Does Apple need to invent or innovate?

“In various conversations recently, I have heard both Apple backers and detractors bemoaning the fact that Apple seems to be at a crossroads and, for the first time, I have heard both sides saying Apple needs to invent something new to get their luster back,” Tim Bajarin writes for Tech.pinions.

“This is probably a harsh assessment in that Apple is still making record profits and, while their stock has taken a hit, Apple still has over $200 billion in the bank and is spending $10 billion in R&D with, I am sure, plans to continue to create and develop new products and services in the future,” Bajarin writes. “They have been doing this really well since 1997 and, given that track record, I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt at this time.”

Bajarin writes, “However, asking Apple to invent something new suggests that those asking do not really understand Apple’s formula for success.”

Read more in the full article – recommended, as usualhere.

MacDailyNews Take: Bajarin is right, as usual: Apple will continue both innovate and invent for the foreseeable future.


  1. Christ, I’d be super happy if Tim Cook just cared about fixing what is already there. The lack of quality in Apple products today is depressing, embarrassing, and outright shameful.

    1. I’m with Birdseed on this one. They need to “Snow Leopard” a ton of their products.

      No new features please, just make everything work really really great.

      Forget about what Google and others are or aren’t doing and just make Apple products work as they should.

  2. What innovation are you folks talking about? Apple hasn’t innovated/invented anything since the death of Steve Jobs. So much bs being thrown around lately that its getting sickening to read here or any other site. Innovating my ass!

    1. Right now the products we see from Apple are being “refined.”

      Most users just want more reliable predictable less buggy products. That goes for ALL Apple’s products today.

      New product innovations are held under wraps until release, so that side of what Apple does is understood.

    2. Innovation != invention. Apple has innovated plenty.

      I am admittedly hard-pressed to name many Apple *inventions* though, which weren’t acquired from companies they bought.

    3. Dumbass meme alert.
      Apple hasn’t innovated/invented anything since the death of Steve Jobs.

      Bullshit. But do we like Apple to innovate/invent better than the other guys? YES. Are there current fields in tech where Apple has clearly fallen behind. YES.

  3. How can any company blow $10b and have so little to show for it??
    It’s not being spent on Maps, which still doesn’t even have freaking interstate exit numbers or intelligible traffic warnings. (Maps ignores traffic data when giving directions btw, and happily directs you straight into jams..)
    It’s not being spent on Pages, which is still dumbed down to the point of being near-unusable.
    It’s not being spent speeding up iCloud, which takes an age to open/close docs or load calendars.
    It’s not being spent on Mail which STILL lacks basic features.
    It’s not being spent updating the Finder. Innovation on that front has ground to a halt.
    It’s certainly not being spent on hardware, which, with the possible exception of the iPhone is underpowered and overpriced.

    This is Cook’s Apple now.
    He is a social activist first, and in his spare time he meets with teams at Apple and inspires then by nodding his head at whatever gets trotted in front of him.
    Let’s save costs by making the new MacBook with a single port. Users will adjust. Spell check on iCloud? Nah. Cost too much. People will get used to seeing their names underlined in red.
    It’s far more important to have solar panels on your roof and million dollar stairways in your store than bother with picky users’ whining about ‘quality’.

    WWDC is coming up boys and girls.
    Lower your expectations.

    1. At least give your trolling SOME semblance of logic and reality — instead of vacuous bombastic bullshit such as, “Tim Cook’s goal is to bankrupt Apple!”

      Plus, please list all instances of his “only passion”. It’s actually a tiny handful of occurrences, none of which is in the news or in implemenation for any extended perid of time. Again – there is such as thing as reality.

      Plus, why not go away and buy some Microsoft and Samsung products? Maybe install Ubuntu? Many possibilities.

  4. Innovation is not something you do, it is something you did. Solving problems is something you do and time will tell if it was done in an innovative way. So, I guess it comes down to trying different things, to thinking about things in a different way rather than taking the same old approach. That’s what Apple does, so it stands to reason that many of their successes were borne out of what proved to be an innovative process.

  5. “luster” – A marketing term.

    Apple should invent and innovate. They do both better than any other company, when they’re motivated and when there’s new tech to apply to new ideas.

    That’s how it works.

    “luster” – A marketing term.

  6. “and, for the first time, I have heard both sides saying Apple needs to invent something new to get their luster back,”

    Gawd! When has Gaggle ever invented ANYTHING!?

  7. Of course they need to innovate. Markets and products are created refined then supplanted by something else different or better. I’m sure no one expected Kodak to be out of business by 2016 and I grew up with Tower record stores in every major US city. Who thought that music as a product would be mostly gone in 2016.

    Thing is, none of us know what that next big thing is until it has arrived. The iPhone rules the world, but some of us if we look long enough see mostly a smaller faster Newton. What some call innovation could from a different view also be called refinement and evolution.

    We don’t know for sure what is in apple labs. A car? A wireless TV? A lifi network controlled from a watch? We can only wait and hope that “one more thing” did not die along with Steve. Here’s hoping for a “one more thing” at wwdc 2016.

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