Alphabet’s market cap tops Apple’s

“Alphabet’s market cap overtook Apple’s on Thursday morning,” Christine Wang reports for CNBC.

“The Google parent’s market cap was about $498.56 billion,” Wang reports, “compared with $496.69 billion for Apple.”

Wang reports, “Shares of Apple hit a fresh 52-week intraday low of $89.89 in the session as they dipped below $90 per share for the first time since June 2014.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Profit from others’ ignorance and manipulation.

Oh, BTW:

Apple vs. Alphabet revenue (2008-2015) (in billion U.S. dollars)
Revenue comparison of Apple and Google from 2008 to 2015 (in billion U.S. dollars)

Apple vs. Alphabet net income (2008-2015)

Apple vs. Alphabet net income (2008-2015)
Source: Wolfram Alpha

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    1. That’s because Apple has an incompetent in the CEO position.

      You have a better chance of OJ finding the “real” killers than you have of the market expressing confidence in the gay rights activist.

      Tim Cook’s record of consistent incompetence, abject laziness, and corporate mismanagement speaks for itself. He has irreparably decimated AAPL. This stock is falling at a rate of 32-feet per second. AAPL will be under 30 bucks by year’s end if this clown is still sitting in Cupertino.

      1. @timhemanhaterclub (basically the same commentator using different names),
        will you stop spewing your hate over and over! With nothing more to back your claim about dismissing Tim based on because he support equality for all individuals, regardless of their sexual preference, he continues to help drive Apple. To paraphrase Steve Jobs, “Don’t ask what would Steve do, ask what would Tim do.” Just do a search on the Internet to see why Steve J. did this.

        I don’t know if there is anyone right now that I would trust as much as Tim to continue to drive Apple. He is not the next Steve Ballmer, coasting on the success and monopoly of MS. Tim continues to move Apple to where the puck is going to be. AppleTV/AppleWatch are example of good execution of hardware, just a bit early. Like a preview of what what is to come.

        If you want to hate on Tim, and not be dismissed, then bring your facts. Give us examples/facts that bring or add to your comments. Short of those steps, we will continue to see you, regardless of the commentator name you use, as @timhemanhaterclub

      2. Consistent incompetence? Abject laziness? Corporate mismanagement? Irreparably decimated?

        Fancy terms, anonymous poster, but there is no substance at all behind those rather radical allegations. What is your definition of a “record” of such behaviors and results?

        You speak with a forked tongue and we do not hear your words…

  1. I have told this before and I say it again: This is SOOOO twisted and so unfair that its unf**kinbelievable.

    What are they smoking in Wall Street? Must be something stronger than tobacco for sure, this makes absolutely no sense.

    GOOG is the official main pet of WS, it can continue being a (literally) one-trick-pony with much less profit/revenue than Apple and still be ahead hmpf

    It’s all about illusion, this is an excerpt from matketwatch:

    “Alphabet Chief Executive and co-founder Larry Page takes pride in his “moonshots,” big bets on future technologies that include autonomous cars, the Nest smart-home business and Google Fiber effort to provide broadband service.

    While Google, as Dawson said, is losing money on these efforts now — the “Other Bets” brought in $166 million last quarter with an operating loss of nearly $802 million — they present investors with prospects for big gains much sooner than a potential Apple car. ”

    So Google is investing in some random so called hi-tech stuff which turns into major operating loss and WS rewards them for it handsomely? If this crap is the language that WS understands then maybe Apple should do the same, I think MDN talked about the very same thing a few months back.

    Go figure..

      1. If instead of Apple it was Google that had released a watch that had only half the sales of the Apple watch they’d be dancing in the streets and singing Google’s praises.

        1. Uh, no. Google Glass was far more technically difficult and ambitious than the Apple Watch and MDN led the media haterade to make sure that the product failed.

          When Apple launches an overpriced, clunky iPhone accessory, the Watch, with an inconvenient interface and no real “must have” apps, MDN pumps it endlessly as if it’s going to be the next big thing.

