WhatsApp launches for Mac and WIndows

“WhatsApp, the massively popular smartphone messaging app owned by Facebook Inc., is now available in a familiar place: your computer’s desktop,” Nathan Olivarez-Giles reports for MarketWatch.

“On Tuesday, WhatsApp released apps for Apple Inc.’s OS X for Mac computers, and Microsoft Corp.’s Windows,” Olivarez-Giles reports. “The app experience mimics what you get on the phone: You can send text, photos, video and audio files to friends and family. The reason people will download the app is that it brings over a key smartphone feature: live notifications, crucial for real-time chat.”

“WhatsApp is now present on every major OS,” Olivarez-Giles reports. “A fully cross-platform messaging service with more than 1 billion users worldwide could pose a threat to competitors, especially Apple’s iMessage and Microsoft’s Skype.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple should bring their iMessage service to more platforms by releasing their Messages app for Android and Windows. We’re looking forward to WWDC next month.

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  1. Don’t let it fool you. Whatsapp for Mac and Windows is just a web wrapper loading a web version of whatsapp web. Just like any other unofficial, 3rd party whatsapp desktop client, such as Franz and ChitChat.
    Also you need to make your whatsapp on your phone to be online for it to work.

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