U.S. presidential campaign ad salutes Steve Jobs, says ‘Vote different’

“John McAfee — the cybersecurity legend and now Libertarian party candidate — has released a video ad on YouTube which encourages Americans to ‘‘Vote Different,'” Steve Morgan reports for Forbes.

“The Apple ad — which achieved cult status — has clips of humanitarians and beloved people including Albert Einstein, Bob Dylan, Martin Luther King, John Lennon, Muhammad Ali, Mahatma Gandhi, Jim Henson, and Amelia Earhart,” Morgan reports. “In McAfee’s video, he echoes Jobs by saying ‘People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.’ The video — which promotes McAfee’s candidacy — features clips of famous entrepreneurs including Elon Musk, Richard Branson, John Mackey, and Peter Thiel… but diverges with footage of people smoking marijuana, a photo of Eric Snowden, and clips of controversial figures Ron Paul, Aaron Swartz, and Jeffrey Tucker.”

Morgan reports, “When asked about the Apple ad, McAfee replied ‘Steve Jobs was a friend and mentor whom I miss more than I can say. His exquisitely beautiful soliloquy – to the crazy ones – touched my heart when I first heard it, and now, years later it’s meaning is deeper and more profound. I chose it as the theme for my campaign video, hoping that if Steve were still alive he would approve of his words being used to address the disaffected of this great nation, in the hopes of galvanizing the public behind the sentiments that Jobs so eloquently expressed – Liberty, individuality and human dignity.'”

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    1. That’s why this ad is so awesome. This election had its first Libertarian debate aired on national television. My hope (a.k.a. Vote) is that in this election the Libertarian party begins to gain traction and erodes away the two party system and the idea that not voting for one of the “big two” is throwing away your vote.

      My deepest thanks and respect to the Libertarian candidate.

  1. I think he’s using it disingenuously. The libertarian platform is pretty anarchical and on the opposite end of a far left utopia. Any kind of adherence to a complete ayn rand ideal would be disastrous for the country, society isn’t ready for something like that.

    There are some libertarian ideas that make sense, like the individual liberty argument. But the privitaztion of everything, and abolishing all social programs, all taxation, and basically all government, is not a very good idea. Read the 1980 libertarian platform and see how ridiculous it is, and it hasn’t changed much since.

    Steve was a capitalist and very liberal but he didn’t think the government should be abolished. And I think John mcafee is one of these billionaires who wants their own separate society.

  2. My thoughts:
    • One ad does not a rational platform make.
    • Using other peoples images and reputations does not make you the same.
    • Ayn Rand was full of shit as a source of public policy.

    1. Ayn Rand ended up on Social Security for which she was eternally grateful.
      Ayn Rand wrote fiction (badly). That bad fiction became neocon orthodoxy.
      I would vote for anyone in that ad except for the candidate.
      We’re just going to hell in a bucket
      But at least I’m enjoying the ride.

      1. Ayn Rand was smart in at least one way:
        Turns out that greedy ruthless people who step on others to make a lot of money LOVE having a book that tells them that’s OK. They’ll pay for that book, for sure.

    1. Considering the comments so far, there’s not much chance of that happening.

      Just the usual status quo commentary of extremists (from both ends of the political spectrum) who self-deludedly believe themselves to be moderates, and who can’t wrap their limited minds around anything outside of their narrow vision. The limited mindset of whatever their political perspective may be leads them to believe that freedom means you should be able to do X, but not Y; or that you should be able to do Y, but not X.

      They don’t realize that freedom actually means you can do just X, or just Y, or X and Y, or neither.

      Guess they don’t care for the responsibility that freedom demands.

  3. Sounds like a bunch of Ds and Rs who here cannot conceive of voting for another party that isn’t in the business of screwing the public. The current Democratic and Republican parties have given us the following:

    – A government that gets bigger and bigger
    – Wars everywhere
    – Welfare programs that now support 50+% of the population
    – Spying on citizens and arresting whistleblowers
    – A government that is so deeply in debt that it will never again be solvent

    If you want this to continue, then vote for Trump or Hillary. But if you might be thinking things never seem to change and only get worse no matter which party is in charge, maybe you should consider voting for a different party, whether it be Libertarians, Green Party, or whatever.

    Personally I think McAfee is a bit of flake, but I give him credit for putting together a great commercial. Like Apple said a long time ago, Think Different. That also applies in the voting booth.

    1. I disagree with your point about the commenters this time. Although your point about both parties is valid.

      It’s just that the libertarian platform is basically nuts. We would have no social services, no economic security, even garbage pick up would be privatized, etc…

      Unless you’re already rich, this type of platform has absolutely no benefit, and creates massive anarchy. A good test case is Somalia. It’s just plain silly to take your policy idea from a fiction writer who spent her life eviscerating government, and then used every safety net service once she got older.

      Libertarianism isn’t a governing philosophy, it’s just a response to government. But like I said some of the individual liberty arguments make sense, but that’s it.

    2. You’d be well served to take your own advice, lumping Trump in with the GOP shows that you haven’t been paying attention. “Thinking different” means voting for open borders nation killers or neo-communists? Give me a break.

  4. But this isn’t Thinking Different ..it’s just plagiarism, straight copying, using someone else’s text (..and some similar imagery..) because the person(s) using it have no bright ideas of their own. It’s piggy-backing on someone else’s – uncredited – ideas.

    It’s, essentially, theft.

  5. Pretty inspiring ad, I liked the addition of Ayn Rand…a victim of the Russian revolution whose family lost everything, came to America and became a very successful writer. Also, a personal hero, Edward Snowden, was included.

  6. So they chose a government program to show what can be accomplished when they oppose that very type of program. They know voters are too stupid to pick up on that.

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