Apple looks to ramp up developers’ enthusiasm at WWDC 2016

“A week from Monday, one of the biggest area events of the season will occur,” Rex Crum reports for The Mercury News. “On that day, June 13, thousands of Apple fans, programmers and employees will gather in San Francisco for the company’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).”

“Things are a little different for the WWDC this year than in the past, as Apple CEO Tim Cook will deliver his keynote address at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium before the rest of the gathering moves over to its usual spot, Moscone West, for the remainder of the conference that runs until June 17,” Crum reports. “One thing that Apple is almost certain to give a look at will be iOS 10, the next version of the operating system for the iPhone and iPad. Apple is also expected to preview updates to OS X, its Mac operating system.”

“One of the biggest changes that many Apple watchers expect to see is a new software development kit (SDK) for Siri, the voice-activated personal assistant that’s part of Apple’s iPhones, iPads, the Apple Watch and Apple TV,” Crum reports. “The kit would allow developers outside of Apple access to Siri to write apps that work with the program.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Already very enthusiastic, this WWDC should give developers even more to be excited about!


  1. WWDC Predictions:
    Maps will gain functionality that Google maps had 3 years ago.
    iOS will gain functionality that ‘android’ had 4 years ago.
    OS X will gain functionality that Windows had 5 years ago.

        1. 1. The number of years you used Apple does not measure your exact experience with Apple. How you’re trained and what you do with your Mac determines your experience. I’ve known customers that have used Apple since 1984, but they didn’t go beyond surfing the internet and word processing. That’s not true experience.
          2. Making fun of people and calling them names doesn’t speak well of anyone.

          1. What you say is very true. Still, someone starts the name calling and it escalates from there. There are too many hair triggers around here. What I heard Odd Job say was that at WWDC Apple would gain functionality in three areas. That could have been expanded into a rational discussion but instead immediately flared up.

          2. Oh for pity’s sake. I’m not wasting my time detailing my (vast and varied) Mac experience. What the heck has training go to do with anything? And why do you assume I have none??

            1. Tell you what, you could list the capabilities that you are referring to I guess and that might start an intelligent discussion. I mean (some) Android phones have had the ability to wave your hand across it as its laying on the table to change a page etc but in all honesty I have no interest in such a gimmick and many such things disappear as quickly as they arrive I note. Equally a PC that actually doesn’t decide to obstruct your work by doing system checks and upgrades (which on occasion brick your computer) would be nice, certainly not an advance in my book even though it was trumpeted by MS when first introduced years ago. In truth it simply covered up one complex mess with another. So lets spell them out and see which ‘functionality’ actually works as planned, which people want, which they don’t want and which are annoying extras that actually inhibit smooth OS use, plus any that fall in-between those definitions. After all Word is full of functionality that in reality simply gets in the way, confuses the majority of users and actually encourages people to use it (for example) publishing the promise of which it simply is incapable of living up to, though it gives me work sorting it all out I guess.

              There are of course aspects of OS use that Apple products have, which the opposition don’t or didn’t have for years, like a usable and secure touch sensors which the associated software is vital for. In the end having a supposed capability is useless unless it works well and doesn’t actually obstruct the products use and in some cases can be dangerous if it promises a service/capability as a ‘me too’ capability that isn’t actually secure in its function.

              As a great example to refer to, we can look at those dreadful video remotes that supposedly over the years added endless capabilities that did nothing to offer ease of use or clarity and simply obstructed the true use of the device. Only therefore by stating those capabilities you deem useful (and yes there are some) can we have an intelligent debate about the worth of their functionality. Otherwise its simply banal provocative name calling isn’t it, that has no worth whatever your ‘fanboi’ status.

    1. Google Maps still suck….every time I put in an address the marker is off by miles!

      iOS, Google and others are still copying. Apple Pay, Siri, TouchID. 3D touch to come sooner or later!

      Windows is trying to look more like OS X since Vista! Gadgets, Clear Desktop by default, etc, etc, etc.

    2. Hey Odd Ball

      At the very least when Apple finally gets to said functionality, it actually Works!
      And Don’t Be Crying To Us When Your Stolen And Photo Copied Crap Gets Hacked!!

    3. Just as Android leapfrogged into existence thanks to the Google CEO Schmidt stealing unreleased iPhone info while on the Apple Board. Like Bill Gates taking advantage of a Jobs-rudderless Apple under John Sculley and getting to do Windows for a song on the back of the Mac OS. Your history is based on a world of biased & fatal stupid.

