Apple Pay to expand to online purchases

Malarie Gokey reports for Digital Trends, “Apple Pay will expand to the web on Monday, bringing its brand of mobile payments to select retail partners’ websites at WWDC 2016, Digital Trends has learned. In other words, you’ll soon be able to pay for anything online with the touch of a finger.”

“Apple Pay’s launch on the web would mean tough competition for PayPal, which has its own mobile payment service for websites and apps called One Touch. More than 250 of the top 500 online retailers use PayPal’s service, but Apple Pay will be much quicker and easier to use on iOS devices, our source tells us,” Gokey reports. “Based on our source’s information, it’s unclear whether you will be able to use Apple Pay on the web from a device that does not have a fingerprint sensor, such as a MacBook or a PC.”

“As it currently stands, Apple Pay works only on select iPhones and iPads, including the iPhone 6/6S, iPhone 6/6S Plus, iPhone SE, both iPad Pro models, and the most recent iPad Mini, as well as the Apple Watch,” Gokey reports. “Recent rumors also hint that Apple will release a new MacBook at WWDC with a Touch ID fingerprint sensor. If the new MacBook does indeed offer Touch ID, it stands to reason that it would support Apple Pay on the web.

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MacDailyNews Take: Hopefully, Apple has devised a way for the device that offers the easiest way to use Apple Pay — the Apple Watch – to, uh, tap into this expanded service!


    1. Obviously, you don’t have an Apple Watch.

      Go learn how Apple Pay works on the Apple Watch so that you can see how stupid your question is.

  1. Given that online purchases pose a far bigger security risk than those made at brick and mortar stores, this is huge plus for me.

    It’s something I’ve wanted from day one, and with Touch ID it seems more secure than any current alternative.

  2. I use PayPal for all my online purchases whenever I can, and I but a lot from eBay also. The one place I can’t use it is Amazon, and I highly doubt they will deal with Apple either.

    1. I just used my fingerprint to log on the the Amazon app on my iPhone. So they are already dealing with apple. I think that Amazon will be happy to take my money through ApplePay. Why would they not?

  3. “It’s unclear whether you will be able to use Apple Pay on the web from a device that does not have a fingerprint sensor, such as a MacBook or a PC”

    I hope Apple allows us to opt in to paying using a password. I’d rater use Apple Pay than PayPal when using my non-fingerprint MacBook Pro. (nothing against PayPal, it does work well)

  4. Apple would have to offer the buyer protections provided by PayPal. It would be nice if Apple also offered the user account payment features (other people pay you for things you sell…) provided by PayPal as well. It’s not a simple process replacing PayPal features.

    But I’d enjoy PayPal having Apple as competition.

  5. If Apple is listening … Yes please! It is online where I would wish to use ApplePay’s tokenization+authorization+device identifiers the most. I dislike adding another layer such as Paypal and shudder every time I give out my credit card number to some unknown website.

    1. Never!!!!!!
      Give out your credit card to a web site you are not familiar with and trust.
      If they don’t offer PayPal or Apple Pay, I don’t give them my business.
      Exceptions include Amazon,, gas, electric, AT&T, USAA, and other places I trust.
      Target? Well, they had their chance.

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