Is Apple’s new, smaller iPhone SE bad for mobile advertising?

“Apple today announced its smallest smartphone ever in the iPhone SE, which comes in at 4 inches and is a cheaper alternative (starting at $399) to the company’s iPhone 6S and 6S Plus,” Christopher Heine reports for Adweek.

“Since studies have shown that small mobile screens challenge brand marketers’ ability to communicate effectively with consumers, we asked industry players the following question: Is the new iPhone bad for mobile advertising?” Heine reports. “The answers were more mixed than one might anticipate.”

Here are seven interesting points-of-view that they shared:
1. This is bad for direct marketers
2. Brands must really buckle down on relevancy
3. Wrong, guys, the iPhone SE is a good thing
4. Just add this development to mobile’s pile of problems
5. These iPhone SE users will still watch videos like crazy
6. The ‘phablet’ era is dead, or long live the phablet?
7. Phones are kind of like hemlines

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: 4-inches is plenty big enough for mobile advertisers.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. Where are these people coming from?
    Smallest smartphone ever?
    Bad for advertisers?
    This is short attention span, and it’s rather disappointing. It’s as if they were born yesterday.

    How do they handle all prior iPhones, before the 6 series? Do they not exist?

  2. If scientists did an MRI scan of the human brain, to measure a human’s response to mobile Ads, they would measure increased activity in the “pissed off” sector of the cerebral cortex — translation: If you’re a company that pays for these mobile Ads, just know that when I see your company logo, I have “negative” feelings about you . . . and you paid millions of dollars to elicit that response. Congratulations.

    1. Sorry to rant, but the Republican National Committee sent my wife a letter that on the front of the envelope in red was stamped Past Due Notice. The letter indicated she owed the RNC as little as $25 because they had tried to contact her. She’s turning it over to our State Attorney General who is a Democrat.

      14-16 the RNC can go pound sand. The other party as well. Tim Cook for President.

      1. As an aside, considering the bombardment of phishing spam going on across the net, I have to wonder if that abominable letter was really from the RNC. It’s blatantly abusive, which of course is not in the interest of the actual RNC. Subtle abuse is more their style.

  3. Phones are kind of like hemlines

    We’ve seen plenty of evidence for that! Or shoe heal height. Fashion first. Practicality last. I’m waiting for a protest movement by women to kill off the 6″+ heal as well as the rest of the ‘Look Like A Whore’ fashion meme. Here we are in the western cultures suitably upset at other cultures treating women as objects hidden behind various barriers. And yet we express the same demeaning attitude from the opposite extreme.

    Freud wasn’t entirely wrong.

    So which phone type and size is mandatory for the modern western woman? What does phone size connote relative to the Freudian imperative? 😉

  4. Anyone who identifies as a “brand marketer” can go pound sand. If there’s a fifth horsemen of the apocalypse you can bet it has something to do with commercial advertising.

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