ANZ welcomes Apple Pay in Australia with a funny new TV ad

ANZ welcomes Apple Pay in Australia with a new television commercial.

Apple Pay lets you use your Apple device in Australia to tap and pay with an eligible ANZ card.

“It’s a big deal.”

“For a fraction of a second.”

The contrast between Immediate‘s “Lacrimose Dominae” the store’s Musak after the completion of the Apple Pay transaction is a nice touch.

Direct link to video here.

MacDailyNews Take: Great ad!

Apple expands Apple Pay in Australia with ANZ bank deal – April 28, 2016

[Attribution: The Loop. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Brawndo Drinker” for the heads up.]


    1. I would never use the words petrol, lorry or aluminium, so I sure as heck wouldn’t say “zed” like you redcoats. Well, unless Kate asked me to.

    2. You are of Eastern European origin, not English, yet you enjoy licence to make fun of assimilated Americans who depart from “proper” English usage. Language is truly a funhouse of mirrors. At least it has not yet become another seething cauldron of tribal dissension leading to war.

      1. Thouché!

        I am just a fan of those regional variants, such as the ones down under. While the land of Oz is charming (where ‘right’ is almost ‘royt’), the ‘Kiwis’ are even more fun (where ‘left’ becomes almost ‘leeft’)…

        My own accent, while distinctly foreign, has the inflexion, not to mention vocabulary, of the New World, for sure.

          1. Admission: It was a gang of ladies I know who swoon over the Kiwi accent. Meanwhile, one passionate quote I found on the net:

            I think an Irish woman speaking English is the most sensual sound there is around. Italian and American Southern would be right behind the Irish. – mgenet

            AND Irish won this poll:

            Favorite Accents of People Speaking the English Language

            As for you, I strongly suspect you turn it off and on according to occasion and circumstance. Go on! Admit it! 😉

            1. There is a certain lilt to my talk and a high emphasis to what I’m sayin’ that gets me the goods, to be sure. Men fall for it and I can hardly blame them, as I’m in love with meself. – Molly Bloom

    1. In Australia it’s the other way around. Here, almost all retailers have tap payment infrastructure and we’re waiting for Apple Pay to be offered by the banks.

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