MacBook Pro 2016 specs and release: 5 features expected in new MacBooks

“The year 2016 is going to be great for Apple fans, as there are a lot of releases lined up,” Ashish Yadav reports for MobiPicker.

“It is being said that Apple will launch ultra-light and thin 13″ and 15″ MacBooks this year at the WWDC event on June 13th,” Yadav reports. “The new laptops will be powered by 6th Gen Intel Skylake processors that will improve performance and battery life.”

“iPhones already come with Touch ID sensors that help you unlock the devices with just a touch on the sensor. This makes unlocking the phone easier and faster while providing great security,” Yadav writes. “So maybe it’s high time that Apple incorporated Touch ID in MacBook Pro 2016 so that users could ditch the password authentication for fingerprint authentication.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Anybody else want Touch ID for OS X?


      1. Yeah, that’s called a bug, and every product has them. It’ll get fixed. Tim Cook never called himself a security expert. They have many other people at Apple who fill that role. Craig Federighi is the one you should blame for the bug you’ve linked to.

    1. I am so much more interested in the other features the article guesses will be coming:

      – more storage
      – more ports
      – support for external graphics cards

      I also want to see Apple offer:
      – an updated family of Thunderbolt displays
      – +10% better battery life
      – a larger 17″ MacBook Pro version with full size keyboard that includes a dedicated number pad, PCI slot, and SD card slot in addition to USB-C and Thunderbolt.
      – dedicated MagSafe power cords on all portable Macs
      – true 4K displays across the board, with better scaling options/capability for visually impaired folks.

  1. Yes but will it be hidden or designed similar to current touch IS? I like it to be hidden in the hardware. I don’t think they change it before they would on the iPhone though. Exciting though.

    1. My mac is a few years old now, but most of the time by the time it’s picked up my phone and I’ve scanned my fingerprint it’s no quicker than my typing my password. It’s certainly not as quick as unlocking my phone is.

    2. I’ve tried MacID, the fidelity between the phone and the mac is not seamless and Apple-like
      My Mac usually lock itself when using proximity lock even though i havent moved my phone.
      When unlocking on my phone, sliding into notification, then into the app, then unlocking takes too much time. 3 steps to be precise. Rather than 1 step of TouchID.

      1. Works pretty fine. On iMac late 2013 and MacBook pro miss 2012. Ok, I’ve installed beta version of MacID for iOS and Mac OSX and so it works with iPad mini 4 and iPhone 6s.

      2. No no no, it works awesome. On iMac late 2013 and MacBook pro mid 2012. Ok, I’ve installed beta version of MacID for iOS and Mac OSX and so it works with iPad mini 4 and iPhone 6s. Btw with Mac ID you don’t use 1 step if you using proximity wake up. Pretty easy and works fine, also.

  2. Yes, I really enjoy using Touch ID and it makes sense to add it to the laptop and keep sticky little fingers away for security and privacy. More storage on the laptop itself would be nice even though I use iCloud and other cloud based storage. Feel a little more secure with things being on my machine for certain things and instant accessibility and again, for sticky little fingers such as the government for example.

  3. Just make the thumbprint reader on my iPhone unlock my Macs in proximity and I’ll be happy.

    Ergonomically, a laptop is very different from a phone. I’m not convinced that a thumb reader would be all that convenient. I’m thinking of the possible placements and they all seem awkward.

    1. I have some mobility issues with my hands due to stroke. Having to deal with a potentially finicky thumb reader could complicate using a laptop that I depend upon for many daily task. The concept is a good one, but the implementation may trickier than it looks at first glance. Apple does so many things that are friendly for folks with physical issues I’d hate to see a security feature that makes using the computer “yet another hurdle to jump.”

  4. You guys are completely missing the picture on this. Apple is using its huge profits to construct a particle accelerator underneath its so-called spaceship campus.

    The space ship campus will have the ability to travel into the future for the specific purpose of copying future technology from Samsung and HTC. This way Apple can build things like waterproof phones with wireless charging, without having to waste money on R&D.

  5. give me 32GB of RAM, 3/4 thunderbolt/usb-c ports, 16″ or 17″, skylake 8-core, updated video card with added support from IRIS integrated video, 2TB SSD and I will be happy as a clam. Sure, siri would be nice and and touch identification, but i want more power on the go.

  6. I couldn’t be more happier with my fully loaded mid-2014 MBP which is still as fast as greased lightning. I just want a 2016 re-towerized Ives-deprived Mac Pro. Is THAT so wroooong? Please Apple, pretty please?

  7. I still have the USB Eikon Fingerprint readers AuthenTec mae until Apple bought them and shut the company down. They also broke support for the devices at the next Mac OS X update and shuttered AuthenTec customer support, pissing off many like myself that used and enjoyed the product.

    Apparently Apple wanted the patents AuthenTec had and just bought the company and the people with knowledge of fingerprint scanning so you could have it on your iPhone. They had merged with UPEK who held many of the critical patents for fingerprint ID

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