      1. “Your history is full of biased and fatal stupid.”
        What the hell does that even mean?!
        Dude, get a freaking grip. You need to seriously consider counseling if you can get this angry about stuff like this.

        Sculley? Gates? The way you’re ranting it sounds as if they stole from you personally.
        Little wonder that people think Apple fans are in a cult.

        I started on System 6 and have seen Apple at its best and worst.
        Right now it’s just coasting thanks to a visionless numbers guy who is more concerned with social action than Apple’s customers.
        Will WWDC 2016 see more of the same? I hope not.

        1. Exactly what it says. Are you that dead in the head? The fact your name is unknown around these parts suggest you’re just another idiot troll pretending to be an Apple user.

          Oh isn’t it soooo convenient to try to skirt around arguments that totally stymie your bullshit. Your ignorance is not only boldly underlined but capped with a few exclamation marks. If salient and truthful facts staring you in the face make you come to an asinine and equally convenient Apple cult conclusion then you’re even stupider than I thought. Completely lame & disingenuous reasoning. It doesn’t have to be “stolen from me personally” not to use the information to make an argument. But you’d have to be actually intelligent enough to know that and not resort to trite & moronic interpretation.

          I don’t care if you drove Steve Jobs elementary school bus, you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. And yeah that pisses me off. Deal with it. You hint at knowledge and experience, but there’s none remotely on display. You’re a whiny toad without an ounce of a useful post.

          Your brain is coasting, you have no idea what’s going on at Apple and you voice your lunacy mere days before WWDC where announcements might be made that make you look further like a loon. Remember Steve Jobs major innovations were years apart. It’s hardly a de rigueur everyday event. Nor is it anywhere else. You give others way too much credit and Apple not enough. Apple has always been at the forefront of device & technology rethink and execution that others follow and copy. But there’s always room for improvement.

    4. Don’t be so hard on odd job. There is some truth in what he has to say.

      There a few things the copycats did that Apply has yet to include. But only a few.

      Like offline maps from Google Maps, like folders within folders and visual options in folders from Android, and not catching from Microsoft.

      1. Well you know Apple doesn’t usually release stuff until it’s ready, unlike others. And Apple has has to make up for lost time creating it’s own Maps app and I believe also will release it’s own Search engine. Apple Search will also no doubt be criticized but again will get better over time.

        Apple as you must know by now always analyzes a market, sometimes started in rudimentary form by others, before leaping in with how they might improve and make it;

        Let’s not give too much credit to the Google, Microsoft’s and Samsung’s of the world. In the end they rode Apple’s coattails to their current level of success, much as Apple rode other giants inspiration like Xerox and IBM to create new computing paradigms.

        I love too how Apple’s innovations are often seen as “obvious” so therefore easily excused as legitimately copyable without the least bit guilty conscience, but if Apple builds on something started elsewhere they are “stealing.”

        1. Maps was “ready”??
          This thread is just getting better and better.

          Maps still can’t find its *** with both hands.
          Try typing in a location and get the spelling just a little off. Do the same with google maps.

          We were at Disney in FL. I asked Siri for directions to Downtown Disney.
          Instead of taking me to the Downtown Disney 3 miles away she told me to get on the expressway going the opposite direction.
          I looked at Maps and saw a line traversing the entire country – to California.
          Yeah pal, Apple search is ready.

          1. I never said Maps was ready at launch dipstick. It should have been issued as “beta.” And I mentioned it had catching up to do being a new product while Google was years ahead. Don’t be too proud of Google Maps, it also has spectacular fails.

            If you’re too dumb to stipulate which Disney World you’re going for (probably due to your country bumpkin accent) don’t blame Siri. I’m surprised knowing what must be your usual preferences she didn’t direct you to the nearest sheep farm.

            Oh and Apple Search isn’t a product yet (I guess you don’t get it yet) and I qualified my remarks so deriding them in the face of that is the mark of a complete imbecile looking for an opportunity where none exists. Your name describes you perfectly being “sharp as a slab of granite.”

          2. There is no “Downtown Disney” near Disney World. There is a Disney Springs near that location. There is an actual place called Downtown Disney in California.

            Tonight I asked Siri what time zone Denver was in. Siri responded with the time zone in Denver Indiana. I was actually looking for Denver Colorado. My location is in neither of those two states.

            Many rumors say improvements to Siri will be revealed in the near future, but actual mind reading is probably still a few years off. It will be interesting to see how they incorporate facial expressions/micro expressions into context though. Maybe the system could detect discomfort in the answer and ask follow-up questions.

