Apple objects to North Carolina law company says discriminates against LGBTs

“Technology giants Apple, Google and Facebook are among a dozen big companies or their top executives objecting to a North Carolina law that bars municipalities from adopting their own anti-discrimination ordinances,” Emery P. Dalesio and Gary D. Robertson report for The Associated Press. “Facebook, Google and Apple each run massive data-processing complexes in western North Carolina. They joined American Airlines, IBM and others in reacting to a state law quickly adopted Wednesday that blocked local government measures to counter discrimination against gay, lesbian and transgender people. None of the high-profile companies have threatened to immediately withdraw business from North Carolina.”

“The Charlotte ordinance would have enabled transgender people to legally use restrooms aligned with their gender identity, and would have provided broad protections against discrimination in public accommodations in the state’s largest city,” Dalesio and Robertson report. “North Carolina is the first state to require public school and university students to use only those bathrooms that match their birth certificates, according to the National Conference on State Legislatures.”

“Supporters say the new law protects all people from having to share bathrooms with people who make them feel unsafe,” Dalesio and Robertson report. “Corporations announcing their displeasure ‘are shamefully bullying’ state officials while many small business owners who live in North Carolina support the new legislation, North Carolina Values Coalition Executive Director Tami Fitzgerald said. ‘North Carolinians should be aware of this so they have the opportunities to be consumers of companies that are congruent with their values,’ Fitzgerald said in a statement.”

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  1. One might imagine that fathers of young girls, for one example, whose daughters sometimes have to use public restrooms alone, might have certain opinions that fail to mesh with those of Apple’s childless top executive.

    Who’s really being discriminated against here?

      1. “First 2014, Then 2016” offers common sense.

        “Reality bites” offers only venomous emptiness and he/she/it either pitches or catches in homosexual acts, meaning he/she/it will never reproduce which is an optimal outcome for everyone.

        1. I would argue, more common sense is another scenario. You send your daughter to the ladies’ room, and right behind her, in walks (what appears to be) a man. Neither you, nor your daughter, nor anyone else, knows if that man has a penis in his pants or not; all you know is that a person dressed like a man just walked into the ladies’ room right after your daughter. Would you feel totally comfortable, knowing that, because of the silly law, that man just might have been born with a vagina?

          1. It feels like a sad state of affairs, but the only totally non-distrimnatory/safe solution is to make all bathrooms a one throne affair with a lock on the door.

    1. Watched you up vote yourself qnd dow vote Reality bites, in real time you cheating, lying selfish and doomed republican bastard, just like the rst of your party, which is why Donald idiot Trump is kicking your ass so badly.


    2. Pathetic crap from you. A thinly veiled anti-gay, pro-discrimination attempt to justify your homophobia. Try doing a little research on the demographics and gender of sexual predators and child molesters. FACTS are not on your side or on the side of the legislators so called reasons for enacting this law. The law will not survive constitutional challenges.

    3. Fwhatever, the United States was founded by a bunch of prudes and their legacy still lives to haunt us today. In many parts of the world, people are not nearly so obsessed with gender.

      My mom and dad lived in France and Germany for years. She said that shared bathrooms were the norm there, even back in the 1950s. Please do not portray yourself as the arbiter and protector of “morality.” You clearly have a profound bias that spans all aspects of your social and political beliefs. Years of your posts have confirmed that. You simply fail to realized that your beliefs are not necessarily shared by everyone else. More importantly, you do not seem to understand that others can hold a different set of beliefs that are just as valid (or more so!) than yours.

  2. People should know by now that this “Super Citizenry” the Gay,Trans,LGBT crowd have special rights given to them by the constitution. It’s just not interpreted correctly. If you look really really hard, it says that “These groups have a right to go through life never having to endure being offended or made to feel uncomfortable. All other groups of people regardless of their own feelings or needs must accommodate this group’s needs before all else. They are more special than you or your needs. The right of the Gay Citizen to have it their way first, shall not be infringed.

