Nikkei: Apple extends iPhone production cut for another quarter

“Apple will continue its reduced production of iPhones in the April-June period in light of sluggish sales, according to parts suppliers notified of the plan,” Nikkei reports.

“Slow sales of the flagship iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, which debuted last autumn, have forced Apple to adjust inventories. It lowered production for the January-March quarter by about 30% from the year-earlier period,” Nikkei reports. “With sales still sluggish, the U.S. company has told parts suppliers in Japan and elsewhere that it will maintain the reduced output level in the current quarter.”

“Apple apparently does not plan to produce a large enough volume of the small iPhone SE released last month to offset the slump of its flagship series,” Nikkei reports. “However, should Apple decide to release its next flagship model earlier than the usual September launch, parts production for that smartphone could take off around late May.”

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MacDailyNews Take: “Sluggish sales?” “Slow sales?” Proof? None given by Nikkei. Type “sluggish” again, you deceitful hacks.

It’s déjà vu all over again. When will the markets look at Nikkei‘s history is reporting “slow iPhone sales” ahead of earnings and compare to actual results instead of panicking in knee-jerk fashion to whatever bullshit Nikkei throws out there?

Smart investors learn from history to ignore the bullshit.

Even if a particular data point were factual it would be impossible to accurately interpret the data point as to what it meant for our overall business because the supply chain is very complex and we obviously have multiple sources for things, yields might vary, supply performance can vary. The beginning inventory positions can vary, I mean there is just an inordinate long list of things that would make any single data point not a great proxy for what’s going on. Apple CEO Tim Cook, January 23, 2013

Here’s the replay of events from three years ago (recycled fomenting with a few voices of sanity peppered in here and there):

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  1. Spot on MDN!!!! The same BS always from the same cast of “players”….HELLLLLO SEC….is anybody home,,,,,,,is this thing on….!!!???
    Just for fun go to in CONUS or Hong Kong (HK) and look at the iPhone SE delivery times. Right now today alllll configurations show 2-3 weeks for delivery.
    Oh sorry, back to the “dance”….apppple is doooomed….!!!

  2. This was intended to bail out the market makers that were short 89000 April 110 calls, which is where the decline stopped. I dobbt TSM identified Apple as the culprit of their slowdown. They also fab nearly all of QCOM chips.

  3. It doesn’t make a difference whether Nikkei knows what it’s talking about or not. Apple stock is probably owned by some of the most timid investors around who have little faith in Tim Cook. Meanwhile, Apple can buy back some more shares if there are coward investors selling off their Apple stock. If you’re only buying Apple for the dividends, then I suppose it’s just another opportunity to get more shares.

    I don’t care that the stock is being driven down but I don’t know why investors believe these reports without the slightest bit of proof. That makes no sense to me at all. Thanks to Apple’s slack management the company appears to be vulnerable to all sorts of media attacks. A person would have to be a real diehard fan of Apple to purchase Apple stock.

    There doesn’t seem to be much holding up the share price of this stock and I would think any new investors would avoid buying Apple stock based on its flimsy valuation. I’m sure all the analyst target prices will be lowered from now but that comes as no surprise to me. I figured Apple stock isn’t going anywhere this year and this only confirms my suspicions.

  4. Mdn and apple believers sound like a bad record now. I truly hope they are right but I’m starting to lose hope. I don’t give much credence to nikkei but when joined with the last 2 days news of Apple suppliers cutting estimates for latest quarter it seem like January all over again. Yes, one data point might be out of context but when multiple data points tell the same sad story then there is cause for worry. As for iPhone se sell outs, it’s probably because of limited production. Apple is not going to make 10 million phones on the get go to satisfy first few weeks of robust demand followed by tepid demand. January results proved that supply chain info is getting more accurate and is better at prediction than Apple Bulls dreams

    1. “TSMC cut its own 2016 smartphone demand growth forecast to 7 percent from 8 percent previously.” – reality doesn’t sound as dire. Go FUD somewhere else.

  5. I find it amusing that the stock didn’t move in a positive direction based on the rumor about Apple charging for app placement in the App Store, but sells-off 2 percent based on an iPhone production rumor.

    If you run the numbers on the app advertising, Apple could make several billion a year from thi. I’m not privy to their model, but if they make $0.01 an app placement view, and have 52 billion views a year (1 billion devices times 1 visit a week to the App Store on average) then they can generate $10.4 billion if there are 20 top spots. I’m guessing the majority of that is profit.

    This app placement advertising idea is equivalent to selling 75 million extra iPhones a year at an ASP of $600.

    1. As far as Wall Street is concerned, services don’t count. It’s only hardware that matters and specifically only iPhones. The actual measure that they pay attention to is whatever measure ( such as market share / rate of growth / profit margin / supply chain reports ) that can be interpreted as being on a downward trend.

      The goalposts move all the time, especially when the ball is heading directly towards them.

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