Gizmodo reviews Apple’s 9.7-Inch iPad Pro: Yes, you want one

“The iPad Mini has always been too small for anything more than reading a book and the 12.9-inch iPad Pro always made me feel like I was in a sequel to Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. The app icons were too spaced out and holding the tablet, in one or both hands, looked and felt ridiculous,” Alex Cranz writes for Gizmodo UK.

“The 9.7-inch iPad Pro has the same screen size as the most popular tablet of all time (you know, the iPad) so it is naturally going to feel great in tablet mode,” Cranz writes. “When it comes to production mode—using it with a keyboard — it’s clearly the first 9.7-inch iPad built with typing in mind.”

“It shares the same Smart Connector as the larger iPad Pro and that, as well as an upgraded processor, sets it apart from the iPad Air 2,” Cranz writes. “When combined with the lack of precision control and the woefully underpowered “power” user apps in the App Store, you’re left with a 2-in-1 that doesn’t quite bridge the gap between content consumption and content creation. It’s fantastic at the former, but pretty damn lousy at the latter. Unless you’re a writer, of course. I know it’s completely eradicated my need and desire for a smaller laptop for travel. Too bad it’s so bloody expensive.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Another reviewer wrongheadedly fixated on price as if his finances are those of his readers. Just review whatever product you’re reviewing based on its merits and state the price. Your readers can decide for themselves if the price is “too expensive” or not.

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    1. The 9.7″ is overpriced. I just bought a slightly used IPP 12.9″ for $645 on eBay. I still have my Air 2. My Air 2 is just as good as the 9.7″ for what I use it for, because I will never use the pencil or keyboard and the other features are just gimmicks!

      Having 4GBs of RAM, a beautiful screen, and more screen real estate is definitely worth it for me; even though greedy Cook should’ve started the 12.9″ IPP at 64GB of RAM.

      The 9.7″ make too many sacrifices and should be priced at $499!

  1. “Just review whatever product you’re reviewing based on its merits and state the price.”

    That depends. In this case I do think Apple kinda’ blew it with the smaller iPad Pro pricing. Only $200 separates the smaller and larger Pro tablets, which is weird since the larger Pro seems like so much more value than the smaller sibling. For me it would be a no brainer to spend $200 more to get the larger, much more powerful, iPad Pro. I think a $300 differential would have been better.

    1. There’s more than just the cost of the LTE chip involved, including licensing and regulatory and testing costs.

      Product differentiation isn’t the only reason for the higher cost.

  2. Whatever happened to looking at a product and then figuring out how it can be used. Is it the normal state to look through a prism of self now or to pass on a solutions without limiting or constrain users to a singular path of action. The iPad is not limited to a single path as this reviewer seems to believe, instead it can perform many advanced programs. How about a little information how it can be used.

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