Apple expected to unveil new, smaller 4-inch iPhone today

“Apple Inc. is expected to launch a smaller, cheaper iPhone on Monday aimed at emerging markets and possibly China, the world’s biggest buyer of smartphones,” Julia Love repots for Reuters. “The launch of such a phone – expected to be called the iPhone SE – would represent Apple’s second bid for the crowded mid-tier market after an unsuccessful foray three years ago. It might give the world’s best-known technology company a boost in the fast-growing Indian, Middle East and African markets, but also risks cutting its average phone prices and profit margins.”

“Apple has invited reporters to an auditorium at its Cupertino, California headquarters in Silicon Valley on Monday,” Love reports. “As is its tradition, Apple has been silent about what is on offer, but technology and financial analysts predict a cheaper, entry-level phone with a screen around 4 inches (10 cm) that still runs some of the latest features such as Apple Pay.”

“If the iPhone SE is unveiled on Monday, it will be Apple’s second run at the entry-level or mid-tier market following the iPhone 5c, a lower-end phone with a colorful plastic body that was launched in 2013,” Love reports. “After initial excitement, it did not prove to be a big seller and has since been dropped from Apple’s lineup.”

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  1. Bigger is not better for everybody. Me, I like the bigger screen, but I can see a fairly large market for the 4″ model. I predict the SE will be a hit with a large group of consumers. Additionally, others who keep their phone in their pocket or purse because of the Watch may like it as well.
    Time will tell……….
    Back to the narrative, apppple is dooooomed, the FBI will arrest Tim Cook………………………….NEXTTTTT….!!

  2. Regarding the last sentence:

    “After initial excitement, it did not prove to be a big seller and has since been dropped from Apple’s lineup.”

    No iCaled ??
    No links to prove you were right about the overhelming success of the 5C??
    No promise to be right this time??

    I’m disappointed MDN. It would have been such an opportunity to admit you were wrong.

    1. I’m going to hazard a guess that they learned a few things with the 5c. 1) It was a mistake to skimp on features. 2) They should have pushed its ruggedness for field use and overall durability compared to the metal chassis.

  3. From everything Cook has said about the 5C was that it was very successful. Not in the obvious way the iP6 was but it achieved its goal of offering a lower cost option.
    Apple’s margins are fantastic and the SE will provide an avenue for people to get a 4 inch phone if they want that form factor or for people to get an Apple phone that cannot afford the current versions.
    Apple is essentially squeezing the competition further down into the low margin part of the business. They did that with the iPod and with PCs too. The mobile phone business is more complex but the industry is gradually losing out to Apple.
    I also think that the iPad is on for a resurgence. The Apple pencil will finally solve the issue of written and fine touch input and bring that to the mainstream iPad will open up the tablet for better sales.

  4. So this new phone will have a small 4″ screen when everyone is going large 4.7″ -5″ screen. It will have todays technology, that’s about 6 months old. And it will probably cost what, $100 less then the iPhone 6?

    If you can afford a high end $600 + phone, you’re better off waiting 3-6 months and get tomorrows tech for $100 or so more.

  5. Hey DDs miniaturization is the crown jewel and distinguisher of technological innovation and acheivement. Always has been and always will be ,ask Sony and 007.

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