Living with Apple Watch for one year

“I liked the Watch from the start, I got used to it from the start, it fitted into my working life just immediately from the start, yet it was hard to explain how. It still is,” William Gallagher writes for MacNN. “A year on, I can enthuse at you about how much I like it, and I still find people remarking on it, much to my startled surprise now, yet defining why is tough. More than that, it’s impossible.”

“So when I took it off for, oh, I think it might have been something like 168 hours, no minutes and 13 seconds, approximately, I could’ve found it easy,” Gallagher writes. “I didn’t. I really didn’t. Yet again, there wasn’t one single thing — though the fact that I had to answer texts on my phone again was a pronounced niggle. What’s more, the week I took it off was in July last year, and that was before watchOS 2. So there were no apps worth speaking of on the phone, yet I missed it immensely. Just immensely.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: If you don’t yet have an Apple Watch, you’re missing out.

As we explained last month, we’ve had our Apple Watches on our wrists since Friday, April 24, 2015.

Here’s what we use our Watches for in order of usage:

1. Time
2. Temperature
3. Fitness
4. Music while running/working out
5. Alarms
6. Weather forecast
7. Sports scores
8. Stock prices
9. Timers
10. Turn-by-turn navigation
11. Quick texts (mainly replies, Siri works remarkably well for dictation)
12. Quick news via 3rd party news apps
13. Apple Pay
14. Apple TV Remote
15. Basic email (reading, deleting, marking unread)

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    1. Aye, I imagine finding uses for something you spent a huge amount of cash on is awesome.

      While arguably a bit more convenient than using the phone for the same tasks, the items on MDN’s list are all things done without complaint using the phone directly, and the majority require the phone to be with you anyway.

      It’s an expensive wrist-remote for a phone. I’m staying tuned for the first unique/desirable feature.

      Rose Gold is not a feature.

  1. Ive only recently realised I can control my Apple TV from my watch and it’s absolutely fucking awesome.

    Sounds cool. Can you use voice control? I won’t buy unles, it can do Dick Tracy. I posted more under May 4th Jony Ive discusses the future of Apple watch.
    Btw. I could control All ac devices: Tv Lights, Dimming of lights, stereo….in 1979 !!!!!
    That’s with a Radio Shack TRS-80 programed in BASIC, and using something called a VoxBox.

  2. Mine is also essential . One of the more interesting apps that I have is Blink which notifies me immediately of any activation of a wireless video security system in a vacation home . I called the cops from several hundred miles away to deal with one unwanted intrusion !

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