Apple’s iMessage and Siri will allow iOS 10 users to send money via Square Cash

“If you so choose, you will soon be able to send money to friends and family via Apple’s iMessage, powered by Square’s payments app, Square Cash,” Leena Rao reports for Fortune.

“Payments company Square has built an payments app for iMessage, which is an extension of its app Square Cash, which lets anyone with a credit or debit card send money to another person,” Rao reports. “Once the customer has downloaded the Square Cash for iMessage app from the Apple App Store, he or she can open Square Cash with iMessage, enter the message recipient and how much money should be sent. The final step is just to press send, all without leaving the conversation.”

“Square Cash users will also be able to ask Apple’s digital virtual assistant, Siri, to send any amount of money to a friend through the digital payments service,” Rao reports. “Upon making a request to Siri, the Siri interface will pop up on the iPhone, asking to confirm the money sent and amount.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Both Messages and Siri got supercharged today!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Arline M.” for the heads up.]


      1. PayPal is the one who doesn’t care for Apple Pay. They want to do what Apple is doing as a competitor.

        Square maybe working with Apple just to mess with PayPal. I think it might work, but I don’t see Square Pay anywhere, like I see PayPal.

        Apple should do it’s own thing. I don’t want to have to make another account to accept or give money.

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