Does Microsoft’s Windows 10 Bash Shell hurt Apple?

“Microsoft Corporation announced its plans to bring its Bash Shell, which has been a standard on many Linux distribution systems, to Windows 10,” Monica Gerson writes for Benzinga.

“JPMorgan’s Rod Hall said that the impact of this would be neutral for Apple Inc.”

“Analyst Rod Hall commented, ‘This announcement combined with the native availability of Ubuntu on Windows 10 and Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform (which lets a single piece of code run across multiple Windows devices) can all help improve Microsoft’s position in the developer community,'” Gerson writes. “He added, however, that this was unlikely to have any significant impact on either Apple or Android ecosystems.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Betteridge’s law of headlines strikes again.


  1. Its the right move for Window.
    Windows then will find a home of all about 100,000 users like other variants of Linux. If not, Windows will just vaporize and no one will remember who or what Marcosloth was.

  2. So either:
    1. It will allow viruses and malware to infect multiple platforms.
    2. Will be completely useless and crash frequently.
    3. Start verbally abusing you and recite Mein Kampf at random times.
    4. Or be a precursor to a superb new OS like BSD / Next was to OSX.

    My bet is on 1 or 2 but I would really love to see #3.

  3. God, it took them long enough. The scripting abilities of windows have been one of its major turn offs for decades. Can’t believe it took them this long to wake up, but I congratulate them on it. But will it have all the unixy programs to go along with it? bash by itself is useless without the utilities.

    1. The scripting abilities of Windows were redefined when Powershell was released.

      It’s insanely powerful at this point and its the preferred interface to all of Microsoft’s infrastructure products now.

      Check it out of you need to do some serious scripting on Windows.

  4. (Caveat: I didn’t read the article. Sue me.)

    Bash itself doesn’t do much of anything. It’s all of the Unix tools that accompany it in a typical Unix install that afford crazy power. If Microsoft is also bundling ssh, sftp, and on and on, then color me excited! Really cool for connectivity between Mac, iOS, and Windows.

  5. Apple simply needs to do the exact same thing. This will not be difficult. This will lead to binaries which will ultimately run on Mac Ubuntu subsystem, as well as the Windows Ubuntu subsystem. It is true that Apple aready has BSD unix, but this will NOT be running natively on windows at all. Apple should figure out a way to integrate Ubuntu as well and give the option to switch to Ubuntu userspace commands

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