Emulate the CarPlay experience on your iPhone or iPad with CarPlay iOS 2.0

“Two years ago, we showed you a jailbreak tweak called CarPlay iOS, which allowed you to emulate the CarPlay head unit user interface directly on your jailbroken iPhone or iPad,” Anthony Bouchard reports for iDownloadBlog.

“Although the tweak was limited due the nature of the features that come bundled in the CarPlay interface, the developer has been working on a treat for those who liked playing with the original tweak; CarPlay iOS 2.0 is now available in Cydia,” Bouchard reports. “The developer has come through in making the tweak a lot more usable in the new 2.0 release by adding new features. It’s still very much a limited emulation since it’s occurring on the device itself, but we think you’ll find the tweak has a lot more to offer this time around.”

“For those who don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a CarPlay-supported head unit installation, this tweak provides a way to have some of the meat and potatoes of the features right on your device, and may be worth checking out if CarPlay was something you were looking into having,” Bouchard reports. “CarPlay iOS 2.0 is available in Cydia now. You can download the tweak for free from Cydia’s BigBoss repository, but when you do, you’ll need to activate your license later on for $4. You can also opt for the infinity license that can be transferred between multiple devices for $12.90, or opt for bulk licensing options.”

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MacDailyNews Note: Jailbroken iPhone and/or iPad required, of course.


  1. I so wish Apple would allowed w these tweaks in through tha App Store rather than forcing us to jailbreak. I also have some customizations only available through Cydia. Mainly folder and home screen options.

    1. Good question, but I think Carplay in general is brain dead. That’s why I bought a Sony XSP-N1BT to mount my iphone in. Unfortunately this model (and this concept) is underdeveloped by Sony and now out of stock, but better than fighting brain dead Carplay.

    1. I wish, my Ford Escape with Stink is just fine as was just paid off. I whiz I could upgrade to something with Carplay, or even better I wish Ford had a way to upgrade my current Ford with Carplay after all Sync is just a program running on Ford Hardware so other than trying to force me to buy a new Escape (the only Ford that currently has Carplay) they won’t do it. I would even pay for the update.

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