Tips for the new Apple TV you’ve probably never used

“Apple packs all kinds of features inside every iOS device and Apple TV really is no exception,” Jonny Evans writes for “From hidden menus to amazing Siri Remote talents to super-easy ways to navigate between on-screen items, this short collection of tips will have you getting much more from your Apple set-top-box in hardly any time at all.”

“That Apple Siri Remote can do all kinds of things,” Evans writes. “For example, did you know that a quick swipe down on the remote while watching video will enable you to do all kinds of cool things, including switching on captions, navigating through chapters and more.”

“Apple TV has a secret advanced settings menu. Aimed at developers and tech support specialists, these controls aren’t much use to most people but if you want to take a look at it you’ll find it by pressing the Play/Pause button four times when in Settings > Software Updates, all will then be revealed,” Evans writes. “The fastest way to navigate between your active apps on Apple TV is simply to double-click the Home button on your Apple Siri Remote. This will open up the multitasking screen where you can switch quickly to the app you need. ”

Nine more tips for the new Apple TV in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: A lot of functionality is sort of hidden with Apple TV and the Siri Remote. Explore – you might be surprised how much is there.

FYI: We get this one a lot: To put Apple TV in Sleep mode, just press and hold the Home button, then select Sleep. (You can also go to Settings, scroll down, and select Sleep Now.)


  1. The fastest way to navigate apps is probably using Siri to launch them. Press the button, “Open Plex” is probably faster than double clicking the home button and navigating to Plex in the multitask view.

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