    1. All people have a right to life, liberty, and to pursue of happiness. It’s not more special for gay or trans people have the same rights as others, that’s fairness and justice. Denying these rights to certain people is the is both completely morally wrong and completely Anti-American.

      1. You obviously don’t get my point. If you are one of these protected groups you get to use whichever restroom you want based on your identity du jur.”
        You talk as if gays don’t have a right to use restrooms.

        1. It is cluelessness like this, combined with the usual fear of things we don’t know about, or are different from us, that makes discrimination so effortless and so persistent. History has shown us that the moment you learn something about someone, you are no longer afraid of him and you begin to understand and accept them. I’m sure Manco here is actually a nice person, but his profound bias is caused by that fear of the unknown or different.

          First, one simple clue: trans-gender people exactly what the word implies: person of one sex, trapped in the body of the opposite. There is no ‘identité du jour’, pick your gender every morning concept. It is either a woman or a man, and it is what it is. Some of them realise this at puberty; for some, this awareness exists even in early childhood, others may realise much later in life. The point is, you are either straight, or gay, or trans-gender, but you don’t really switch it daily (otherwise, you yourself could easily be gay today, straight tomorrow).

          And nobody is denying gays to use restrooms, nor is anyone talking about gays here. This discussion is obviously and clearly about trans-gender (what you may call “drag queens”, or “trannies”, or “transvestites”; there may be a few more derogatory words for this, but I cant think of them right now). And for them, as TxUser below correctly states, many more trans-gender women have been assaulted by men, than were women ever assaulted by a trans-gender woman (whose birth certificate says ‘male’). Letting a trans-gender person use the bathroom of their identity makes it safer for them.

          How would you (as a presumably straight man) feel if a woman walked into a men’s bathroom at a truck stop? How would women feel if a man walked into the ladies room? Because that will be the effective consequence of this law. Trans-gender people dress and look as the gender of their identity; in vast majority of cases, it is difficult to tell the difference. A trans-gender women is taking a risk every time she is forced to walk into a men’s bathroom, just because there is (or once was) a penis between her legs.

          This law is simply absurd. Luckily, it will most likely be ignored by most transgendered people. They obviously have no choice but to ignore it.

        2. “identity du jur”? First: It is “jour” not jur. If your going to try to witty and creative, at least spell the words correctly and don’t bother claiming it was a typo. You are the one who doest n’t the point. You’re just a garden variety gay hater who typically doesn’t have the integrity to be honest about the reasons behind his position. Your posts portray an insecure, fearful and somewhat paranoid person who feels people who are different from yourself are a threat to your way of life. You will fail. In fact, you already have failed.

        3. Generally speaking it is wrong to use the government to bully people into doing what you want. You’re punishing them for not agreeing with you, for not seeing the world the same way you do.

          If you don’t like the policies of a business, you have the right to not patronize them. If, for instance, people who object to transgenderism don’t like Apple’s position, they can take their business to companies other than Apple. If you object to a business that doesn’t support transgender restrooms, you can write to them, let them know how you feel, and that you will not be patronizing them. I strongly recommend being civil. You can encourage people of like mind to do the same. That’s the way the free market works.

          When we use the government to impose the views of a minority or a majority of people, on those who do not subscribe, we are using FORCE. We are violently inflicting our preferences on others. We are essentially using the government like a club to beat the life out of opposition and in the process beating the entire country to death. This was never intended to be the job of the government.

          When we get to something as absurd as transgenderism, the problems with government involvement become more acute. Women should be able to feel safe in a restroom, yet under the rules of transgenderism I can walk into a woman’s restroom and say that I “identify” as a woman, so deal with it. That’s ridiculous. Tim Cook can say that Apple has a view, but I’ll bet that if I go to Apple right now, and march into the ladies restroom, women will object.

          Some argue that state policies need to be highly inclusive to attract the best workers. I don’t think this applies to transgender restroom policies. Employment and housing are not the same thing.

          Some say that all people should be treated equally. No, they should not. I can say I like to walk around with a bow tied around my penis on the outside of my pants, but this is contrary to most commonly accepted moral standards and the public should not have to appease me.

