iOS 10’s hidden ‘Dark Mode’ will make your iPhone look even more gorgeous

“Apple’s iOS platform is arguably the best-looking mobile software in the world, but there’s always room for improvement,” Zach Epstein reports for BGR. “And according to some snooping done this past week by developers digging through Apple’s iOS 10 code, there are some big improvements that are indeed coming soon to an iPhone and iPad near you.”

“It didn’t take long for iOS app developers to start poking around in Apple’s latest software release. iOS 10 beta 1 was pushed out to developers shortly after Apple’s big WWDC 2016 keynote wrapped up last Monday, and we immediately began to learn new things about Apple’s next-generation iOS software that weren’t announced on stage during the event,” Epstein reports. “Want some examples? Check out this video of 50 hidden iOS 10 features in action.”

“Developers found dark mode hiding within the iOS 10 beta so we now know it’s coming, and we saw a few concepts mocked up that show us how sleek dark mode could look on the iPhone,” Epstein reports. “Now, a new series of mockups from Reddit user ‘simalary44’ includes some of the sleekest shots yet. In particular, Apple Music and widgets look amazing when given the dark mode treatment.”

iOS 10's Dark Mode example
iOS 10’s Dark Mode example

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MacDailyNews Take: We might just run iOS 10 in Dark Mode all the time.

‘Dark mode’ for iPhone and iPad found hidden in Apple’s iOS 10 beta code – June 17, 2016


    1. “a few concepts _mocked up_ that show us how sleek dark mode _could_ look” [emphasis added]

      In other words, you could have just imagined what it would look like, and be just as likely to know as what some artists conceived. The story is that Apple will hopefully make this mode available in iOS 10 – I hope it isn’t a test feature they will hold off for another year. Either way, I’m looking forward to seeing the real thing when Apple enables it.

    1. Problem is the colors inverted are not always optimum. A well-designed dark mode though where everything is interpreted for maximum darker effect is different. I read Kindle books in this kind of mode all the time. Takes no time at all to get used to it, And less light glaring back at you, especially at night or in a movie theater. It’s about time. I may run mine in this mode all the time too!

  1. Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Acceptable iOS interface design has been hidden since iOS7. Just look at the growing number of bandaids to legibility that Apple has had to sneak into the Accessibility menu — you know, because people who expect to be able to read the interface must be handicapped or something.

    Dark mode is not a new feature, it is a long overdue bandaid that became necessary when artists took over the GUI. Please hire more GUI experts, Apple.

    1. It needs a combination of skills design is about communication and that’s the last thing that engineers, programmers and technologists have on their to do list. That’s why Microsoft was so bad for so long and only improved by copying Apples design approach. Yes in recent times they have lost their way a little because of the pressure from outside to change a wonderful but long standing design paradigm that was looking a little stale but font let’s forget the massive impact their interface design has had.

    2. The problem is Jonny Ive who is always willing to give up on usability to fit his aesthetic. So we have laptops with no fans that achieve this by making them run really slowly. We have laptops that are so thin that they require throttling the cpu to prevent heat for the fan they took out. On iOS they got rid of skeuomorphism and took out all indications of what is important and what actions you should take. They moved action “buttons” (ever so slightly bold text) above the action area rather than near the bottom where your hand is naturally. Have you looked at the Notes App? What an ugly, featureless design. It doesn’t even work well. There are folder groups, but you can’t collapse them, so they’re always visible. To LOCK a note, you press the SHARE button. (It’s like pressing the Start Menu in Windows to shut down.) Ive has made some pretty things, but they need to get someone else in charge of software design. He’s clearly in over his head on that.

  2. I despise light print on dark. Have you ever tried to read any substantial amount of text on a website, in this mode. Can’t understand what you are saying about your Kindle, peterblood. Maybe it’s better executed than on artsy websites.

    Fortunately, unlike those websites, this is a choice. Great.

    1. White text on a black background can be excellent. But it’s rarely done well, ending up as smeary looking letters with lower definition than the opposite of black letters on white. I don’t understand why it goes wrong. But I know it doesn’t have to. I strongly suspect it has to do with having the right font for the task, providing the optimum rendering for a black background. Undoubtedly, someone knows how to make this work with optimum readability.

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