Apple could unveil new Mac mini at WWDC on June 13th

“The Mac mini is due for an update in 2016, since it wasn’t touched at all in 2015; but Apple is giving nothing away,” Karen Haslam writes for Macworld UK. “Still, based on past experience and the existing specs of other Macs, we’ve got a good idea of what to expect from the new Mac mini, and when to expect it.”

“With no updates in 2015, we suspect that an updated Mac mini is in the pipeline – and could emerge at WWDC 2016,” Haslam writes. “But Apple may wait until after the conference and sneak out an unexpected Mac mini at its own small event.”

“It seems likely that Apple had been waiting for Intel to ship the new Skylake chips before launching the new Mac mini, although it’s still possible that Apple will opt for the Broadwell chips instead, which would still represent a power boost over the current Haswell processors,” Haslam writes. “Our iMac predictions also include new graphics chipsets: Polaris 10, by AMD, which is particularly interesting because it may make the next iMacs VR-ready. But the current range of Mac mini models feature integrated graphics, and we expect this to remain the case in the next generation.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Are you or anyone you know in the market for a new Mac mini? If so, you might get lucky at WWDC or soon after!


      1. Given how small the computer is inside the MacBook 12″, I would love a Mac no bigger than the 3rd gen Apple TV black puck, for my work – Acrobat, Word, Safari – and that’s about it. Solid, reliable small Mac pucks for work rather than gaming – and more powerful iMacs for proper home gaming, video editing, music and movies etc.

    1. Nice to see the blind fanboi contingent is alive and well.

      Some of us use our Macs for more than Facebook.

      Do you know there are games- not even serious apps- on the App Store that will not run on most of the shit Apple is selling thanks to Intel Integrated Graphics.
      Not only has Apple crippled Mac minis with a closed box and soldered in memory, you cannot even get Iris Pro GPUs. It takes at least Iris Pro to run 4K at 60, for example.

  1. Please let’s hear more substantiated positive rumors about a Mac Pro(s) upgrade instead. The rest is Mac chump change upgrades, well as far as I’m self-servingly concerned anyway at this moment!

    Sorry, I have a fever and the only cure is new Mac Pro cowbell!

  2. The same could be said for any Mac except the 12″ MacBook. I’m only in the market for something with modern GPU’s capable of easily running high-performance VR or multi-4K/5K gaming. I doubt the Mac Mini will offer this, and am hoping for a refresher Mac Pro. Otherwise I’ll drop my $5K on a PC instead. Really would love SLI GTX-1080’s.

    1. If you take your 5k, and build your own PC, no MacPro will be able to touch it, in the same price range or more. It’s worth your time to explore if you have not. I believe the future of personal high performance computing is in the build your own world. Even if Apple bumps the MacPro, my guess is that it will still lag behind the most current high end components. Particularly processors and GPUs.

      1. 5K will give you a freaking Hackintosh super computer that not even the maxed out current mac pro trash garbage can even come close to touching… and that will cost you close to 20 grand.

        Explore. Mac Pro’s are are for looking pretty for the clients. and thats pretty much it.

        1. You clearly have no idea at all of what goes on in 90% of the creative industry do you in that cloud you are living on. Fact is far less than MacPros are doing constructive work in testing environments only within that 10% are such requirements relevant, not that I think that should be totally neglected I suspect 5k gamers and VR are not the priority as things stand, more should they be. I wish far more practical needs were a priority mind, hopefully next week might go some way to meeting those real world needs.

          1. Honestly, gamers are cheap. They look for the most bang for their buck. In reality much of the same technology that lends itself to high performance gaming also lends itself quite handily to pro creative applications. If it’s multicore cpu operations, more cores for less money are available on the PC side. If it’s GPU computing Macs lag way behind, but cost more. When people are behind the gun to deliver completed projects to customers, pros stop caring so much about what the box looks like as and start caring much more about how much work they can push through the system.

            Your assertion about the creative industry is also no longer true. Creative shops are moving to Windows for performance all the time.

            There is only one reason to stick with Mac and that’s OS X. Otherwise a rational, non-emotional decision making process for the best creative setup will lead you to Windows.

          2. I actually I know alot more then you think. I currently take care of multiple Post Audio suites (All AVID etc) and previous to this position I handled all the tech for a large VFX post house that was %100 Mac. The OPERATING SYSTEM is all that matters. It is the best for Creative Work, I will not deny that. the hardware is VASTYLY overpriced and INCREDIBLY underpowered for what you pay. But nice try.

  3. If they’re going the sealed non-user upgradeable route they should just go all the way and make the Mini a standard 8 (or 16) GB with built-in 256 GB min SSD equivalent drive about the size of an Apple TV with couple of each of the usual ports plus USB C or 2.

    For now my user upgraded 2012 Mac Mini i7 and 2012 MacBook Pro 15 i7 are serving me well. Have no idea what it would take to make me want to upgrade for the forseeable future.

  4. Updated MacMinis tend to show up out of the blue. No one seems to monitor the MacMini supply chain. One morning you wake up and there’s a new MacMini on Apple’s website. The MacMini is still the best small business server around IMHO. They are powerful enough to handle quite a few users for typical server functions like file sharing, calendar sharing, etc. they are effective DNS servers, FTP servers, WebDAV servers, email servers, cram servers, database servers, and so on. They are cheap enough for you to break apart such services across numerous machines, and provide redundancies as needed. They stack very nicely, they handles many terabytes of external storage, and they are rock solid in reliability. They are fantastic home entertainment servers, backup servers, etc. run all your iTunes and other media services there. I typically run them headless. Until recently I’d build stacks of them for use as render farms, but alas I can build cheaper MacMini like machines with 6 core i7s for less money for render farms. Still, I need the MacMini. I hope Apple continues to build them and continues to update them, but sources have been silent, so i don’t expect any hardware at WWDC, especially MacMinis.

  5. I’d be interested. I have an old iMac which I partitioned and used as a backup to my main iMac and MacBook, I then backed up that drive to rotating external drives and back blaze. It just died and it’s not worth the money to fix it based on the performance it gave. I didn’t really need a screen, so a Mac Mini might be an option – or at the least a new model might push down the price of an older one and make it a cheaper option comparatively.

  6. Many people thought the last MacMini with soldered in Ram Memory was a bit of a rip-off. Older MM went up in price with user-upgradeable memory slots that used bargin price memory modules from Crucial and others……
    just sayin……

  7. Apple should release a Mac Mini for corporate use. Features should include replaceable RAM, HD/SSD, and 4 Usb ports, 2 thunderbolt/USB-C, Ethernet, and SD slot with up to the latest i7 Quad processor. Maybe an i5 and an i7 model. This should be able to drive one 4K monitor and also one 27″ monitor. Perhaps a 5k monitor as an option.

    In addition, Apple should partner with Parallels, Microsoft, and maybe IBM (for service) to allow “one click” installation of Win 7,8 or 10.

    This is just to satisfy the IT idiots and give the workers what they want. 🙂

    In addition Apple should have a MacPro, MacBook Pro, and iMac always available with the fastest Intel processor available within 60 days of the chip’s release. This is so Apple branded computers are ALWAYS the “fastest”.

  8. I just update my 2009 mini with an ssd drive. For $150 it has breathed fresh life into a machine that was struggling. So now I will postpone upgrading for another year or two.

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