          Then there is the fact that there are very few people calling themselves transgender. According to every source I can find, people calling themselves Transgender are less than 0.1% of the country, and even that number surprises me. This is not some widespread discrimination issue.

          People will of course argue “What if they wanted to ban black people! What if they wanted to have separate but equal restrooms?”

          This is not the same kind of issue. It’s trying to bend the entire country for a tiny group of people.

          Dr. Paul R. McHugh, the former psychiatrist-in-chief for Johns Hopkins Hospitaland its current Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry, said that transgenderism is a “mental disorder” that merits treatment, that sex change is “biologically impossible,” and that people who promote sexual reassignment surgery are collaborating with and promoting a mental disorder.
          Dr. McHugh, the author of six books and at least 125 peer-reviewed medical articles, made his remarks in a recent commentary in the Wall Street Journal, where he explained that transgender surgery is not the solution for people who suffer a “disorder of ‘assumption’” – the notion that their maleness or femaleness is different than what nature assigned to them biologically.
          He also reported on a new study showing that the suicide rate among transgendered people who had reassignment surgery is 20 times higher than the suicide rate among non-transgender people. Dr. McHugh further noted studies from Vanderbilt University and London’s Portman Clinic of children who had expressed transgender feelings but for whom, over time, 70%-80% “spontaneously lost those feelings.”

          1. THIS. Tell ’em Thelonius. Your logic and reason will always be downvoted by those who celebrate a disorder as a choice. Transgender people need help, not doctors willing to mutilate them.
            Maybe this law isn’t perfect, maybe we make too big a deal about bathrooms with private stalls. But I’ll tell you – any swinging dick who exposes himself to my daughter in a locker room shower will have a lot more than “discrimination” to worry about.

            1. Except of course he’s not actually saying anything useful in terms of this argument. Let’s just say that the quoted Dr. McHugh is right, and that 70-80% of patients who express transgender feelings lose them later. What about the 20-30% who don’t? This also doesn’t allow for the undisputed fact that gender is not binary, and that there is a grey area either side of the middle line whereby children can be born with either both sets of genitals or genitals that do not match their chromosome makeup.

              Oh, and that little bit of chest thumping at the end makes you out as quite ridiculous to be honest. Flashers aren’t being discussed here. Sexual predators aren’t being discussed here. So how about you put down this pretend machete and stop being a swinging dick yourself?

    2. Utter bollocks of the highest order. LGBT people simply want the right to live our lives as everyone else gets to do automatically, without religious types trying to throw obstacles in our way and impose their genocidal and slavery-advocating Book’s perverted “morality” on us.

      If you’re a Dad, who would you rather your daughter share a restroom with, a feminine trans-woman or a masculine trans-man? Because according to this ridiculous law North Carolina just mandated the latter.

    3. This has nothing to do with their rights and you can add quote marks to anything you want. They are meaningless other than to emphasize your irrational paranoia and prejudice. It has to do with illegal discrimination. Your claims are nauseating, hateful garbage.

    4. Total BS, Manco! Total and utter BS…

      “A right to go through life never having to endure begin offended or made to feed uncomfortable.” Are you frigging joking? Do you have any idea of the challenges that LGBT people still face, despite recent social progress? Do you recall that no so long ago a U.S. soldier who served bravely, loyally, and faithfully in the defense of this country could be courtmartialed and jailed for being gay? Your statement is so ludicrous that it defies understanding.

      The people to whom you refer have gone through generations of discrimination and fear – fear of being assaulted or even killed, Fear of being jailed, fear of losing their job,…the list goes on and on and on. Unfortunately, many items on that fear list still apply today. The veneer of civilization is very, very thin in some areas.

      1. Funny how Tim and company take a stand against North Carolina, but are fine inundating Saudi Arabia with their products versus boycotting a country where the government wants to…

        Good to know Apple’s equality and morality outrage ends at the waters edge. To the rest of the LGBT community out in the world, according to Apple, you’re on your own!

