In meeting with Apple CEO Cook, Chinese regulator stresses security

“The head of China’s industry and technology regulator stressed Chinese users’ security in a meeting with Apple Inc’s chief executive in Beijing, as the U.S. tech titan stumbles in its biggest offshore market,” Paul Carsten reports for Reuters.

“‘I hope Apple can expand its business in China, deepen its cooperation in research and development and industrial supply chains, and provide a convenient and secure user experience for Chinese consumers,’ said Miao Wei, the head of China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT),” Carsten reports. “Miao’s comments from the Tuesday meeting were posted on the regulator’s website on Thursday. MIIT did not provide any comments from Cook.”

“‘China has set a clear precedent with nearly every other tech company that operating in the country comes with certain strings attached, including significant investment in China’s tech sector,” said Ben Thompson, an analyst who writes at,” Carsten reports. “‘Apple has largely escaped this requirement, thanks to its appeal to customers instead of big business, but it seems likely the Chinese government is trying to end that exemption.'”

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  1. Communist China government cannot be trusted!
    Chinese people are great!!! Especially when outside China!!!
    Apple 🇺🇸 should invest more in India and other friendly Asian countries!!!!!
    And in 🇺🇸

    1. One of the statements I actually like from Donald Trump is that we have been foolish to feed China. We’ve given China our jobs, our money, the ability to build up their military, to create the Great Internet Wall of China, to hack the hell out of the USA, to take and create islands in the South China Sea, threaten Japan, the Philippines, the world, blahblahblah.

      It all started in 1998 when the Clinton administration provided China with Most Favored Nation status, although one could argue it goes all the way back to Nixon and Henry Kissinger. Anyway, it has been documented that it was in 1998 that China started hacking US government computers via the Red Hacker Alliance sponsored by the Chinese government. These days the Red Hacker Alliance IS the Chinese government.

  2. China already uses Apple as its very own R&D centre, copies just about every iPhone they make. Already in units their home based copying exceeds iPhone sales in China, which is probably why Apple’s sales there went down this past quarter. They already have a major partner, with Apple spending on R&D which will inevitably result in new Chinese products.

  3. “I hope Apple can expand its business in China, deepen its cooperation in . . . industrial supply chains,’ said Miao Wei,”

    China’s reputation for reliability and stability is, well, really bad. And it is getting worse.

    With competition from other countries starting to take jobs from Chinese workers, the China government needs to get its act together. The question is, is the Chinese communist government too stupid to realize that?

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