Tweaked Apple Music app with ‘Browse’ replacing ‘New’ revealed on Apple TV

“Earlier this month we reported that Apple Music on iOS 10 is set to receive several visual tweaks and feature enhancements intended to make using the subscription music service easier and attract more customers,” Zac Hall reports for 9to5Mac.

“Changes expected include a more static black and white user interface in place of today’s album art color-matching UI, lyrics integration, and a tweaked tab bar for navigation,” Hall reports. “We expect Apple Music to rename the ‘New’ section as ‘Browse’ to further highlight curated content found within. A 9to5Mac reader has since discovered this change in the wild thanks to the tvOS Apple Music app on the new Apple TV.”

Hall reports, “According to the tipster, Apple Music’s Browse tab only briefly appeared before returning to the New label currently found on Apple TV’s Music app.”

Read more, and see the screenshot, in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Big changes are hopefully around the corner for iTunes/Apple Music.


  1. I wish they’d let us customize the Music app on the iPhone and iPad. I don’t want “connect”. The “For You” section has nothing to do with me. I don’t listen to the radio. And why the hell is search buried in “My Music” when it’s not mine until I find it?

    I want My Music to be stuff I picked. I want a search feature. You can bury the rest in a “More” tab that I will never use.

    You kind of knew Apple Music was going to be a mess when they announced it at WWDC in that very strange keynote. It’s a pity because it’s a good idea buried in garbage.

    I wonder how many people actually listen to Beats 1 radio? I use iTunes because I hate the radio. I hate DJs. Why would I want that? Even if I liked the music they play, I’d still not like having a DJ.

    1. Beats 1 was supposed to be this fabulous music channel that has something for everyone. I’ve stopped trying it because 90% of the time I tune in it’s some world/tropical/regge variation of hip-hop. Nothing against hip-hop as a genre, but it isn’t what I enjoy. It definitely isn’t a station for everyone like it was proposed.

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