Apple’s 9.7-inch iPad Pro’s killer display proves pixels aren’t everything

“Apple recently introduced the 9.7-inch iPad Pro. Other than size, it’s largely identical to the bulkier, original 12.9-inch iPad Pro,” Brian Barrett reports for Wired. “There’s one innovation in the smaller version, though: its display.”

“According to Dr. Raymond Soneira, president of DisplayMate Technologies, the iPad Pro has enough improvements to make it not just the best LCD tablet or smartphone display available; it even keeps up with industry-leading OLED tech,” Barrett reports. “The smaller iPad Pro supports not one but two color gamuts, including the kind used in 4K TVs. It’s the only Apple smartphone or tablet that includes the latter (including the larger iPad Pro), and it couldn’t come at a more appropriate time. ‘[It] will be useful for the rapidly increasing amount of 4K UHD TV content becoming available,’ says Soneira. ‘It’s also great for applications that need a significantly wider color gamut with much more saturated colors, like medical imaging, florists, artists and illustrators,’ and so on. Exactly the kind of applications for which the iPad Pro [exists].”

“Equally significant is a new type of anti-reflective coating, which reduces the light reflected from the screens by three times what most mobile devices do today. In fact, it’s the least-reflective mobile display on the market,” Barrett reports. “‘A high-quality LCD can match and exceed OLEDs currently, with wider color gamuts, higher peak brightness… and smaller color shifts with viewing angle,’ says Soneira. OLEDs can be particularly less effective, he adds, at displaying bright, full-screen content, like reading black text on a white background.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The 9.7-inch iPad Pro’s display is a wonder to behold. Only Apple can deliver this type of display color, contrast and clarity. Using it – especially with Apple Pencil – is an absolute joy!

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  1. That is a problem with assessing new technology. The new stuff can seem to have some advantages, but the existing technology has so much momentum and so much already invested in current infrastructure that it can be hard to unseat.

    Over the years spinning disk drives have faced down many challengers that seemed to have advantages but there was so much already invested in this and new research just kept it a step ahead of the competitors.

  2. The display is really great! Photos have never looked better and it makes me wish I had a better graphics card and monitor on my Mac Pro. Using the Pencil with apps like Procreate is a joy. I haven’t found any need for split screen mode yet, but I’ll keep looking! Absolutely no regrets, and glad I got 128GB.

  3. Love mine… Traveling to Jordon and Israel, today, with it… Beautiful display. Super fast. Pencil and Smart Keyboard are great. 256gb will go a long way.

    I keep my entire library of anatomy texts, and atlases, plus all medical texts and documents on board. Great for teaching students. Always with me. I need to discover how video intensive keynote presentations with complex builds will fare on this device.

    (I only wish iOS was a fully functional operating system. I would love to not need a travel laptop!)

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