          Look, everyone knows that Google is an ad agency with absolutely no scruples. Its sole purpose is to spy on you and sell everything you say, do, and are to advertisers who will bombard you with ads to sell you junk you don’t need. Just like MDN, which is a Google AdSense customer.

          Apple seems to be unsure about how to counter Google, which seems to have won in the media marketplace. Apple used to be able to count on hardware sales, but Cook apparently thinks that’s not profitable enough and is now actively engaged in iAds and is using iCloud, Maps, Siri, and the Watch to datamine users as well. Start up a Mac and the number of times it pings home to tell Apple what you’re doing is just out of control. If you think your life is private on anyone’s network, including Apple’s, then you obviously haven’t read the user’s agreement.

          It is no surprise that Apple is not the media darling when it still charges money for hardware. The current generation is so brainwashed with Walmart disposable products, freebie privacy-invading adware, and social media narcissism. What’s horrible is that Cook is following Google, Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, et al in order to pander to Wall Street. He could, and should, use Apple’s enormous capabilities to offer an alternative that respects users. The first step would be to improve the user agreement and guarantee user privacy, and explain exactly how Apple does this. The next step would be to improve user preferences and controls in software and hardware. Lastly, Apple should actively advertise what makes them different.

          The biggest dissapointment with Cook is that he claims that Apple still “Thinks Different” when in fact it is following all the digital bad actors to datamine and serve ads rather than delight customers with superior products that guarantee security and privacy.

          If you think Apple is so vastly superior to Google, then you may want to educate yourself. The 2012 hacking of Wired Magazine’s Matt Honan:

          1. Mike: let’s clarify a few things.

            Privacy: don’t confuse privacy with security. All of these big companies mine data, including Apple. And all of them have world class security systems in place. What matters is, what they do with this data. Apple doesn’t sell your data. Apple doesn’t mine your data nearly to the degree that Google, Amazon, Facebook and others do- Apple doesn’t read your emails (Google does), Apple doesn’t read your messages (google does), Apple doesn’t listen to your conversations (Amazon Echo does), Apple doesn’t allow their apps or other apps to transfer information from one to the other without your permission (all of the others do), etc, etc. You can search for many more examples. Point is, Apple makes its money off of selling hardware. Everyone else makes its money off of your data- YOU, essentially. This is a fundamental difference in their respective business models.

            The upside for these companies is that their AI services tend to be more feature-rich and useful than apples services- compare Siri to Google Now and you’ll see the advantages that Google has here. Could Apple advance Siri to the point where it would surpass these other services? Probably. Siri has the same DNA as Viv. But this would diminish Apples quest to maintain your privacy. Do something other than a Google search to find the info- Google hides the results (use yahoo or Bing). That said, even if Apple or Google or Amazon’s servers are hacked, it makes me more comfortable that the private information contained on apples servers is much less in quantity and quality than that of the others.

            With all of the talk about the FBI, and by extension every government entity in the world, wanting access to the data contained on our devices and their servers, it firghtens me a bit that these other companies continue their march deeper and deeper into our personal lives. Can you imagine a time when the FBI acquires a warrant to obtain all of the information from your Amazon Echo? Or maybe this is why Google visited the White House 427 times during the course of obamas presidency? Or that google is the leading tech lobbying company? Yeah, not trusting Google.

            That said, I think Apple is very interested in developing a secure and robust AI platform which maintains privacy as well, as can be presumed by some of their acquisitions in the past few years.

            The problem is- your privacy. You linked an article to a hit piece on Apple. I suggest you do your research. Googles servers have been hacked quite a bit in the past.

    1. “Opportunity is the difference between perception and reality”. Instead of complaining, recognize this nonsense for what it is, and profit from it.

  2. Here is the knock on Apple (from a shareholder since 2001):

    Apple used to be a one trick pony dependent upon the Macintosh and now it is a one trick pony dependent upon the iPhone.

