Analyst: iPhone 7 set to be a disappointment, as Apple holds back for iPhone 8

“Apple is going to hold back its major iPhone innovations, saving them for release in 2017, the iPhone’s tenth birthday, according to a reliable analyst,” Cara McGoogan reports for The Telegraph. “”

“The next iteration of Apple’s flagship product, the iPhone 7, will not have ‘many attractive selling points,’ according to Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at KGI Securities who has been called the “best Apple analyst on the planet,'” McGoogan reports. “Kuo said that the iPhone 7 will look very similar to the iPhone 6 and 6S. The main innovations will probably be wireless charging, a better camera, longer battery life and the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack.”

MacDailyNews Take: Those features right there belie the “disappointing” tag. There’s a significant upgrade that most any iPhone user would appreciate.

McGoogan reports, “Kuo predicts the scaled-up Plus version will have an even better camera, and Apple could release a third ‘Pro’ model called the iPhone 7 DC, which will feature a dual-lens camera and a magnetic smart connector.”

MacDailyNews Take: We’ll be ordering several as soon as they are available.

“Kuo expects that Apple will change its naming convention and release an overhauled iPhone 8 in 2017,” McGoogan reports. “The iPhone 8 will mark the tenth birthday of the device, and will be made entirely from glass, rather than the aluminium of the latest handsets. It will also have an OLED display and a thick aluminium band around the body.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: “Glass,” which has already been done by Jony Ive, or “bulk metallic glass” (i.e. Liquidmetal)? BIG difference.

After all, the timeframe would be right:

I estimate that Apple will likely spend on the order of $300 million to $500 million — and three to five years — to mature the technology before it can used in large scale. — Dr. Atakan Peker, one of the Caltech researchers who invented Liquidmetal, May 2012

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  1. If its not Liquidmetal by end of 2017, yet there WILL be a substantial body redesign including the material, then when the hell will it be used… certainly not for a couple more years thereafter it would inevitably seem. In that case it would rapidly become increasingly irrelevant in the market place, as one would presume by then others would have perceived similar exotic materials to boast of nullifying its effect in the market. I would say that just will not happen, but as things have gone a tad glacial at Apple I am no longer quite so confident.

  2. Thank goodness we have these experts to tell us how miserable and disappointed we should be with Apple. Otherwise I might continue to enjoy using my very old iPhone while I anticipate replacing it with an iPhone 7 later this year. Instead, I will be unhappy and miserable knowing that the 7 isn’t not that great. Lucky for me!?!?!?

  3. Read the article for this amazing insight…
    “The iPhone 8 will mark the tenth birthday of the device, and will be made entirely from glass, rather than the aluminium of the latest handsets. It will also have an OLED display and a thick aluminium {sic] band around the body.”

    This guy must have more insight than Jony Ive as to precisely what the iPhone 8 will look like!

  4. It never ceases to fascinate how there is literally no discussion about Samsung Galaxy 8 or 9, when it will come out, what features it will have and how much it will disappoint Samsung users, but for Apple, the frenzy never dies down…

    What fascinates me the most is how adept these analysts are at pulling stuff out of their anus and presenting it as good as fact. Regardless of the percentage of their target audience that actually accepts these pieces of excrement (I guess that’s what one calls things that come out of someone’s @$$), and that percentage is likely rather high, these ‘predictions’ do have a tendency to be treated as ‘actionable data’ by those who trade with AAPL stock. In other words, when Kuo says something about AAPL, people who buy and sell stocks will buy (or sell) AAPL.

    This is as accurate as tea leaves. Yet, these people get paid good money. I suppose, when no other source of reliable information exists, you take whatever comes your way, even if it is as absurdly wild of a guess as is this.

    1. It’s called Samsung marketing. They must be paying a lot for these iPhone 7 is going to suck, but the iPhone 8 will be better “rumors”. Samdung’s recently released flagship is already buy one get another one free. This means sales aren’t that spectacular. All the air must of been sucked out of their launch when the FBI reminded everybody that the iPhone is secure.

      1. Also, the SE is convincing many former Android users to make the switch to the iPhone. It seems like the anti-Apple articles/marketing/blog trolls have increased by about 400% since the SE was introduced. I also think many Android users are tired of Android’s lack of security, non existent updates and overall product quality. The SE could be the tipping point, and these Android manufacturers are attenpting to stop the bleeding by spreading dirty noise. These Android manufacturers also might be thinking that many of the people who purchased an Android phone in 2013-2014 are planning on switching to the iPhone in the Fall.

    2. I can’t understand your lack of understanding. When, in all of human history, has shamanism been rejected in favour of rational explanations? I say, never.

      Predrag, we do not live in an enlightened age, any more than previous generations have done. Neurologically, we are still cave dwellers, our primitive needs unmitigated by our capacity for transcendent experiences—kinship, science, religion. The only real difference between us and them is better clothing and more ingenious excuses for bad behaviour.

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