            1. Well stated. Last year my partner asked Google for local walking directions somewhere (can’t remember the exact details now). It gave us a three thousand mile walk from some obscure place in Mozambique to London. I particularly enjoyed the war zones it took us through. We found amusing and faintly impressed it could actually do that no matter how erroneous it actually was, I certainly didn’t (at leaf till now) use it as an example of how useless the product is. Its very easy if you have the innate desire/bias to do so to pick the faults of any given product while glossing over them in another. Something like maps is the perfect opportunity to do so. Search will be another of course.

    5. Don’t let him bother you, he’s just trying to justify the bad investments in computers and android smartphones he’s stuck with now.

      1. Mac user for 30 years.
        Never owned anything but iPhones.
        You reactionaries genuinely cannot imagine any Apple fan being critical of the company can you?

        Not one cogent argument. No logic.
        All you’ve got is fandroid this and stupid that.
        What a bunch of narrow minded dweebs.

          1. I thought it was kinda funny.
            The monkeys took the bait didn’t they?
            As has already been said, Apple has fallen from leader to follower.
            That’s the point and as usual you and other cretins missed it.
            MDN forums are filled with the same sort of idiots that infest YouTube.
            Attack monkeys defending their precious forum. Throwing their feces at intruders. It’s effing lame.

    1. One reacts to criticism of Apple with idiotic nonsense like “Fragmadroid paradise Troll” assuming that anyone who is not kissing Cook’s ring is an ‘android’ user.
      The other has been around long enough to know that Apple used to be at the cutting edge and has watched the company decline from innovator to also ran.
      Hope that helps.

      Watch the keynote. You can gloat if I’m wrong.

      1. Why, that’s a fine and respectful answer to a simple question, and I appreciate it. (except that Naiades don’t gloat; they merely lurk).

        It is getting increasingly difficult to distinguish between people that used to love Apple and no longer do, and people that pretend to but never did.

        1. I too appreciate your tone.
          I just have a very bad feeling that Apple is being led down the garden path by a distracted social justice warrior.

          The recent JD Power tablet survey put M$ just one point behind Apple’s iconic iPad. Apple used to be head and shoulder above the rest. What the heck happened??

          It’s a bizarre twist, M$ was run by a monkey on acid and Apple was run by a focused genius, and now the opposite is the case. Cook is a charisma-free numbers guy and M$’s Nutella is a really really smart guy that actually has taste.

          Mark this: Cook is not the right man to lead Apple and the company is already on its way down.
          I am for the first time in my life considering a Windows machine and *many* that I know feel the same way.
          Once the press gets wind of this trend it’ll be all over.

          So as I said, let’s watch the keynote.
          I don’t anticipate anything but another by-the-numbers snoozefest but I am prepared and ready to be totally wrong.

          1. It’s fun watching two troll monkeys converse like you and Naiades thinking they make legitimate comments or sense. You are always most welcome to leave the Apple ecosystem and on to the “genius” of the Nadella’s and Schmidt’s of the world. You are all bogus bark and excoriation while offering up nothing remotely cogent to intelligent to the proceedings except typical doofus speak.

            As a CEO yourself you would cluelessly spearhead a company that would no doubt crash & burn, be shot down in flames and nosedive into the ground under your raging incompetence. Only then would you admit “Hey, this is harder than it looks!”

    2. Side comment: I’m laughing with nostalgia. This troll comment by anonymous coward ‘Naiades’ is nothing more than the same old hate insults from twenty years ago. 20 years. The trolls have learned nothing, will learn nothing. They’re just as ignorant and insulting as ever.

      Hey Naiades. Remember these classic retorts?

      Microsoft sucks and so do you.
      Android fandroids suck on rancid poo.

      So meaningful and effective, eh?
      😆 😆 😆

      1. I insulted no one. Read it. It’s a question, not an incitement. I got what I thought was a reasonable answer to it. Then flak happened. This used to be a nicer neighborhood.

        1. Your original post was:

          What pray tell is the difference between a Mac user since 1989 and a fanboi wanker?

          Enough said.

          But your replies were far more eloquent and sane, for which we are grateful.

          This used to be a nicer neighborhood.

          It would be a nicer neighborhood if you weren’t inferring we’re all fanboi wankers. Get the point? Get your own inference?

