iOS 9.3 update renders some older iPads unusable

“It seems the release of Apple’s feature-packed iOS 9.3 update is not going over well with some users, as a small contingent of iPad owners are complaining of bricked hardware after attempting over-the-air and iTunes upgrades,” Mikey Campbell reports for AppleInsider.

“An unknown number of iPad owners, specifically those with second-generation models, are having trouble installing and activating the latest iOS version released Monday, according to posts on Apple’s Support Communities forum and readers who reached out to AppleInsider,” Campbell reports. “A few Support pages forum members said they were able to work around the issue by downloading iOS 9.3 through iTunes on a Mac and installing over a hardwired USB connection, but others have attempted the same without success.”

“Another method that proved effective for some is a full restore,” Campbell reports. “It is recommended that users conduct a local or iCloud backup prior to restoring their device as the process erases all user data.”

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MacDailyNews Take: A not-so-subtle signal that your iPad 2 just turned 5 years old and it’s time to get a new iPad!

Seriously, though Apple is said to be working on the issue and it does not affect all iPad 2 units. Before you try to upgrade your iPad 2 – or any iPad, iPhone, iPod, or Mac – back it up first!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


      1. Um, this isn’t Windows. When you manufacture a limited set hardware that supports your OS and have Apple’s resources, yes pretty much every real world upgrade scenario can be tested.

      2. @ Michael … you would have a point if Apple’s hardware permutations were as complicated as the Windows world is – – but it isn’t, so your rationalization is incorrect.

        For example, there’s been seven (7) iPad designs, with the hardware permutations being basically only two (Wifi or Cellular), as storage doesn’t really count. Similarly for the mini, there’s been four. As such, the total number of **mathematically possible** iPad permutations that could require QA testing is (7*2)+(4*2) = 14 + 8 = 22 … and the reality is that it isn’t even this many, since the iPad 1 support was dropped back at iOS 6.

        Having only 20 permutations to perform QA testing on is downright trivial … there is once again NO EXCUSE for how slipshod and shoddy Apple has become – – – and it is for this very reason of bad things happening (downside risks) that customer adoption rates for OS udpates has declined …. how much longer will it be until Apple resorts to Windows 10 schemes?

    1. Sounds like a lack of sufficient, comprehensive testing.

      This is a consistent problem with any software project. Apple used to be diligent about testing on ALL their hardware. Not any more! That’s one reason for the AppleSeed Program (expanded version). They’re depending on real world users to perform testing on all the hardware. It’s not going so well, especially when Apple doesn’t pay attention to bug reports. 😛

    1. Yeah, although the update downloaded and seemed to actually install, and even though I could see all the data from my iPad2 in iTunes, even play the music and see/download the pics, etc., it failed (standalone or cabled, after restart/cold restart, and in Restore/Update mode) to activate, continually telling me, though, that there was a problem with the server, not my iPad. I had to totally restore it back to factory in order to get a working iPad. Tedious.

  1. When I upgraded my 2012 (3rd gen) iPad from iOS 7 to iOS 8, it was unusable. Did a clean restore when installing iOS 9. Has behaved quite decently since…just debating whether to get an Air or Pro to replace it…

  2. My complaint with the iPad 2 is that even though it is only five years old, many sites no longer run well or at all on it.

    Compare this with my eight (8!) year old MacBook which also runs the current OS and still works very well, albeit more slowly than a modern Macbook.

    The Mac is the superior product.

    1. I’ve had the problem with some sites not working well, also, but I hold the site design responsible. Mostly because it appears to be an issue related with sites that direct to a mobile version, particularly if the site has done this in the past year or two.

  3. My iPhone 6 isn’t loading pages now in Safari, unless I turn off JavaScript, and the MacDailyNews app has no content when you click on articles.

    When you turn off Javascript, then videos won’t load on the pages.

    Apple screwed up this update. My iPad is 4th generation. (MD946LL/A) with the lightning power/data cable.

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