Apple, FBI return to Congress to spar over encryption

“Apple has been asked by Chinese authorities within the last two years to hand over its source code but refused to do so, the company’s top lawyer told U.S. lawmakers at a hearing on Tuesday,” Dustin Volz reports for Reuters.

“Apple general counsel Bruce Sewell made the statement in response to a line of attack from law enforcement officials who have attempted to portray Apple as complicit in handing over information to Chinese authorities for business reasons while refusing to cooperate with U.S. requests for access to private data in criminal investigations,” Volz reports.

“Earlier in the hearing before a House Energy and Commerce subcommittee, Captain Charles Cohen, commander in the Indiana State Police, repeated the suggestion that Apple has quietly cooperated with Beijing. But when pressed by Representative Anna Eshoo, a California Democrat, for the source of that claim, Cohen only cited news reports,” Volz reports. “‘That takes my breath away,’ a visibly frustrated Eshoo said. ‘That is a huge allegation.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: “Cohen only cited news reports.” Typical.

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  1. Hero of the day goes to Representative Anna Eshoo of California. Bozo of the day goes to Indiana State Police Chief Cohen. If you cannot cite a real source why the hell try to bring up a falsehood. Could he be charged with lying to Congress? Could Apple sue the crap out of him for defamation? People I used to respect…damn!

    1. Bozo of the day indeed. I wonder what brilliant mind thought it would be a good idea to bring this amateur in front of Congress to testify? Seriously, if you’re about to go in front of Congress you better have your all facts straight and all your ducks in a row. What a terrible representative of law enforcement.

  2. Talk about smear and slander and attempts to ruin someone’s reputation without a shred of decent evidence. Reminds of one of the Iraq escapades…”Oh but Bin Laden was involved in 9-11 and we have to invade somebody, WHHHHHHHAAAAA if we don’t get our way we’ll torture people.”

    Anyway that Captain Charles “only cites news reports” Cohen should get the GWBushwacker mental of honor for such a patriot act in ensure the security of his nation, while at the same time receive an international arrest warrant for being such a threat to global security.

    Oh and since it looks like someone actually believe the jouranalistic reports coming out of that nation he should get a moron prize as well.

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