  3. The bathroom issue is a red herring. Which is going to be more disruptive: transgender folks dressed appropriately for the restroom doing their thing behind a closed door, or folks who are visibly inappropriate washing their hands? Which is more likely to cause a disturbance or provoke awkward questions from children?

    It would be interesting to compare the statistics of straight girls raped by transgender women to the percentage of transgender boys who have been assaulted by straight men. I am pretty sure that the transgender folks are far more subject to sexual harassment and assault, perhaps to the tune of an order of magnitude or more. That is an appropriate subject for government regulation, but the NC legislature has just banned such regulations.

    If I were gay or transgendered, I wouldn’t want to live or work in a state that expressly permits discrimination against me. If I were an employer, I would be concerned with a law that makes it more difficult to hire or transfer certain people—who may be the most qualified—to work in a state where I have major operations. That is a legitimate issue for Apple to express its concern.

  4. Seems the answer lies in the accommodations themselves Many businesses have “Family Restrooms” which are essentially private, for one group at a time, like mom or dad with a gaggle of kids. A simple solution would be to require every place that offers public restrooms to have at least one single occupancy room available for families or the transgendered. These could also be configured to satisfy ADA requirements.

  5. It would seem, as we trek further down the path towards gender neutrality, that the issue of gay transgender vs traditional, becomes moot.

    I read an article recently that the current traditional family model was specifically designed as we moved out of serfdom and into a capitalistic model. The father/husband/male roll in the family was lord, while the rest (women and children) were serfs in his domain, serving his needs. Of course he did the heavy lifting, but I can see this master roll playing out to everyone else’s detriment.

    What should happen today, is gender neutral toilets and locker rooms, with a focus on personal privacy. Lots of stalls and changing rooms. Seems logical, given the situation.

  6. What’s next? Is it going to be ok for beastiality, pedophilia, cats living with dogs, mass hysteria?
    Seriously, they are just taboo too, aren’t they? Can one argue that those people are born that way, or is it a choice?
    I really have never cared about these people, or their agenda until it was pushed in my face every single fscking day!

    The dark side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural. — Emperor Palpatine

    1. Have you actually done the slightest research into this story before commenting? The only people pushing anything into anyone’s faces are those trying to prevent transgendered people using restrooms. I know a few transgendered people, and to a person they aren’t the slightest bit interested in drawing attention to themselves. They just want to blend in.

      Seriously mate, read a few articles about this ridiculous law and what is motivating it. Meanwhile, and this piece of advice goes beyond this into any particular topic, never be proud of your own ignorance on something.

      1. Maybe you should read more than the very few reports claiming no homosexual behavior due to being homosexually molested as a child. Upwards to 46% of homosexual males claim this is many studies.
        All I am saying is that people are going to bias anything they can, and that is on a good day. I do not care for any law that wants to control us, or what we do in private, but when society is involved, or children, I think there are limits.

  7. In the last days right will be called wrong and wrong will be called right.

    There are absolutes whether or not people want to acknowledge it. Here in NC there are still enough people willing to acknowledge it and that was proven last week. The Charlotte mayor and city counsel were why out of line and our state legislature and governor stepped in to right a wrong. There was a lot of pressure put on them from the citizens of NC.

    Apple can pull out of NC if they don’t like it!

    1. And you can pull out of the United States if you don’t like the Fourteenth Amendment:

      “No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

      On your departure from a country with such odious principles, you might try the Islamic State, which shares your opinion on LGBT issues.

      1. Another liberal that has no idea what they’re talking about! 4th amendment has nothing to do with this. This is about men going to the men’s room instead of the women’s room. It’s about protecting women and children. It’s about privacy.

        If a man wants to pretend he’s a girl that doesn’t give him any rights to enter a place that is designated for women.

        BTW my liberal fellow American, my position is that you (if you’re a man) stay out of the woman’s room. Why is your position that I leave the country? Could it be that the so called tolerant left has absolutely zero tolerance for anyone that has a different opinion then them?

