What’s coming in OS X 10

“At the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June, Apple is expected to announce iOS 10,” Amit Chowdhry writes for Forbes. “And a number of rumors surrounding iOS 10 have been sprouting up in recent months.”

“It does not sound like iOS 10 will be a massive design overhaul,” Chowdhry writes, “but there will be a number of significant improvements and feature additions.”

Chowdhry writes, “Some of the new features expected to be included in iOS 10 are: the ability to hide stock apps, an iCloud Voicemail system, a standalone HomeKit app, an Apple Music redesign, additional Apple Pay functionalities and more Apple Photos editing tools.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Bring on the standalone HomeKit app to centralize third-party IoT apps and a coherent Apple Music app!


  1. Photo editing tools? Normally I’d LOVE this but Apple is dead to me when it comes to photo editing. My ass is still hurting from the sudden end of Aperture and them making me move to Lightroom 🙁

    1. People said the same thing about Final Cut X and it’s come a long way since it’s introduction.

      Developers have introduced 3rd party extensions to Photos. While Lightroom may be your application of choice at this point, there is no need to turn a blind eye to Photos and it’s progression.

    2. So sad but very true. Apple has simply thrown in the towel when it comes to photo software. Aperture was a world class, industry defining piece of software. It was an amazing achievement. And then Apple just let it rot while Adobe took over.

      It’s just incredible that a company with 200+ BILLION dollars could not keep Aperture going. Talk about throwing away one of the advantages of your hardware. There was no Aperture in the PC world.

      So sad.

    3. Aperture still works perfectly, plus Affinity Photo knocks PS into a cocked hoop.

      Lightroom sucks donkey balls.

      Too many entitled whiners on here: get a fecking grip!


      1. You are incorrect. Aperture has been massively surpassed by Lightroom. Noise reduction, clarity, HDR….all kinds of ways Aperture has been left in the dust. It didnt used to be that way, but Apple let Aperture rot.

        Also, Aperture is now abandonware and it will break one day with a new OS.

        Pathetic Apple, pathetic.

      2. Chas, you need to get the fecking grip. in 2013 when Phil Shiller got on stage demoing the new cylinder Mac Pro he said a new version of Aperture was coming in a couple of months.

        Aperture may still ‘work’, but it has been surpassed by other products, Lightroom included.

  2. hopefully a usable Photos application, today it’s JUNK software, iPhoto is still years ahead of this train wreck starting from UI to features….

  3. Excuse me, but when the hell did Aperture stop working? I use it almost daily and it floats my boat. Lightroom, on the other hand, is a cumbersome beast.

    Until Serif trot out their alleged DAM, I’ll happily stick with Aperture.


    1. Let’s just hope OS X updates don’t break the legacy software that Apple has stopped supporting. Happens all too often. And with iOs, apparently planned obsolescence with a ratcheting mechanism is the core of Apple’s business model. Just once more way to force everyone into the datamined, insecure, unreliable iCloud….

  4. Here is a nice list from MacRumors:


    App Stores (Mac App Store, iTunes Music & Movie Store, iBooks Store)

    Optional larger font size – please!

    Clip Book:

    A clip book that lists the last 5 items copied to the clipboard.

    When you select Edit Paste the last item is pasted in. When you select Edit Clip Book you have the option to select which item is pasted in. You should also have the option to paste multiple items in.


    Ability to resize the picture. Currently, the picture is very small.

    Insert more than one picture into the contact. Example: Picture of spouse.

    Larger font size options. Currently the fonts are so small many adult students have to switch glasses when they use Contacts.

    Show a map snippet of the contacts location inside of contacts.

    Custom Fields – Not having this is very frustrating. (A common custom field is a Christmas List). This field is used to determine who gets a Christmas card.

    Alphabetic selection like iOS – The letter headings on the right side of the contacts. Click on the G group for last names that begin with G. Saves a lot of scrolling time.


    Ability to leave a FaceTime voice mail.

    FeedBack App for the Mac:

    Copy the Windows 10 Feedback app. This is really helping Microsoft improve Windows 10. Amazon is also using a Feedback App for the Echo. Customer feedback works – my Echo has already surpassed Siri in accuracy after only three months of use.​


    Add option to have folders displayed at the top of the window (alphabetically but before all other files).

    A Cut function.

    Assign a specific color to a folder or as cqgraphicdesign put it “label a folder with a color” instead of just a name.

    Show Hidden Files. This should apply only to the Finder Window.


    – Send to Email
    – Send to Messages
    – Send to Preview button after capturing a screen.

    Currently, after capturing a screen you have to copy the capture, open preview, Select new from clipboard before you can do anything with your screen capture.

    – Export in different formats such as jpeg and png.


    Default viewing Scale (Zoom) – 125, 150%. Twelve point fonts are difficult for many to comfortably read. Microsoft Word or Pages solves this problem with a Zoom setting.

    Highlight text in different colors like iBooks. Highlighting text is a great way of focusing students on the crucial issues.

    Tables to allow comparison and contrasts. (Tables are used all the time in student email communications. Unfortunately, Mail does not have this feature.)

    Option to Restore text descriptions under the icons in the New Message window in mail. This has become an issue on large screen iMacs because the email icons are very small.


    Download maps for specific regions for offline use. For example, Windows 10 allows you to download maps for the United States, Canada, Mexico etc.)


    An insert button (like iOS) to insert photos or videos into a text message without having to leave messages.

    An option to configure Messages on the Mac to work like iOS Messages.

    In iOS – Pressing enter moves to the next line of the message. Click Send when you want to send the message.

    In OSX – The enter key sends the message. If you want to type multiple lines in a message you have to press control enter for each line and then press enter at the end of the message.​


    Ability to set default font and size.

    Highlight words and sentences like iBooks.

    Font and font size selection as pull down menus, not a large separate window just to change a font size.

    Insert tables like Microsoft OneNote.

    Insert Arrows, lines etc with the text visible. (In iOS you can’t see the text when inserting an arrow.)


    Clone Tool
    Tonal Contrast like Google Snapseed for iOS.

    Selective adjustment for certain areas of the photo. Google Snapseed for iOS is probably the best example.

    Basic drawing tools in Photos would be very useful. Arrows, lines, Text boxes similar to Preview.

    Collage Function

    – Collage needs the ability to move and resize photos on a sheet of paper.
    – Insert Collage Title at the top of the page
    – Insert Captions below each photo.​


    When you trash an App it be helpful if it would find and trash all the files related with the App, like App Cleaner does.

    Window Management:

    Green button = Maximize window to largest possible size with Dock and Menu Bar visible
    Separate Full Screen Button
    Double click on Title Bar to maximize to content.
    Window Snapping like Windows 10 (Aero Snap)
    A setting to request that Apps remember Window position and size.
    Window preview functionality similar to HyperDock or Windows 10.

    Visual Elements:

    Change colors of the Dock and Sidebars if transparency is turned off.
    Translucency settings – Low translucency and high translucency.

    Save AS:

    Save As needs to be an option without pressing the option key.


    Ability to give Siri feedback via an app similar to Amazon’s Echo app. Because of this feedback mechanism Alexa (Echo) has become far more accurate than Siri in only three months of use.

    Health App: that syncs with health monitoring sensors and displays and charts the data in ways that can be easily exported and compared month to month or year over year.

    Do you like this list?

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