Apple granted key U.S patent for Touch ID fingerprint recognition integrated into Multi-Touch display

“Apple has two patent pending inventions that cover a future version of Touch ID being positioned beneath the display of devices like an iPhone and iPad,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple.

“Today’s granted patent for touch technology beneath a display marks Apple’s third patent on this front and it comes by way of Privaris. We reported back in June 2015 that Apple acquired the majority of the fingerprint patent portfolio from Privaris who had a working relationship with Authentec,” Purcher reports. “CNN reported at the time of the acquisition that ‘one of Privaris’ patents covers the ability to use a touchscreen and fingerprint reader at the same time. Another invention of Privaris’ could allow you to open a door with your iPhone by scanning your fingerprint and holding your phone up to a reader, similar to how you pay for items with Apple Pay.'”

“Another aspect of this invention that may be of interest to Apple is the Biometric Personal Identification Device (BPID),” Purcher reports. “According to this granted patent, ‘The BPID can store and run multiple applications, allowing an individual to store a variety of personal information, although it is important to note that the applications are fully independent and cannot affect other applications’ data. Many of these applications require the owner to transmit information to a terminal; for example, the BPID may wirelessly transmit financial account information to a cash register during an in-store purchase. In order to make this transaction secure, the BPID uses its private key to create a digital signature on all information that the individual chooses to release. Recipients of information from the BPID use the encrypted digital signature and a database of public keys to confirm that the information came from a specific device and that the information has not been altered.’ It further notes that “If it is desired by the driver license verification application and/or other independent applications, the BPID can encrypt all transmitted data and information so that only the intended recipient can decode the information.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Who’s ready for iPhones and iPads featuring edge-to-edge, top-to-bottom displays sans physical Home Buttons? Sign us up!

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  1. I have been ready for a long time…. Want it yesterday.
    But i have a feeling it will be on the 10th aniversary phone not the ip7..

    Now if iphone 7 has the dual cams… And edge to edge screen with integrated fingerprint scanner and no home button.. Get ready for the stock to skyrocket ..
    I see a some logic in apple throwing in a lot of features in ip7:
    If the removal of the headphone jack is true… Wich is a controversial move .. Throwing in a couple massive feature may be the best way to lure in the lightning headphone naysayers.

    And then on 10th aniversary .. We get this awesome new formfactor and new exotic materials and couple minor feature .. And a kick but processor and ram.

    Just dreaming … But hope its truns out to be true.. It eill be an awesome holiday season. Sales and Stock .

  2. Im a little worried that Siri is on the verge of self-awareness. The iPhone 7 will be the tipping point I’m afraid.

    Apple, in its lust for more powerful phones and higher sales, is inadvertently destroying the entire human race. iPhones are set to take over the world and wage war on mankind.

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