Apple’s ‘boring’ iPhone SE is paying off

“When Apple took the wraps off the iPhone SE in March, fanboys (and girls) everywhere wondered, is that it?” Alice Truong writes for Quartz.

“The iPhone SE, though relatively cheap at $399 to $499 in the US, was underwhelming. This was essentially the innards of the iPhone 6S jammed into the body of the now-dated 5S,” Truong writes. “While many were clearly disappointed, Apple saw the device as a way to capture a larger share of the lower-priced smartphone market. The strategy seems to be paying off.”

“According to a June 15 report from Credit Suisse, the market for $500-plus phones is narrowing in recent years, comprising a smaller share of smartphones globally,” Truong writes.

Apple's new 4-inch iPhone SE
Apple’s new 4-inch iPhone SE

Truong writes, “The iPhone SE is Apple’s ticket to seizing greater market share of cheaper devices. Of smartphones priced at $300 to $500, Apple’s share is projected to grow to 17% globally in 2016 from 8% last year.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Granted, it’s not a Liquidmetal iPhone, but the iPhone SE is actually a gorgeous (might we say the most gorgeous?) iPhone, packed full of modern tech. It’s hardly “boring” or “lackluster.”


    1. Revenue already did drop. AAPL wasn’t affected too greatly. Besides, a cheaper iPhone increases volume, and potentially market share… which is what Wall Street is all about.

      And don’t kid yourself, marketshare IS important, even if Apple says it isn’t. As you get more into services, you need to have sufficient market penetration… Messages would be far more useful if it were also on Android, for example.

        1. Oh, and revenue is not what I am talking about, but the profit per unit, which is lower for less expensive units. I am not saying the SE is a mistake, just that falling profit margins are hated by Wall Street.

  1. Apple stock is getting hammered all week. None of their products matter anymore. I finally had to dump my shares. I simply can’t take the massive losses that I have been getting day after day after day.

      1. The herd rushing to buy AAPL this week is a small one because share prices are continuing to decline. Perhaps Apple insiders need to explain to the world what Apple is up to, since the mainstream investors didn’t see any must-have developments.

    1. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I look at the SE and want to add XY. All the tech in a great package. When I look at it next to a 6S, I can’t find $250 more value.

      The only problem I see with the SE is you can’t find one in stock. Three months in and the delivery time is still two weeks out.

  2. I got the 64GB SE soon after they came out and will never regret it. Has everything I need, is fast, has the small footprint that I need and like, and doesn’t have what I don’t need or want. Interest free at my local Apple Store. Perfect!

    1. I’m right with you Dave. Finally upgraded my old 4S when the SE came out. Love the small form factor, it is lighter than my 4S, and the battery life is amazing.

  3. After weeks of waiting, I got mine yesterday and I am very glad that apple came out with this iPhone SE. I couldn’t afore the big 6s, so now I have the best smartphone in the world at a affordable price.

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