          1. If you’d bother to look up at top of this thread, you’d understand I was quoting Odd Job’s retort to Daily Bread’s retort. I framed it as a question hoping to find out their actual differences, and I got what I think was a good answer from Odd Job’s POV. And from your intemperate reaction I now have Daily Bread’s POV.

            BTW it’s implied, not inferred. You have it backwards.

            1. 1) “To bring forward, or employ as an argument; to adduce; to allege; to offer.” – – I still like inferred. But implied is fine!

              2) I wish you’d posted your reply to OddJob bot as an actual reply. Once I noticed the copy/paste nature of OddJob’s post (same post over and over) I didn’t bother with the rest of the thread. I simply threw in my observation about his bot-like nature.

              3) APOLOGIES as you’ve pointed out that, despite posting at the wrong place in the overall thread, I had no idea of the context of your comment. Therefore please ERASE everything I replied beneath your first comment. I’d do it myself if that was allowed here.

              But in future, please post replies as replies, saving me having to interpret within the overall context of the thread blahblahblah.

              IOW: Sorry Naiades. Within my understood context, my posts were deliberate and made sense. But they make no sense within your context.

            2. Of course I intended it as a reply, but who can tell with the tiny indentations in mobile Safari when the MDN site is in wide mode with no sidebars. It is just as bad in the older version of the MDN mobile app. It’s maddening, and too easy to click the wrong thing when the video ad starts autoplaying unexpectedly, etc. but enough excuses. I’ll stick to luring unwary travelers to a watery doom.

  2. 1. Give me a Mac OS that just works
    2. Give me an iOS operating that doesn’t hassle me to upgrade all the time
    3. Give me a buzz when Apple releases something
    4. And make me proud again to be a Mac user

    In sum, I’ve been a Mac user since 1993 and my 2015 27″ just didn’t work (out of the box). The logic board was faulty and fried a module of OWC RAM.

    Four times I had Apple tech people asking me whether I was an Apple Certified technician in putting in the RAM (into the little compartment at the back of the computer, which is why I bought it in the first place).

    I had to threaten action under our consumer protection laws before they accepted liability for a faulty logic board. The computer wasn’t a lemon it was the part that was faulty.

    Then I had to hassle them for compensation for the RAM. I’m still an Apple user (iPods, Touches, Nanos and three Macs in the house and no smart phones at all by choice), but there’s only just so much that I can take.

    It’s been a while since Apple has wowed me but I’m still prepared to wait. Yes I’m a long time Apple user but I’m getting a little tired of waiting for the next best thing.

    1. You don’t like updates then I suggest Android which can be rarely updated due to laggard & apathetic manufacturers, device incompatibility further than the OS version it came with, and a poor ecosystem.

      You love updates then buy the nauseatingly constantly product from Microsoft. Apple is in the middle and of course, just right. I’ve never felt put upon by how often Apple updates. On the other hand Microsoft Office drives me bonkers. It seems everytime I start it up it needs a time-wasting update.

      1. Words from my mouth… taken.

        The ideal of course is that Apple just get it right instead of tossing fracked code out into the world without its own verification. That word verification is the key, and they often don’t bother, which is entirely un-Apple of them. We’ve seen multiple bugs drag on across multiple versions of OS X despite them having been reported to Apple directly. One can only imagine what it takes for THAT to happen at the company.

        I can point most specifically at security flaws reported to Apple which the company has sat upon, requiring proof-of-concept exploit reveals to be pointed at their head in order to entice them to solve it. That’s ridiculous. Ongoing case: Their poor system of enterprise security certificates. Steal one and you own the world.

  3. Off topic warning.
    What is wrong with Apples share price. Billions have been spent on buy backs, buy backs are supposed to boost the share price, but the opposite has happened. Just supposing Apple had not gone down this route, where would the share price be today?
    Money in the bank is just money in the bank. It is totally unproductive money. It does nothing real for the company aside from propping up the share price? Why has Apple not put this money to better use?

    1. Never neglect the manipulation of AAPL’s price. Imagine the money been thrown around in order to perpetuate that manipulation. In the future, when all of the facts of the matter become common knowledge, we’ll look back in awe at the raw parasitism inherent in this current age.

      The desperation behavior of Behemoth Bankroll Blowhards who demand the profits they made in ages past and gone.

    2. Companies and people do need their nest eggs, people for retirement, companies to have funds reserved for future acquisitions that might not be immediately apparent.

      That said I wish they’d use a very small part of that vast fortune to create a bigger pro selection of Macs. From the current one to mini-tower to large tower. It almost would cost them nothing to do and gain the unending gratitude of the pro market.

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