    Apple has ignored the Mac despite more than ample financial resources to do otherwise. Enterprise belongs to Red Hat and Microsoft – not Apple. Increasingly Apple is falling behind on computers as they see determined to turn it into a sealed consumer internet appliance.

    Apple has repeatedly shown that it is clueless regarding internet services- from the failure of Apple Music way back to eWorld and everything in between.

    Apple has turned the Apple Store from a place to discover new accessories and training on the Apple ecosystem into a showroom for iPhones that can easily be bought anywhere. I can buy a fucking Quadcopter at the Apple Store but not a Thunderbolt Dock for my Mac. Not very smart.

    The Apple apps are in a disarray and that is being mild. Photos is no replacement for Aperture, iTunes is a mess, Final Cut has long ago lost it’s advantage in the market, iWeb was abandoned…

    Note that the new iPad Pro is an attempt to morph the iPad into a Microsoft Surface type device. Pens, Cover Keyboards and just lacking a Kickstand…

    Apple has also went from being a debt free monster using money like a weapon to help suppliers to a debt laden company dependent upon financial engineering. The huge infrastructure that has developed at Apple is dependent upon continued huge iPhone sales at the huge margins they are used to. How long can Apple survive a downturn without massive layoffs and such?

    Wonder how long before Amazon passes Apple.

  3. Any way you look at it. Apple shareholders are totally screwed with Tim Cook running Apple. Whatever Apple does, Wall Street and tech critics automatically consider it a failure. There’s absolutely nothing to stop Apple’s stock price from going into a free-fall. Constantly boasting how cheap Apple is as a stock really seems rather foolish to me. All the smart big investors are buying Amazon because they know the stock is going to rise non-stop with Bezos at the helm. Tim Cook can only run Apple’s value into the ground. Apple can easily buyback all the shares they want with the share price tumbling daily. Believe me, Apple is the only entity buying Apple because no one else wants to be stuck with a losing investment. Apple is said to be a worse investment than Yahoo and that’s pretty bad. At this point a blind man could pick any tech stock and get better share price gains than what Apple is giving.

    Jeff Bezos must be at least 100X smarter than everyone at Apple and that’s really insulting to Apple shareholders. It’s hard to believe Apple ever had a market cap of $700B despite it happened only a short time ago. I really find it amazing how a CEO can quickly ruin a company but I remember Ed Zander was able to do it to Motorola in a relatively short time. Just destroy the company value from the inside out and before you realize it, there’s nothing left for shareholders.

  4. It’s only a start. The beleaguered Apple will find itself below Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, etc. within a year. Heck, Michael Dell may be right after all.

    Growth is the name of the game these days and Apple is way over valued compared to Facebook or Microsoft on PEG (PE to Growth) basis. Expect AAPL to be in the low 60s by year end if sales continue to shrink at an accelerated rate.

    T2 (timid tim) needs to give investors a good reason to hang around, other than taking a China trip, yapping nonsense on Cramer “the scammer” show, or whining and blaming his failure on the high dollar and tough economic environment. T2 could learn a thing or two from Zuckerberg, a true master, who have reported blowout earnings after earnings regardless of economic condition.

    I dumped AAPL early last year and bought FB and AMZN and haven’t stopped laughing and dancing all the way to the bank.

  5. Let the price get lower… I just added more today and if it goes lower tomorrow, I will add more then too… And remember… It’s buy low and sell high. They are a solid company that needs a good smack in the face like this. It’s healthy for them. If you’re always on top, you have nothing to strive for.

  6. I love how the naysayers are writing out their own theories.

    BTW Apple is doomed. Selling 50 millions iPhones in 90 days will not do it! The latest iPhone is failure…

    Gimme a break! Gimme a damn break!

    Back in the days, zealots mac fan were really giving substential thoughts. There were onto products details and fonctionnalities like bees working on a hive.

    Nowadays, mac fanboy are spitting their thoughts like a brainless ape and feel proud to be so… And yet they relate all the negative and never come up with what the others are doing better. Wanna know why? Because nobody is doing it like Apple…

    It is. Only. Stock. Manipulation.

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