Why Apple’s iPhone 7 doesn’t have to be a ‘disappointment’

“Yes, it’s time to start talking about the iPhone 7,” Oscar Raymundo writes for Macworld.

“Rumors have already begun to surface about Apple’s forthcoming iPhone. We’re expected to get a dual camera, a Smart Connector, and no headphone jack,” Raymundo writes. “However, analysts are cautious, saying that the iPhone 7 will be very similar to the iPhone 6s and that the new model “won’t have many attractive selling points” because Apple is saving all its groundbreaking features for the 2017 iPhone.”

“But Apple doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel with the iPhone 7 to give us an improved smartphone that’s still worthy of an upgrade,” Raymundo writes. “In this week’s iPhone Show, we look at three subtle but important features that could save the iPhone 7 from being a total disappointment.”

[protected-iframe id=”8fbf26f0b4545b4f9400061b3e584031-17146794-18685410″ info=”//players.brightcove.net/2576146830001/07994121-abfb-47a1-b53f-be15f46488fe_default/index.html?videoId=4875606911001″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=””]

Direct link to video here.

MacDailyNews Take: Even with their ill-conceieved “S” model naming scheme, Apple has never released a new iPhone that wasn’t compelling (iPhone 5c excepted, of course, since it wasn’t a “new” iPhone, but rather an old iPhone repackaged unapologetically in plastic of odd color choices).

We are quite confident that the “iPhone 7” will be a very compelling device, as will “iPhone 8” which, hopefully, will follow iPhone 7 directly in 2017. Death to the “S.”


  1. The analysts have already decided that it “won’t have many attractive selling points”, despite the fact that they have absolutely no reliable information about it at all.

    For instance, rumours suggest that it will definitely not have a headphone jack, but more recent rumours state that it definitely will. I’m prepared to wager that at least one of those rumours is wrong.

  2. Why all the MDN hate for the 5c? I liked the idea of the “unapologetically plastic” iPhone. It was damage resistant in a way the metal encased iPhone was not. And it was good looking compared to the many horrid iPhone cases people choose to cover their phones with.

    The problem of the 5c was not its plastic case but the fact that Apple chose to pack it with older electronics. It was an opportunity lost to really push a robust case design and get rid need many felt for an ugly case on their iPhone.

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