Apple’s amazing iPad Pro, your new enterprise PC

“Over the past few years, we’ve been redefining what it means to use computers at work,” David Gewirtz reports for ZDNet. “From the ubiquitous tower machine of the last decade, we’ve moved to a highly mobile environment where many of us use laptops as our primary work machine when in the office, and a combination of phones, tablets, and laptops when on the go.”

“In single-threaded applications (which includes most general workflow sorts of apps), the iPad Pro beats both the MacBook and MacBook Pro,” Gewirtz reports. “Enterprise desktop-worthy verdict: Yes. From a performance point of view, the iPad Pro can be considered every bit as desktop-worthy as Apple’s OS X notebooks.”

“The iPad Pro is, with the possible exception of the pointing device, every bit as desktop-worthy as most laptops,” Gewirtz reports. “In fact, if you add in the pencil and the fact that you can get an iPad Pro with built-in cellular, in some ways, the iPad Pro is even more worthy for production work than the PCs and Macs we’ve been using.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: And, if you’re still not sold, there’s always MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro from which to choose!

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  1. I work in a government organization and am the only one that uses a Mac. A coworker uses the 12″ iPad Pro and absolutely love it. I think he’s requesting to get rid of his PC and use the iPad exclusively.
    But we’re the only 2 Apple people there anyway 😁

    1. It’s funny you said that because I was just about to say that, if you can do your job with just an iPad, you probably work in a brain-dead government job.

      1. Indeed Russ is right, because that is one of the most deluded, out of touch and yes, brain dead comments I have read on here and hell has there been a boatload to choose from vying for the gold medal. If that’s your thinking it might be worth your while checking the job adverts because sometime in the future something more suitable to your outmoded thinking may be appropriate. Street vendor perhaps.

  2. If you can replace your work machine with an iPad Pro then I’d wager you have a pretty simply and straight forward work flow.

    I still need a truck and my mac book pro is an excellent one!

  3. I’m unfortunately in an industry stuck in the dark ages of computing – most of the software required to do my job on a daily basis is available for Windoze only. And too small a niche market to worth anyone considering moving it to Mac. I’ll keep dreaming of using a Mac at work. (iPad, though, is actually already an option for some of the “field” work related to what I do. Go figure!)

  4. We own a large nightclub and have been 100% Apple for over 2 years now.
    -All 10 of our POS systems are now iPad based Square terminals; they’re amazingly fast to use which is important, and easy to program.
    -Both Sound System computers are Macs: Macbook Pro and an iMac.
    -Security uses iPhone with Honeywell Hardware scanner for ID checking and VIP/Ban List software.
    -Security System and ATM are connected thru an airport express off of iPad personal hotspot for always on secure connectivity.
    -Management all connected to these systems with iPhones,
    -Most employees over 3/4 have iPhones as well, which works great for training videos sent via iMessage (employees not on iOs have to come in for longer form videos)

  5. The hardware of my iPad Pro is good enough as a PC replacement. However, the software (iOS) is not. Handling of files is still cumbersome. Still lack of a decent file system. Make a PDF from a file or website is possible but to difficult. Printing capabilities are also very limited.
    The best software feature is making note in OneNote with the Apple Pencil.
    For me my IPad Pro is not a replacement yet.

  6. Unfortunately, many enterprise programs require Windows. That is just the hard truth. A bitter pill to swallow, but it is what it is, and please don’t start about how businesses should just switch everything to Mac and OSX and iOS. Ain’t gonna happen.

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