Faraday Future reveals billion-dollar Nevada megafactory it hopes will topple Tesla

“Secretive electric car company Faraday Future hopes to have its first vehicles rolling off the assembly line in 2018. The announcement was made as officials marked the start of construction on a planned $1 billion Las Vegas-area production plant, not far from rival Tesla’s Gigafactory,” Ellie Zolfagharifard reports for The Daily Mail. “While it’s clear the company plans to create an electric car, a prototype has yet to be unveiled and there are no specifics yet on what kinds of cars it might manufacture.”

“Faraday Future puts the size of the Apex Industrial Park facility at 3 million square feet, or nearly the size of the sprawling Las Vegas Convention Center close to the Las Vegas Strip,” Zolfagharifard reports. “It compares to Tesla’s Gigafactory in the Nevada desert, which when complete, is set to have the biggest footprint of any building in the world. ‘Our aim is to complete a program that would normally take four years and do it in half the time, while still doing it right,’ said Dag Reckhorn, Faraday Future global manufacturing vice president.”

“The famously mysterious company has revealed very little details about its business strategy,” Zolfagharifard reports. “Today, the company has hundreds of people working in its southern California headquarters, with former BMW designer, Richard Kim, leading efforts to create its electric vehicles.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Let the competition among Apple’s future roadkill begin!

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    1. Maybe they just wanted to use the name of a true pure scientist who moved the whole understanding of how electricity works forward rather than an egotistic, self serving exploiter of other peoples work and efforts on a factory scale for personal gain. Matter of preference really between discovery and mass producing it. I can understand their preference be it real or superficial is another matter.

      1. Yes, just like Tesla already did. Very original of them. Doesn’t bode well for their inventiveness. Are you saying Tesla was an ego driven self serving exploiter of other peoples work? Of course Edison was … but you misunderstood my comment. These people are trying to cash on Tesla’s success, just like Edison did.

  1. Will Apple’s car be an electric battery or fuel cell powered vehicle? If it’s battery powered then they will be the same as everyone else and the chances of them being different and better slim.

    1. The iPad and iPhone were powered by batteries, just like everyone else. They had many of the same internal components, just like everyone else. But they had a unique operating system, and an equally unique customer focus that set them apart from other music players and phone makers.

      I’m assuming the Apple car will follow in this same pattern. Not everything will be unique to Apple, but there will be a user focus that WILL set them apart, Or they just won’t do it.

      For example, the user interface on my 2014 Prius is an unmitigated DISASTER. If Apple sold a virtually identical car, but with a system that was geared to individuals, rather than their engineers, it would be a whole lot better!

    2. batteries…

      remember after the iPads unveil by Jobs a battery expert who claimed that he had extensive battery experience derided Job’s claims that the iPad had a 10 hr battery…

      ” Having spent the last couple weeks deep in the darkness of the GCN Lab (and this time it really was dark) testing LCDs for our 2010 LCD roundup, I’m in a unique position to explain what that means….

      Unless Apple has also developed some new type of power source, such as nuclear cells or magical hamsters on tiny spinning wheels for the iPad, don’t expect the claims about battery life to hold true. The candle that blazes the brightest is always the first to go out.”

      Later Jobs gave a one line reply:
      “yes, we are getting 10 hours in 1.5 pounds.

      Sent from my iPad”

      Most times Apple will surprise the skeptics.

      1. note: I left out the big middle of the battery experts post where he gave a big technical explanation why 10 hr batteries in the size of the iPad was technically and scientifically impossible…

      2. Walt Mossberg’s review of the first iPad:

        “I was impressed with the iPad’s battery life, which I found to be even longer than Apple’s ten-hour claim, and far longer than on my laptops or smart phones.”

    3. We’ve seen news of Apple collaborating with Tesla on batteries. That’s about it for tangible information, as opposed to rumor and guesswork.

      I’d enjoy a contemporary analysis of what’s going on with fuel cell technology. It certainly bombed the news with hype Hype HYPE a couple years ago with a response from the public proving that they had little concept of how the hydrogen fuel has to be created using another source of energy required to generate electricity which is required to ‘crack’ the hydrogen from water.

      Theoretically, hydrogen fuel cells are more efficient than batteries. But safety concerns remain as well as distribution.

  2. Does it make sense to build cars in the middle of the desert? Car manufacturing historically uses a lot of water. http://www.automotiveworld.com/analysis/water-water-everywhere-vehicle-manufacturing/
    The people who will move there to make the cars use a lot of water too. The water table has been drawn down by 500 feet since we began pumping it out of the ground. http://pubs.usgs.gov/sir/2006/5100/
    Apparently, it will take about one thousand years for the water table to recover it we stopped pumping today.

  3. I doubt that Faraday Future’s goal is to topple Tesla.

    It make no sense to spend a few billion dollars to go after a relatively low volume manufacturer when the real prize is the mass market business that dwarfs Tesla’s business.

    Tesla and Faraday Future are both going after the market share of the existing high volume manufacturers such as GM, Ford, BMW, Audi etc.

  4. Totally wrong on the title, The last thing Faraday want’s to do is topple Tesla, they need companies like Tesla to spread the warmth of EVs. Tesla is working hard to increase the infrastructure for EV charging and without that you have no EV market. Faraday Future may well be one of the first manufactures to licence Tesla’s Super Chargers for their own use. As for Apple… This is the REAL test for Johnny and Cook. They are assuming that automated transport will explode in the general market but like the Newton it will be too fast too soon. The road kill may well be Apple’s stock price.

  5. Faraday has some big talk for a company that hasn’t shipped a single product yet.

    Their “me too” strategy of trying to copy Tesla reminds me of Samsung.

    1. Is Faraday a front for APPLE? Maybe they will be APPLE’s battery supplier and can build their battery plant in front of everyone without anyone the wiser.

  6. To think anyone is gonna compete easily with Tesla is a huge mistake. Did MDN look at the Model3? If they did, they would have felt the same feeling they felt when Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone…WANT WANT WANT. If it’s Elon Musk vs Tim Cook, I’m going with Elon Musk.

  7. The famously mysterious company has revealed very little details about its business strategy.

    This could mean a couple things:
    A) They’re fishing for investment and are seriously protecting their IP.
    B) They’re fishing for investment but have no IP.

    Which is it? At least they have a pile of employees, whom one would assume are being paid to do something or other.

    ‘Our aim is to complete a program that would normally take four years and do it in half the time, while still doing it right’

    Skepticism ensues.

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