Death reported in Apple conference room

“A man was found dead in a conference room on Apple’s Cupertino campus Wednesday morning,” KTVU reports. “Santa Clara Sheriff Sgt. Andrea Urena says authorities responded to the call at 8:35 a.m. When they arrived, the man was dead at the scene.”

“There are reports the man’s death was a suicide. Sgt. Urena did not confirm those reports, but did say they are not searching for suspects in the man’s death,” KTVU reports. “According to TMZ a dispatch call shows a female employee was involved in some sort of argument. When deputies arrived, they found the woman injured and another person dead. TMZ is also reporting a gun may have been involved. Sgt. Urena would not comment on that report. ”

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“A Sheriff spokesperson says the person found dead was a Hispanic male who worked at Apple … there was no one else involved,” TMZ reports. “It’s still unclear why officers said there was a female with a head wound in the dispatch audio.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Awful.


  1. Where’s the usual anti-Tim Cook Doofus Brigade take on this today? Surely this is also all Tim Cook’s fault among the cluelesserati. I look forward to their dark, specious, portents explanations befitting proper half-wits.

    1. That’s almost funny. Could a fanatical Android devotee experience such an epiphany, and be driven by guilt or existential angst to do himself in? — within the very offices of the chief competition?

      This is clearly a case for Lieutenant Columbo. “Uh, excuse me, Sir… there’s just one more thing…”

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