        1. I’m not a liberal, but I do take the Constitution seriously, including the part that says that all persons in the US are guaranteed equal protection. The Bill of Rights includes ten amendments, not just the Second, you know, and the Fourteenth Amendment (not the 4th) imposes those limits on the states. Because I am a conservative, I don’t think the Government should be meddling with our rights.

          Actually, my fellow American, your position is that someone who believes he is a man, dresses like a man, has the reconstructed sexual organs of a man, and is sexually attracted to females should be forced to share a bathroom with your little girl because his gender was assigned wrong on his birth certificate. Yes, it is about privacy—his as well as hers.

          I wasn’t the one who first made the “like it or leave it” argument. You are the one who suggested that Apple should leave North Carolina if it doesn’t share the Legislature’s opinions about transgendered people. Could it be that the so called “conservatives” who are nothing of the sort have zero tolerance for different opinions?

  8. AnD for those of us in Georgia. I’m writing the governor daily to sign the bill that has past already to do the same here as NC.

    Same goes for Hollywierd.
    I don’t care if they move Walking Dead to another location. Take your business to another location.

    Why on earth do you lgbt people have to change everything? What’s the point. It’s a damn shitter. Go in do your thing and leave. I’m so sick of hearing you whine.

    It’s like an atheist. If they don’t believe. Why don’t they just laugh at people who do.
    This county is not Europe. I don’t care if it was shared bathrooms back in the 50’s.
    This country is not yet Europe and has way to many sick bastards in it. Just download a sex offenders app and put in your location. Omg you won’t believe that you are actually surrounded by registered offenders. They are just the ones we know of.

    You shouldn’t have your choice of bathrooms. Use the one that matches the picture between your legs and get over it.

    I’m so sick of this once great nation being led down the political correctness route I want to puke. And puke on Muslims while we are on it.
    Any religion can coexist.
    Put a Catholic with a Jew. No violence. Put a Buddhist with a Christian, no violence. Put all religions and ones that don’t believe together no violence. Throw in a Muslim and there you go. Game on.
    Just watched a video of a few Christians getting stoned by Muslims in Dearborn Michigan. At a fair no less. Where the Muslim population is 25% and growing as fast as Husain can get them in.

    The most disturbing part was the cops. They told the very small peaceful group that they had to leave and would not offer to protect them. That they were the ones causing the problem. Watch this filth coming from them.

    They forced them to leave. But not arrest them. You know cause there is a small bit of free speech left here and that’s fading fast. And the cops would have got in trouble. But they should in my opinion.

    And one more thing. See we who oppose your ideas don’t give crap. Pun I know. About discrimination. We want you to go to the bathroom. Just like everyone else does.

    Your not missing anything my squatting when you pee in the other bathroom.

    What really pissed me off is you wimpy Trump haters. I say build the wall.

    Some say it won’t work. Hmm the Berlin Wall seemed to do just fine. China?? they did it by hand couple thousand years ago I’m guessing by hand. Seems we could have one up in no time.
    I have to laugh at the Pope for condemning the wall when he was in Mexico.
    Where did he go home to??
    His own walled in country complete with his own security and zip code. Only the Vatican can have walls but not the USA. I don’t feel safe in this country anymore. Remember when you didn’t even lock your door at home or car for that matter.

    Try missing a turn into Mexico.
    Jail time buddy.

    Come here and you get everything on a silver platter. Hell yea give that illegal a drivers license. That will show him.

    Again I’m for helping people. But there is simply not enough people to sustain the ones who suck this country dry. Only about 2 or 3 people are working supporting the ones who don’t. It used to be more like 16 to 18 for every 1 who didn’t work.

