Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus to get OLED exclusively, other models to stick with LCD, analyst suggests

“Samsung has signed a deal with Apple to supply an annual 100 million OLED panels from the second quarter of next year for three years,” Lee Ji-yoon reports for The Korea Herald.

““For now, Samsung is the only company that meets Apple’s strict product criteria,” Lee reports. “But considering its strategy of having multiple suppliers, LG and other display makers could share a fraction of the orders,” said Lee Choong-hoon, president and chief analyst of UBI Research, at a seminar for those in the industry and investors on Friday.

“He predicted an OLED iPhone with a curved screen would debut in 2018, saying OLED models would make up 30 percent or 100 million units of total iPhone shipments in the year and the figure could surge to 80 percent by 2020,” Lee reports. “‘By 2021, Apple could outpace Samsung in terms of OLED adoption,’ [Lee said].”

“Samsung’s decision to supply OLED to its archrival also indicates that the world’s largest smartphone maker sees no breakthrough in its slowing phone sales, the top analyst added,” Lee reports. “‘OLED panels have differentiated Samsung phones from their rivals in the market. If Galaxy phones were selling well, the company would have not decided to supply OLED screens to Apple,’ he said. ”

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“While the 30% figure could be explained by Apple launching its new iPhones late in the year, the ‘80% by 2020’ number would mean Apple continuing to manufacture some new models with the older IPS LCD screen tech for some time to come,” Ben Lovejoy writes for 9to5Mac. “One possibility is that only the Plus models would get the OLED screen. It was notable that a recent Samsung report referred only to 5.5-inch display panels, with no mention of smaller ones.”

“There have been a number of indications that Apple may be planning increasing divergence between the smaller and larger iPhone models,” Lovejoy writes. “In the iPhone 6/6s, the only difference in features between the two is the optical image stabilization, but KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has said that the iPhone 7 Plus will benefit from a dual-camera setup while the standard iPhone 7 won’t.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote on Saturday about the iPhone 7 Plus’ exclusive dual-camera feature:

Apple’s 5.5-inch (or larger) flagship iPhone is about to get even flagshippier!

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  1. I’m not a fan of only having high end features on the largest devices. If it’s something specific related to the size (not sure what that would be) then fine, but I don’t have a plus because it’s too big, I don’t want that size screen day to day. I’m perfectly fine paying for higher spec, but why should I be forced to either have a screen I don’t want?

  2. So, Apple is going to go to OLED like the already shipping Samsung Galaxy S7.
    And Apple is even buying the displays from Samsung!
    And Apple is going with a dual-lens camera system — like the already shipping Samsung Galaxy S7.

    Now, who was it that said Apple could innovate?
    That was then; this is now.

    1. You haven’t noticed I presume that Samsung are the only real option for OLED on any scale and that Apple doesn’t actually make them itself. Nor that OLED is only now becoming a better overall option than this ‘older’ technology which none the less had considerable advantages overall. So lets be honest using that as a measure of innovation is really rather dumb isn’t it.

      As for camera technology it has been generally accepted that Apple’s phone cameras have have almost always given superior performance overall to Samsungs. The latter has probably moved ahead on its 6 months newer flagship but no doubt that will be reversed come September. Again a weird if opportunist judgement call on your part. I suspect you have kept that post on ice for some time hoping a brief opportunity might arise for you to get your instant adrenaline rush.

      As for that stock sign off not very original is it? Lets at least try to be innovative if you are writing on the subject.

      1. innovate
        verb – make changes in something established, especially by introducing new methods, ideas or products.

        Let’s really, truly be honest. Samsung is clearly innovating in these areas while Apple isn’t.

        Apple doesn’t actually make anything for itself except software.
        The Samsung Galaxy 7 camera is clearly superior to what Apple has in any of its phones. You are assuming that Apple will leapfrog the Samsung phone in September — a weird judgement call on your part. Apple is merely playing catch-up — something we’re seeing more of under Tim Cook.

        1. I don’t know how old you are but Apple has always been like that. Even back in the SCSI debate. Maybe you are too young and was not following Apple back then.

          It is the overall product that stands out! Innovation is nothing if integration is poor.

    2. Your response was great, spyintheskyuk, but we are all wasting our time when we refute the trollish musings from anonymous posters on this forum.

      Dissent and disagreement regarding Apple’s technologies and products are fine. We are not the mystical “lemmings” that Apple haters seem to enjoy imagining. We see flaws in Apple’s products, services, and execution and we are Apple’s toughest (legitimate) critics. But we do our best to base our criticisms on fact and experience, not imagination.

      If Samsung was *truly* innovative then it would have released an iPhone-like smartphone *before* the iPhone on its own Tizen OS. Instead, it copied the iPhone design using Google’s stolen Android OS. That is all that you need to know about Samsung innovation. Great copiers, but poor innovators. If Samsung built cars, then they would operate much like Kia – copy Honda.

      That is not to say that Samsung products are poor – by all accounts the Samsung flagship phones are very nice. But they should be – they copied the best phone in the world in the iPhone, then took all of that saved expense and labor and used it to add tweaks to try to differentiate their products. Now that’s innovation…in South Korea.

    3. Tim Cook is as far from an innovator as anyone can possibly be.

      In order to be more incompetent, you would would have to be lacking a pulse!

      If you’ve put all your eggs in the Apple stock market basket and you’re betting on Cook, you would have a better chance of being robbed of your life savings, then having the thief invest your money and return it to you with a huge profit.

      Tim Cook is the biggest joke in technology today. How he wins all these award is laughable. If they ever passed out “The Most Incompetent CEO”, “The Most Politically Distracted CEO”, “The Laziest CEO”, “The Babysittter/Caretaker CEO” awards, I know he’ll win those hands down too!

  3. I really love my 6s; if the upgrade to the 7 consists of a marginally faster chip and wireless airbuds, I doubt I’d upgrade to a 7. The Plus size is too big for me; I want something that is easier to manage in a pocket. I want the best camera, but the larger size is a deal-killer for me. Sorry, Apple.

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