A letter of thanks to Apple, from a grateful dad

“Earlier this evening I got a call from my son, I could hear voices in the background so I just thought he had butt dialed me. I called back, planning to ask my son what his butt wanted,” davidahouse writes for Medium. “No answer. Strange.”

“A few minutes later he called again. He couldn’t hear me, but I could hear him. He said ‘I’m not sure if you can hear me, but I’m at Kennestone Hospital ER.’ He repeated that several times and eventually the call ended,” davidahouse writes. “I called the ER and eventually found out he was in a car accident… He sounded OK on the phone, so I knew it wasn’t TOO bad.”

“We got to the hospital to find him with 10+ stitches in his face. He looked pretty bad, but was OK. Then he gave us the rest of the story,” davidahouse writes. “His phone was smashed. The screen wasn’t even attached to the iPhone.”

Smashed Apple iPhone after a car accident still works
Smashed Apple iPhone after a car accident still works

“When he was at the hospital, he couldn’t remember my phone number, or anyones number really. He was trying to figure how how to contact someone… anyone,” davidahouse writes. “He grabbed the phone with no screen, then he pressed the home button. He felt it try to vibrate and just said ‘Call Dad.’ After what seemed like minutes, he heard ‘Calling Dad.’ Siri never sounded so good. That is the call I got where I could hear him. Siri worked. The iPhone microphone worked. Amazing.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple build quality.

If it’s not an iPhone, it’s not an iPhone.

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      1. You show an adroit understanding of current economic conditions and cyclical device markets effecting EVERYONE. NOT. Wall Street thinks AAPL is one quarter away from total collapse. Maybe 10 years from now when Apple is bigger than ever they will realize their mistake and missed opportunities.

        1. Mostly all big investors believe Amazon’s amazing growth will reverse Amazon’s and Apple’s market cap positions within the next ten years and maybe within the next five years.

          Think of Amazon’s growth rate like the mighty Amazon River and Apple’s growth rate like an old man’s prostate-strangled pee stream.

          Jeff Bezos not only owns Amazon, but now he also owns Apple. The worm has turned and is going to eat the bird. What tablets are Wall Street now praising? Not the iPads but the Amazon Kindles. When it’s looking bad for Apple, the news media makes it even worse.

        2. There will always be a market for cheap and good enough. Actually most of the praise I see is for the iPad Pro. Amazon devices come with lots of caveats and talk about a closed ecosystem! Amazon Fire tablet reviews are more along the lines of “Average performance. Somewhat grainy display. Lackluster camera” but it’s only $49 and just like PC’s many folks can get by with cheap & craptastic. Apple is tempting clickbait and the more negative the article the better for them.

      2. Kuli Kula: If you had watched WallNut Street over the past few years, you’d know that ever since Apple became the single most profitable company in human history, every vulture with working wings has come out of the woodwork praying for the company to drop dead. It’s all about feasting on computer carrion, not anything sane, logical or insightful.

        If you check out this site link, you’ll find that Apple doom mongering is nothing new:

        Apple Death Knell Counter

        I chalk it up to the fact that Apple deliberately breaks the conformity rules of mediocre, unimaginative, self-destructive, customer-hating companies in our age of capitalism decay. Compare: Apple vs Microsoft, for example.

      3. Stock prices have nothing to do with a company’s performance as a provider of goods/services.

        Stock prices are divorced from reality and are little more than a form of legalized gambling. It’s not gambling only if you know something that would allow you to profit from the buying/selling of a stock… and if you know any such thing, that is insider trading.

  1. This is exactly the value that Apple shines at. It’s not a quantitative stock number but a qualitative aspect that empowers people to be their best, even under states of duress.

    It takes a real leader to aim and attain that sort of quality.

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