    Am I rasist you think? Nope. Oh yes I must be? My ancestors immigrated here. Yep that makes me a hypocrite doesn’t it?
    Seems like most were documented and learned to read and right English and it was mandatory to take a citizenship class. So it wasn’t my fault I was born here. Just the luck of the draw. But I am a flag waving gun carrying United States citizen, born here unlike bho um Barry Soreto is more like it. As dumb as this sounds and I know you will all hate me. But the birth certificate is fake. Look at the one one the White House web site they released as a scanned PDF Okay now see what it looks like compared to an original Hawaiian birth certificate.
    Some chosen reporter looks at it and says yep it looks real to me. And there you go. Controversy over. It’s been released. I have even ready that reporter has died in a plane crash. Coincidence? Maybe sure anything can happen. You couldn’t convince me that our president is not Muslim. Remember the black USA hating church pastor he through under the bus? Oh well once you are born to a Muslim father are you not considered Muslim for the rest of your life? Anyone? Bueller? Anyone? Okay but I just wonder about that.

    I’m tired of hearing about the illegal immigrants that have been deported 27 times and then end up killing people.

    People say oh they are doing nothing but picking crops those poor unfortunate souls.
    I call bs. Where I live in middle GA they are building everything.

    They are electricians, plumbers, roofers, bricklayers, painters, they own the landscaping here. Heck there business owners.
    I’m all for leagal immigrant that speak English and assimilate into our society.

    Heck ask them anything and they can’t speak English. Just one and that’s it. I don’t want to press one for English. Are they the bad ones? Well I hope thy are paying taxes but I doubt it.
    The bad ones are all the cartel thugs bringing in the dope. It’s ruined this country bringing it to its knees. They are the gang bangers. MS13 trash.

    The Indian population owns the convenience stores, liquor stores. Asians have the feet taken care of.

    Blacks are Still in slavery to the Democrats. And every life matters.

    If your black and proud of your race? Then it’s okay. If your white and proud of your race? Then your a supremist. Racist.
    And what is it that any white person living today have to do with slavery? Nothing.
    There were Irish skates Chinese slaves. Heck your own black people sold blacks into slavery. Whites don’t look at the battle flag with anything but heritage and history. Heck, we just think it looks cool. Especially on the back of s truck. Free speech my ass you all think we are rasist pricks because of a couple people posed with that flag and killed black people. They are crazy and would have done it with or without the flag.

    There are sex slaves and on and on and on.

    This country is about to fall and explode. I only want Donald Trump because he has balls. And he is a winner a leader and can shake this wimp ass lifelong political assholes up. The have stomped all over the constitution. But no more. People are fed up mad as hell and are not going to take it any more. Didn’t intend to write this. The PC of this bull just pulled it right out of me. I’m your next door neighbor.
    I’m friends with all rasist and non rasist people. You all have a your own agenda. You will stop at nothing to destroy this country one pisser at a time. Oh and I left the seat up just for you honey.

    1. See above re:

      “No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

      Again, if you don’t like living in a country with a Constitution that guarantees equal protection to everyone, including immigrants and sexual minorities, you might try out the Islamic State. They share many of your views and have even brought back legal slavery. That might satisfy your nostalgia for Southern history and heritage before 1865, without even having to wait for Mr. Trump to make America as great as Georgia was then.

      1. You can continue to repeat this over and over but the 4th amendment doesn’t apply. Legal immigrants get protection but not illegal immigrants. Sexual deviants (they are not minorities, and look up the definition of deviant before you get all bent out of shape) are not a race so no special protections.

        Instead of accepting the constitution liberals have been trying to warp it into what they want it to say for decades.

        1. A less charitable person than I might suggest that you can’t count past ten, since you keep confusing the Fourteenth Amendment (due process and equal protection) with the Fourth (search and seizure).

          That less charitable person might also question your literacy, since you missed the deliberate difference between the reference to citizens’ privileges and immunities in the first quoted clause and the extension of equal protection in the last clause to “all persons within [the state’s] jurisdiction.” Illegal immigrants are included, since the state courts clearly do have civil and criminal jurisdiction over them. So they DO get protection, as the courts have uniformly held since shortly after the War Between the States.

          Undocumented aliens, like sexual minorities (look up the definition of minority before you get bent out of shape), do not get “special protections,” but are entitled to equal protection. I am not the one here who is warping the Constitution to say what it does not.

  9. My version of Heritage is thinking about the people who died, see I’m a Yankee and well now a Damn Yankee as they call me here for not leaving.

