Apple Music debuts new Taylor Swift television commercial

Apple has debuted a new television commercial featuring Taylor Swift lip-syncing “The Middle” by the American alternative rock band Jimmy Eat World, released in November 2001.

Propelled by Swift’s commercial, the song has already popped to #53 on Apple’s iTunes Store song sales!

On first viewing, as per the producers’ intention we assume, we did think, given Swift’s last Apple Music spot where she fell flat on her face on the treadmill, that she was bound to fall into that bathtub at the end.

Direct link to video here.

MacDailyNews Take: Swift has some power! Any song she decides to lip-sync can be propelled right back up the charts!

Ah, would that she had chosen the next song on her playlist: “Welcome to the Back Parade” by My Chemical Romance, instead. That would have been something to behold.

Taylor Swift’s Apple Music commercial spurred 431% jump in sales for Drake – April 7, 2016


  1. One thing that will never end is the general ill will people will have towards mega pop stars. Taylor Swift is talented, and in this day and age refreshingly honest and simple. Maybe some people would prefer to go back to Madonna. Not me. Great ad! Go Apple! Go Taylor!

    1. Overexposure does that to corporate pop stars.

      “Bad Blood”, one of the worst songs ever played on the radio, was the end of the line for me.

      NOT A FAN.

      1. I might be old, but I ain’t bitter. Gonna turn 65 soon and I was blasting her 1989 album on the way home from work today. This girl kicks butt! Oh, and I like Lady Gaga too. So there.

  2. If you are going to pick a song off Bleed American, please for the love of god choose “Sweetness” over “the middle”. It is a much better song, and a lot moe fun to sing…would have made for better show at least.

  3. I hope Apple wasn’t stupid enough to pay big bucks to this mega filthy rich prima donna for basically something I’ve been doing in front of my bathroom mirror when I’m getting ready to go out on the town. Only I’m holding my razor.

    1. I think it is quite evident, from this video, that this “filthy rich” young woman is clearly no prima donna.

      When literally all mega stars of popular music exhibit egos the size of Mount Rushmore, it is quite refreshing to see that this one has no problem lip-syncing to (not even actually singing) somebody else’s song, unapologetically getting into it, completely digging it.

      Her doing this singlehandedly elevated the popularity of heretofore unknown obscure band practically into the mainstream. I am having a hard time remembering ANY other popular artist doing something like this, ever before. If there are such artists, they are very few and far between.

      1. I love the last few Apple commercials, pop stars like Taylor Swift and Kobe Bryant poking fun at themselves. It’s a humanising touch, sure to raise a smile. Except for the more crotchety amongst us. I look forward to more like this.

    2. As for paying big bucks, it is quite clear to anyone with a functioning brain that paying Taylor Swift to promote the iPhone is a golden investment. She is a mega star, with hundreds of millions of adoring fans. While they may be considered sheep by some (as are we by Fandroids and Windows dorks, mind you), they buy phones, and they listen to what their idol Taylor Swift has to say.

      I can’t think I know a single song of hers, but, as a few others above, I have nothing but respect for her intelligence.

      1. As I her.

        And when I say prima donna, I mean the faux sultry sexy eye roll garbage. Yeah, like that’s how she is at all times. Give me a break.

        And I got my iPhone long before, with no need of Taylor Swift or anyone else to enhance my purchasing decision.

  4. I’m no fan, but I will admit that I liked her more when she was doing “real music”, even though it was country then. Her stuff today? Total sell out, and not worth the 1s and 0s it is recorded on.

    She is fairly easy on the eyes, though. And seems to be an overall decent person. Filthy rich? Sure. Prima donna? Not to me, and certainly not like some. Nazi Barbie? I don’t see that at all.

  5. She’s a very talented young girl – I don’t own a single song of hers. She seems to do right by her fans – I could care less how much money she gets paid. I think the “bitter, frustrated, aged” shoe fits a little too well. I didn’t go to Woodstock, I was on the wrong coast. I’m just down the road from Coachella and couldn’t be tempted – no thanks. Apparently she has a pretty good sense of humor. What’s the problem?

    “Hey you – blondie – get the heck off of my Retina.” Grrr, damn pop divas dancing everywhere, smiling like they’re loving life…grrr.

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