Apple’s profit during ‘horrible’ quarter exceeds combined earnings of Alphabet, Facebook, and Microsoft

John Gruber writes for Daring Fireball, “Some much needed perspective on Apple’s first year-over-year quarterly sales drop since 2003, from Daisuke Wakabayashi for the WSJ: ‘Apple’s revenue and profit for the fiscal second quarter ended March 26 both missed analysts’ expectations. The company also projected that revenue in the current quarter would fall far short of expectations.'”

“Wakabayashi continues: ‘But for all of the concerns about Apple’s growth, the company still generated profits in the March quarter that are expected to exceed the combined earnings of technology peers Alphabet Inc., Facebook Inc., and Inc.,'” Gruber writes. “Amazon isn’t expected to announce results until Thursday, and they famously strategically forgo profit for the sake of revenue growth. So let’s take them out and replace them with a company with a history of enormous profits, Microsoft.”

Gruber writes, “It’s still true: with $10.5 billion in profit, Apple earned more in the quarter than Alphabet ($4.2B), Facebook ($1.5B), and Microsoft ($3.8B) combined.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Perspective is a wonderful thing.

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    1. C’mon, man. Don’t you know that Cook’s primary goal should be to manipulate the stock price for “investors”? The long term goals of the company pale in comparison to the short term portfolio gains of those people.

      1. I’m an investor in AAPL and am very happy with how Tim Cook is performing.

        He’s taking a long term view, which is absolutely what investors such as myself want. On the other hand, speculators are only looking for short term gains.

        I’ve been investing in AAPL for well over than ten years now and have seen many occasions when people predict doom and gloom for Apple and the stock price takes a dive, but it’s alway bounced back again and on many occasions, I’ve been able to take advantage of the nonsense and buy additional shares at the low prices created by speculators.

          1. I wrote “your family” bloodypeter. It’s clear that you have no perception of the obvious. I understand, Apple fanboys are truly the least advanced and intelligent of humans. It’s not your fault, you are a product of poor genetics.

  1. Predicting Apple doom ‘n gloom has always been a fool’s reasoning bet. Watch the specious Apple Hating vermin scatter on the next great quarter – temporarily anyway. (Punxsutawney Phil has better analytical skills than these wretched & woebegone examples of humanity.)

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