Watch Apple CEO Tim Cook at his first cricket game in India

Apple CEO Tim Cook went to see his first ever cricket match between Gujarat Lions against Kolkata Knight Riders in Kanpur, India.


I love it!

This is incredibly exciting. It’s my first cricket game. I’m hooked, I’m totally hooked…. It’s so exciting here. I’ve never felt anything like this; it’s incredible.

[India] is hugely important [to Apple]. It’s a gret marketplace, but, the talent is so huge here, we want to really tap into the iOS ecosystem.

I think India has an incredible future. I’m really optimistic. — Apple CEO Tim Cook

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MacDailyNews Take: Sounds like ESPN CricketPass just got a new subscriber!

BTW: The Lions won by 6 wickets.

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  1. Just how does India treat gays Timmy Boy?
    This is just a patronizing statement towards a country’s sport because he wants to open Apple Stores there.
    No American in their right mind would ever like Cricket.

    1. That’s because all Americans are ignorant (much like you) about the sport.

      You have not been to a game or ever watched one. I am guessing you “looked” (for about 10 minutes at the most) and said …..”baseball is better” jjust becaiuse it happens to be American.

      From tea, you made coffee. From Cricket you made baseball. From Rugby, you made “futball”. I say “fiutball” because “football” is actually already taken. By the way football is actually played with feet whearas “futball”……..not so much.

      Standing by for typical American rebuttal to anything said against America…….

        1. I think you know what he means unless you are being deliberately obtuse. Fact is none of them is particularly American in origin, just modified to suit the preferred local history for various reasons. The thing they all share is that they were all in their original form common in England before they transferred to the Colonies. Indeed many pubs started out as coffee houses and indeed one I frequent is still called the Coffee House.

    2. Well you did for a hundred years or so indeed being involved in the very first test match till through a series of complex events your clubs took on that other old English game baseball, both of which come from the same origin as it happens. Of course if you know 20/20 cricket, which being a troll with a trolls intelligence, I doubt you do, you would know had this particular version of the game been the norm at the time, likely baseball would never have transplanted it.

  2. Incredible! Amazing! Genius! Thrilling!

    Apple has a long record of inflating claims and promises and descriptions. A shame, because their products are great without the excess.

    Less is a lot more, Tim.

  3. Tim is a great guy, that is evident, and you can see he is a little bit nervous in front of the camera, which shows the side of him that likes privacy. 3:30am to 8pm work schedule, and you have these trolls on the internet and journalists that espouse getting rid of him. Um, yeah, right.

    1. You can:

      * Click on “Advanced” from Safari preferences
      * Check the “Show Develop menu in menu bar” option
      * Close preferences
      * Navigate to “User Agent” from the “Develop” menu, and select the “Safari-iOS 9.3-iPad” option
      * Right click on the video, and select the “Open frame in new window” option.
      * After watching the video, change the user agent back to “Default”

      Your other options are either:

      * Installing flash


      * Asking MDN to practice what they preach.

      Good luck! 🙂

  4. It’s Twenty20, not real cricket. Real cricket you have to suffer a bit to appreciate. Tim’s on the right track though – cricket’s got about a billion followers in the Subcontinent.

    1. Well Twenty20 ironically has more in common to cricket as it would historically have been played than the perceived traditional game as it exists today. But you are right it’s the form of the future game, expecially in SE Asia, Oz and the West Indies and is one of the fastest growing games. Like it or not it has enormous potential and Apple would be fools to ignore it if they truly wish to make an impact there. Cook understands that, even if narrow minded and unworldly mind here cannot see that the world is far bigger than their own very limited perochial horizons, and increadingly important markets that dwarf their own. Get used to it.

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