iPhone 7 leak reveals professional dual-camera system

“There’s been much talk of the iPhone 7 possibly arriving in three distinct variants, only the biggest and best of which was set to receive a new dual-camera system from Apple,” Paul Monckton reports for Forbes. “However, these rumours were recently scotched by serial leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer of Nowehereelse.fr.”

“Tweeting as @OnLeaks, Hemmerstoffer revealed detailed CAD documents showing just two models, a standard 4.7in iPhone 7 and a 5.5in iPhone 7 Plus (or perhaps ‘iPhone 7 Pro’),” Monckton reports. “Now, famed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the original source of the three-model iPhone 7 rumour, has also revised his predictions to include only two models, rather than three in his latest note to investors.”

In order to maintain its leading position in the high-end market, we expect Apple will fully adopt dual-camera on the new 5.5-inch iPhone in 2H16. – Ming-Chi Kuo, KGI Securities

This “widens the feature gap between the two types of iPhone 7, making the larger model a significantly better option for photography,” Monckton reports. “This difference is stretched still further, by the rumoured inclusion of 3GB of RAM in the iPhone 7 Plus.”

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    1. Still loving my old 6 Plus! Looking forward to my iPhone 7 upgrade which I have no doubt will be an enormous seller making the pessimistic anal-cysts look once again like fools (though also sadly not being held responsible as they should for their specious manipulative moronity’s.)

  1. Apple’s whole product line – which only 18 months ago looked like a roadmap designed by a genius – is becoming a huge, muddle – painfully slow to react to where its markets are going.

    Whose hand is really at the tiller here at this point? The string of bad product decisions is just piling up. These are often the conscious creation of dichotomies which don’t have to exist – e.g., the 4.7″ is Apple’s best selling product, but this just disses it – and Apple’s entry level Mac is sitting in the same form factor (a nice one) it’s been in for years – at 1440×900 res (not nice) and not even a processor bump this year.

    With the precious little pink book (Look ma! No ports!) not really taking its place – either in overall functionality or affordability.

    I could on (and on).

    Apple has how much in the bank…??

    1. These are still just rumors. Take them with several grains of salt.

      While I concur it would be nice for Apple to sync up its iPhone platform in a simultaneous small-medium-large release cycle, anyone who expected a new 4″ iPhone so soon after the release of the SE was dreaming. The SE was an out-of-cycle update relative to the 6s-to-7 sequence.

      Apple still needs to get its act together. Yes, it has a lot of ground to cover. But it has the capability to do so.

  2. My question is what is going to be the killer feature for the iPhone 7 if only the 7+ has the killer camera? Removal of the headphone jack? iPhone 7 with the substandard camera just has no reason for being.

  3. What do they mean by “dual camera”? iPhones ALREADY have two cameras – front and back. And, what on earth is a “Professional dual camera”??? What’s “professional” about it? On balance, this article is puff-piece hyperbole and provides almost no information whatsoever. If they’re talking about a back camera with two available focal lengths (e.g. wide and standard), I’m all for it. But, as a professional photographer, I gotta object to the characterization of a phone camera as “professional”. It’s just ridiculous.

  4. Professional? What does that even mean? My Canon body costs over $3,000, and is just considered to be a semi professional model from them, though professionals do use it. Their professional model is $6,000 for the body.

    Maybe someday, a smartphone camera may be considered to be professional, but that’s a long way off. Why does MDN have to exaggerate what’s going one?

  5. Every iPhone adds in new features and is generally a lot faster than 2 generations before. Usually there is a new form factor and new external feature (like Touch ID) when the phone moves to a new version full version number.
    Apple will likely have something up its sleeve. Whether that will be enough for the naysayers.
    I, for one, will like wireless charging (having got a new car with this feature). Maybe waterproof. Have the base model at 32GB.
    I like the form factor of the 6S so hope the new one evolves from there.

  6. I believe that Apple needs to keep it simple. If you are going to do a dual care then put it in the top two iPhones with the SE getting it by Christmas. As for the audio – why get rid of it? That only makes it more complicated for the consumer. (Not as dumb as dumping the magnetic charger connection, but close.)

    I believe that new product introductions will slow down as Intel is slowing down it’s processor releases. That might mean that we have to get used to slower innovation in some areas. I can live with that as Apple products last longer than the cheaper PCs.

  7. So, the new iPhone will feature a dual camera system like the currently-shipping Samsung Galaxy S7.
    Tim Cook is leading from behind again.
    He likes to come from behind.

  8. I like the photo/video quality of my iPhone 6, BUT since I want better results I’ll buy a real camera, in my case a Lumix G70 suits my needs.

  9. famed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo…

    Seriously silly. Please cut the inflationary self-promotion please Mr. Kuo. It gets more silly with each incremental installment.

    Meanwhile, we have further games of Apple Rumor Ping Pong going on!
    – Will there be two iPhone 7s or three?
    – Will there be two iPhones with dual-cameras or just one?

    It’s nice to see some mystery still remaining in the Apple rumor mill.

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