    Nobody I’ve come across looks at the battle flag and say’s “Shucks lets git them hood’s on tonight” “let’s burn something” Racists will be racists, can’t change that. They come in all colors, shapes and sizes. If you want to forget history and pretend it didn’t happen that’s okay. Try to rewrite history. I prefer to embrace it and read about it and explore about it. I find it interesting. I just visited the southern prison Andersonville, So many white men dead and Wow so Many White people died to free the slaves. Any thanks to them? I’m from Indiana. thank god another Red state has emerged.

    Black people don’t even know what a Jocko or the Black Lantern Holder. See he is not the racist little guy everyone thinks he is. He was part of the underground railroad here in the South. I think he was an employee of George Washington himself. He died one night holding a lantern waiting for George Washington to return from across the river. Delaware maybe. Anyway he was a signal to a safe house, and by what he was wearing, would tell people what to except at the house. Room and board, Danger do not come, they are nearby looking for you. Or maybe people will help you travel to the next house etc.
    Anyway, like I said people have forgotten history. I like history and there is nothing wrong with remembering it. You don’t have to look, just walk away. You don’t have to like it. Just like I don’t have to like your wanting to be Mr. Bruce Jenner. Man I so remember him winning the Decathlon. I can still remember him with the flag on his shoulders as he took the victory lap. Now look at it. Sure he can do whatever in this country. But don’t expect everyone to like it just because you do.
    I had to laugh at a school in Wisconsin. They are not calling children boy’s or girl’s. Guess what they are calling them now?? It’s purple penguins. Yep little kids are being taught to be gender neutral and refer to as purple penguins and share the same bathroom. Can find a link if you really want it. Just do a search. Don’t say Gaggle search. Duck Duck Go will suffice.
    WTF is our school system coming to? Really? and Common Core has got to go.

    My girlfriend is a teacher. Ask any teacher about what is going on in the classless classroom now day’s. They will tell you they have not control or discipline in the classroom.

    I used to be an VAR for you young un’s that was the front line in the 80’s and 90’s and the only palace besides magazines you could by a Mac. I worked on Mac’s for local schools and business and home customers. So back to my point.

    Here is what they are doing in school in this area. It vary’s by neihborhood. They sit on the floor in little groups without facing the teacher listening to headphones and texting. Cussing at the teacher when asked to do their work. So they call the Coaches in to remove the kids who are cussing at the teacher and throwing things. It’s on video and I’ve seen it when I used to work for the schools. They all know they can pass no matter what, and if they fail they get to take the test again. Our schools are not working and we waste so much money per student than ever and still grades and graduation rates are dropping. Get rid of Common core now.

  10. I could be wrong, but I believe a core part of the argument goes to religious liberty. It is beyond simple bathroom issues. Those making that case point to the First Amendment. Normally, rights listed in the earliest amendments are considered of higher value than the later amendments…although all should be equal, of course.

    The argument is that rights exist among those with strongly held religious beliefs as it does, according to quite recent rulings of the judiciary, for the LGBT community. These go to a right not to provide certain wedding services, as one of the commonly used examples.

    Supporters of LGBT rights are pretty much unable to see the rights of those with such religious beliefs feeling that their rights trump the rights of others. Beyond that, many have utter disrespect for any religious belief with which they disagree anyway. Naturally, the much earlier religious rights proponents disagree with them.

    The practice of religion is not relegated to the private arena. When it was inserted into the Bill of Rights, it was meant to keep the government out of the way of those practicing their faith, whether in public or private. It does not simply protect the belief itself.

    One might then argue that that is well and good as long as it does not “trample” the rights of others. Yet when one “right” must give way to another, both sides must learn to understand the importance of preserving rights on all sides. Over the years, however, all First Amendment rights have been given a special respect by the courts.

    The Founding Fathers were very concerned about attacks on and subjugation of those wanting to practice whatever religious belief they held: publicly or privately. Reconciling the two points of view needs some understanding and hope for compromise on both sides…something that is very difficult to do.

    This is not simply an issue of bathrooms.

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