iOS 9.3 is Apple’s ‘most stable new release in years’

“In spite of some publicized glitches, including an activation bug that affected older devices, iOS 9.3 is Apple’s ‘most stable new release in years,’ an app analytics firm said on Wednesday,” Roger Fingas reports for AppleInsider.

“During the past eight days 9.3 has had a crash rate of just 2.2 percent, easily making it the most stable iOS release in circulation, Apteligent claimed,” Fingas reports. “A Web link bug actually affects iOS versions as far back as 9.0.2, and turns out to be connected to and its affiliated apps, rather than the iOS 9.3 update. Nevertheless, Apple promised to correct the problem in a future software update.”

“More seriously, the initial distributions of iOS 9.3 caused users of some older devices to be stuck on the Activation Lock screen,” Fingas reports. “Apple ultimately seeded new builds, but some people may have had to restore their devices via iTunes.”

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MacDailyNews Take: iOS 9.3 is a rock solid for the vast majority of users despite the specific issues mentioned above.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


    1. Works great on my elderly iPad 2. But I did the upgrade from iTunes for safety sake.

      I haven’t yet upgraded on my iPad Mini Retina or my iPhone 5s, won’t until a jailbreak becomes available. I do use the equivalent of Night Shift on those, and like it very much.

    1. You do realize that those apps aren’t “open”. Apps in the multitasking tray are more like the cookies and cache in your web browser. Clearing them out constantly is the equivalent of clearing your web browsing history to save on laptop battery. They use a tiny bit of memory but aren’t running like 98% of Americans seem to think. That issue is an Android issue. Not apple. If you wan to clear that memory, reboot your phone or hold the lock button until you see the dialogue to shut down and then hold the home button until you return to the home screen. Problem solved. I personally have 30+ apps in my multitasking tray and have left them there for years without “closing” them.

  1. all 3 of my IOS devices are screwed in each of Mail, Safari, Messages, when clicking a link.
    iPad pro, iPad air (first air), iPhone 6S.
    this is hardly the most solid release.

    1. The issue isn’t limited to iOS 9.3 since users have reported being affected by it in 9.2. And one bug caused by misuse of a service by an app developer doesn’t mean the rest of the OS is magically less stable.

      1. My wife and I are both seeing Safari problems with JavaScript. Pages won’t load unless it’s turned off, but then media doesn’t load. Both of us have iPhone 6. My 4th gen iPad has the same issue.

      2. I should have also mentioned that the MDN app doesn’t work now either. The headlines load and update but once clicked they only load an empty page. Same iPhone 6 and 4th gen iPad.

  2. My iPhone 5s and iPad are virtually useless due to the web inks bug. Apple needs to fix now and acknowledge, this is disgraceful. And Apples delay in acknowledging the bug makes is ridiculous. There are times when secrecy is a big mistake.

    1. Ken blurted: “Apple needs to fix now and acknowledge, this is disgraceful. And Apples delay in acknowledging the bug makes is ridiculous. There are times when secrecy is a big mistake.”

      Secrecy has nothing to do with it. It simply takes time to fully investigate complex software issues and formulate a mitigation plan.

      And actually, Apple has already acknowledged the issue and announced that a fix is in the works:

      What I find disgraceful is how little patience and understanding of complex technical issues some people seem to have…

  3. I hate the fact that Apple have brocken the golden gui rule about allowing customers to choose “no update, not later, not tomorrow or next f&@$# week” yes a large percentage of people have updated becuase they where never given the choice. To date Apple has stolen thousands of man hours from people around the globe.

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