Controlling Apple TV with your Apple Watch is a sublime experience

“You can control your Apple TV right from your wrist using the Remote app on Apple Watch,” Lori Gil writes for iMore.

“With the Remote app on your iPhone, you can navigate and interact with content on your Apple TV to your heart’s content — and the Apple Watch is no different. You can swipe through your Home screen content, pause and play movies, and control music,” Gil writes. “The Remote app is installed by default on your Apple Watch: All you have to do is set it up and start using it.”

Gil writes, “If you have already turned on Home Sharing via your iPhone’s Remote app, you won’t have to do a thing: It should automatically connect all your computers and Apple TVs together with any libraries linked to your Apple ID.”

Everything you need to know about using the Apple Watch Remote app with Apple TV here.

MacDailyNews Take: We missed it when we lost it with the (unlabeled beta) launch of the new Apple TV and having Apple Watch control of our Apple TVs once again is indeed sublime.


  1. So it’ll be just like the remote, but five times as slow 🙂
    I have an Apple TV, and I have an Apple Watch, but I’m not even going to try this. I like my watch, and don’t at all regret buying it, but it’s definitely first-gen. “Responsive” is not a word to describe it.

  2. The Remote app on my Watch still won’t connect to iTunes even after a reset. Maybe I have a defective unit? It worked sporadically before (as did the Camera app), but now it just won’t connect at all.

  3. My favourite feature of using the Apple Watch is that once you’ve started using it, when you raise your wrist the remote app is immediately displayed (similar to how the directions are shown or the fitness app when you’re in the middle of those activities). It seems like if you’ve started a movie or tv show using the Apple Watch app, it will automatically show up when you raise your wrist so long as there is something playing on the Apple TV.. I’m sure there is some additional calculations involved as to when and for how long that remains.

  4. The problem with the Apple remote, as well as the apps on the phone and the watch is the touch pad part. It is a marvelous engineering tour-de-force, and we should congratulate the team that devised it, but I don’t find it useful. It does too much. It will go more than one space at a time without tactile feedback and It can go diagonally, which is meaningless to the UI. You can squeeze the edges or the top, but if you aren’t precise, it might cause additional things to happen that you didn’t intend;

    The remote feels the same right-side up and upside down, which means that, to operate it, you have to use it in bright light and take your eyes away from the screen. If you pick it up and it’s upside down, the palm of your hand will operate the touch pad, like it or not. Something as simple as making the remove narrower at the bottom and wider at the top would solve a multitude or problems.

    So I gave up. I programmed my TV remove for the Apple TV. I lose Siri, but I gain the ability to turn the set on and off and to mute the sound. Since it doesn’t have a trackpad, I can feel the buttons without doing anything by accident. I can also use it in the dark.

    Kudos to the designers! This is a great proof of concept, but now that you’ve proven the concept, can you make us an Apple Remote with buttons?

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