Google is delays support for Android knockoff of Apple’s 3D Touch

“Google is delaying its support for the Android version of the pressure-sensitive touch feature known as 3D Touch on the iPhone,” Ina Fried reports for Recode.

“Sources confirm that the feature will not be part of the initial Android N release and will have to wait for a later release of the operating system,” Fried reports. “”

MacDailyNews Take: Android. Perpetually behind™.

“There are already a handful of Android phones, including Huawei’s Mate S and ZTE’s Axon Mini, that have the pressure-sensitive screens needed for such a feature,” Fried reports. “However, without operating-level support, phone makers have the unenviable task of getting developers to write support for each of the phones individually.”

MacDailyNews Take: Bwahahahahaha!

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MacDailyNews Take: It’s 64-bits all over again.

Apple leads. All others follow – poorly and at a great distance.

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  1. In some cases, unfortunately, the competitors catch up. Siri, for instance, has not advanced quickly enough, nor has its applications/capabilities within the iOS ecosystem. As a result, you have Echo and Cortana and other competitors gaining mindshare and reducing the headstart that Apple enjoyed.

    1. Competition is fine with me. I’ve always stated that Apple requires competition. If Echo, Cortana, et al. kick Apple’s ass, that’s the spur to get Apple waking out of lethargy. Every company requires competition if only to keep them on edge.

      Ripping off Apple, that’s an entirely different and sinister situation.

  2. 3D touch is shit! Hardly use it and very limited app support makes it another useless experience like Siri which never gets used anymore or the shit maps app over Google maps. Its no wonder the 6s didn’t sell as well as it should have. More wanky features blah blah blah

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