WWDC wish list for the next version of the Mac’s OS

“Not many people get a new computer every single year, but now that Apple has OS X on a yearly update cycle, our computers can feel refreshed and renewed while we bide our time waiting for new MacBook Pros or MacBook Airs,” Susie Ochs writes for Macworld.

“New features add convenience and speed up tasks we do all the time, and developers can get new tools to delight us with their own apps too,” Ochs writes. “This year’s WWDC keynote is bound to hold some surprises, and here’s what we could see in the next OS X—er, excuse me, MacOS. Or whatever it’s called.”

Ochs writes, “Siri is on our iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, and even the Apple TV—hopefully this is the year Apple’s personal assistant makes the jump to the Mac.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Boy, it feels like Siri should be on the Mac already, doesn’t it?

Here’s hoping for a milestone WWDC!


  1. I’m really hankering for some new hardware. My current iMac is still fine for my purposes, but my previous one which I used as a spare/backup server had died and isn’t worth repairing when the money could be put towards a new machine of some sort. It would be nice to have something new rather than just a bump in spec.

  2. For accessibilty:
    • Braille should be majorly reformed. For now, it’s clunky and basic. It’s like reading nothing but white text everywhere. No italics, no bold, nothing like that. And the whole “braille shows the cursor location and things to the left and right of it, is pretty weird and not practical. Also, support plugging in the VarioUltra via USB and having that work with braille. That’s like only supporting the use of a monitor with bluetooth, while it has a perfectly fine USB option. How backwards is that?
    Also, I’d love it if the Terminal usage with voiceover gets an overhaul. I play MUD games. Yeah, the 80’s text-based games. Why? Because there’s not many other options, and they’re still being developed, see alteraeon.com. Currently, when vk gets a new line of text, it speaks it automaticall. So for example, I could be checking my HP, and voiceover would say “You have …” “*tick*.” Yes, very annoying. You might find an app reference somewhere called Mudder. This app hasn’t been updated in years, and crashes plentifully,and is a poor client at that, so don’t give me that half-researched nonsense. So Apple, listen and fix it. I want to hear “You have 294 of 294 hitpoinars. star tick star.” I’d just gag the ticks, but you get the idea.
    When it comes to speech options, Apple is just about the best there can ever be. Besides Alex, arguably the best speech synthesizer out there, there are the plentiful languages provided by Neuance, which ship free with every Mac. The only problem is, they’re very slow to start up. If I switch to one, Samantha—the old Siri voice—for example, it takes up to 3 seconds for her to first respond, and then she’s pretty choppy for the rest of her use. So I mainly just stick to Fred, which works quickly and responsively for me. Also, I really wish there was an Esperanto voice…

  3. I sense it’s time for a milestone upgrade where Apple releases something truly amazing that will only work on new hardware: iPad, iPhone, Mac.

    Siri may be it. You may need a “secure enclave” in your mac to be able to connect Siri to ALL your stuff. Or perhaps performance above a certain high bar in order to make it work well and quickly.

    Just a feeling that this is coming. Too much out of Apple lately works on everything. And the new stuff like force touch are no big deal. It’s time for a big deal upgrade and requires top notch hardware.

    Certainly Wall Street would cheer such news.

    1. I very much appreciate upgrades to my existing Apple equipment and abhor premature obsolescence.

      I find it very frustrating to upgrade something like my iPhone and then find that a new feature or service won’t work with another older Apple item such as my MacBook because it doesn’t meet the minimum spec for the necessary software to allow them to work together.

      We’re all delighted to have hardware that is so well designed and built that it will keep working for many years. It makes no sense to render that hardware obsolete by not allowing it to run newer software.

      Obviously there are issues like needing the Secure Enclave, or the newest BlueTooth etc, but I think that older hardware should be supported for as long as possible …… and I’m saying that as a shareholder too.

  4. Well the total lack of interest here is not encouraging. 😴
    I think everyone fears that the next version of OS X will bring little beyond Siri, and unless it has gained vast new capabilities even that’ll prove to be a bit of a bust.
    I’m sorry guys but the last few keynotes have just deflated my enthusiasm.
    I used to plan my day around them but now I just get the highlights and watch the recording.

    Still, stiff upper lip chaps.
    Here’s hoping for something cool.

    How about a starting a ‘Craig for CEO’ campaign?
    At least that’d be newsworthy. 🤘🏼

  5. Bring back all the little things that got “designed” away, like easily choosing “files” or “content” in the finder search window. Less clicks to do what used to be easy. Less contextual hidden commands. Back to the file menu! Save as of course. All the stuff that kids who never used anything but an iPhone forgot to carry along.
    “Hey look, full screen!” Yep, no clear way out just like MS DOS programs!

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