trying to market it as “new.”

      Some TV network had a summer rerun promo campaign: “If you haven’t seen it before, it’s new to you.”

  2. In my opinion 4K is overrated it’s not like the difference between VHS and DVD or DVD and Blu Ray and people who have HD TVs aren’t jumping in line to purchase 4Ks until there current TV dies.

    1. Either your not discerning or don’t care. Just look at the eyes of the actors in a 4K show and see the increased focus. That’s only one point. Some people don’t care…. Just like the people using Kodi and ignoring the gross lip sync issues.

      Quality is wasted on many… However it is greatly demanded and appreciated by many.

      If you don’t care about quality, just stick with your sound bar!

  3. It’s kind of disturbing that Apple has resorted to emailing surveys for feedback on the AppleTV. Have the Engineering and Design Departments lost touch with reality and the consumer base? Has anyone in the company ever visited the comments section of a site such as MDN? For years now there has been more than enough praise and criticism for the entire line of Apple products! Kind of like parents resorting to text messaging kids to find out if they like the breakfast that is served prior to catching the school bus… they not observe the the kid’s reaction when they take a bite? My goodness, Apple!

    Ok, Apple…here ya go….just a few. Unscrew what you’ve done over the years to the Mini. Drop the silly RAM prices as your entire product line is overpriced to begin with. 17″ MBP. 512GB is the smallest SSD you should offer in a laptop. No more iPhones with less than 64GB and no price increase for 64 as the entry level.

  4. It seems that if Apple staffers used their own hardware they would fix all the little annoying quirks of Apple TV, or of the current OS and especially the iLife apps. I get the feeling no one uses anything but an iPhone there.

    Using ATV with local content would immediately reveal all sorts of simple fixes needed. I am not a “Steve wouldn’t have done it this way” person, but it does seem that Steve paid attention to user experience details.

    He would have increased the home sharing screensaver buffer, the many disconnects with local servers, the number of clicks it takes to do anything, the irritating remote, the single output port (no, bluetooth is not an audio output port.), the crappy local movie listing (compared to Plex), the extreme overemphasis of pushing sales of Apple content. I overpaid for this little box, quit telling me it is like a free game app that exists to sell further purchases. And on…

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