Why Apple CEO Cook is not worried about iPhone sales

“Apple stock is under considerable selling pressure lately. Shares of the tech juggernaut are down by more than 28% in the last year due to falling revenue in the very-important iPhone segment,” Andrés Cardenal writes for The Motley Fool. “However, CEO Tim Cook believes that the decline in iPhone sales is only a short-term problem.”

“Mr. Cook has some strong arguments to believe that the iPhone will continue growing in the future,” Cardenal writes. “Here are his own words, from Apple’s last earnings conference call: ‘iPhone sales come from three sources: Customers who upgrade from previous iPhone models, customers who switch from Android and other operating systems, and customers who purchase a smartphone for the first time. As we look at each of these three sources of iPhone sales, we see a business that is healthy and strong.'”

“According to IDC numbers, Apple has a global market share of 15.2%, while a huge 82.6% of all smartphones around the world work with Android,” Cardenal writes. ” Tim Cook said in the last conference call that Apple is attracting record amounts of switchers from Android and other platforms, and this could be an interesting growth driver going forward… [Also] growing smartphone penetration should generate considerable opportunities for expansion in key emerging markets such as India.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The future for iPhone is exceedingly bright and new markets open up, 4G coverage spreads, and those who’ve settled for insecure, inferior pretend iPhones realize the error of their ways and graduate to real iPhones.

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  1. Sure, Tim Cook isn’t worried about iPhone sales because he’s got a fairly large salary and plenty of stock options. Plus he’s got a nice position to help his gender bending buddies. It’s the loyal shareholders who have to take the heat whenever iPhone sales tank even the tiniest bit. Apple is still making pretty decent profits but Wall Street doesn’t give a damn about that. All they’re concerned with is how much growth Apple’s iPhone business can maintain and that’s all that Apple is being valued for. Tim Cook’s arguments about future iPhone sales don’t count for anything as 90% of the big investors simply believe Apple’s iPhone growth is dead in the water. So, I can believe Tim Cook isn’t concerned about iPhone sales because HE doesn’t really have anything to worry about and HIS job is secure. He doesn’t seem to realize Wall Street is only interested in major market share and nothing else.

    Tim Cook needs to use Apple’s money to expand the business beyond selling iPhones and hardware. Start building up those subscription services and prove to Wall Street Apple can grow revenue and just maybe that might attract investors instead of driving them away to other high-tech companies like Google and Microsoft. A CEO must really have to be incompetent to make Apple the biggest stock sell-off tech company on Wall Street.

      1. Apple is held to a ridiculous standard and it’s amazing how well they still stand up against unfounded & overly critical criticisms that would buckle, collapse and sink other companies under the weight of jealous, schadenfreude vitriol. History has already shown us – Tim Cook is right. Betting against Apple is always a sucker’s bet.

        1. My condolences to your personal double whammy – severely mentally handicapped and a drunk-while-posting alcoholic. In a battle of wits you’re shooting blanks. Such a pitiful troll wretch. You fool no one.

  2. Another mindless journanalyst makes the web. I’d say Andrés Cardena needs a refresher half course in LI E 10 .

    When one does an analysis one is making a detailed examination of the elements or structure of something and contrary to what he wrote he needs to be real up close when analyzing Tim’s point of view. We need to know just how strong Tim Cook is, but we need to see how brown nose Andrés can get. It’s only then will a good analyst determine the wonder of what’s to come and be there when it does before the jouranalists come tongues wagging for slice of the pie.

    Now the other half course isn’t the mark you got, it’s not F 1, it’s synthesis, combining putting it all together. “Apple stock is under considerable selling pressure lately.” News flash Andrés Cardena, Apple’s always under a considerable to buy and sell, and the death knell mantra for Apple has been going on for longer than you’ve been keeping people (well I consider them people) at the Guantanamo on the Bay Resort like it was the Hotel California.

    You obviously fell asleep for those classes or you would have known that LIFE 101 it about breaking down (analysis) and building up (synthesis). You are obviously totally incompetent in the later but don’t worry, guys like Tim Cook are great at synthesis and they’ll cook you up something real special for you bottom feeders to enjoy. Just make sure you get a little closer next time. We want to see the brown on your knows.

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